Friday, May 15, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day at home. I was thinking of visiting my mom's place but since I live around 4.8km away from her, I decided not to push thru with my plan despite my brothers' request to visit and to celebrate with mom and my brothers' families. I would really love to go there but I have to follow the quarantine protocol issued by our local government. I don't want to jeopardize everyone's health, too. So, I have to be patient and wait for the right time for my family and I to go out once again. But the truth is, I so wanted to go there. I really do. But if I go there, I must go there alone and leave the kids behind. However, I don't think my kids would like that especially my little one who loves to socialize but told her not this time.

Anyways, we celebrated Mother's day at home just the four of us. Despite that, we have plenty of foods. They're actually from my mom's because coz my brothers ordered lechon and prepared other foods. My brothers, by the way, live just beside my mom's house. They live in a compound so imagine why I so wanted to go there - coz I'm the only one who lives on the other side of the city. Since I cannot go there, in the end, my husband drove all the way to my mom's place just to get the foods :D

If you're wondering why I wasn't the one who went at my mom's place, it was because I was not  feeling well lately, thus the delay of this post. I've been having tension headache and insomnia for the past weeks. Probably the effects of staying at home for 2 months. I was just glad I was still able to celebrate with my loved ones with a smile on my face...

Globe Offers up to 6 Months Installment Payment for Postpaid Customers

As Filipinos continue to face the challenges brought on by the community quarantine, Globe is offering its postpaid customers a flexible way to settle their outstanding balances through an installment payment program. All Globe Mobile Postpaid and Globe At Home customers, including business and enterprise customers, are eligible to avail of this program starting May 15, 2020. 

Under this program, customers need not worry about staying connected as they can settle their Globe bills in installment terms of up to 6 months. Customers may enroll online between May 15 to June 15. Business customers may also get in touch with Globe account managers for enrollment and other details. 

“We understand that many of our customers are worried about their finances due to the community quarantine. We are offering our installment payment options in the hope that it will help ease their expenses and allow them to expand their budget for essentials,” said Ernest Cu, President and CEO at Globe. 

Customers may also view and opt to settle their bills inside the safety and security of their homes through Globe’s customer service apps -- GlobeOne and Globe At Home. GCash is also another available alternative for settling bills anytime and anywhere. For business customers, they may also use bank online payment and wire transfer services. 

To register and learn more about the Installment Payment Program and other important bill and payment information, customers can access the Globe website