Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Zoe Ysabella!

Hello everyone! Let me share with you the good news. I already gave birth last July 12, 2010 via cesarean section to a healthy baby girl. I checked in @ 7 am on that day at the hospital and was at the operating table at 2 pm. Baby was out at 2:53 pm. My husband was my only watcher but relatives dropped by to visit and also my little girl Chloe. I stayed at the hospital for only 2 days. We discharged on a Wednesday afternoon.

Ok, about the baby's details, we named her Zoe Ysabella. Zoe means Life. Ysabella (Isabella, initially), which means my God is a vow, was chosen by Chloe. She weighed about 6 lbs and 9 oz. I decided to have C/S operation because I had a terrible labor during my first pregnancy. Besides, I had placenta previa on my 5th to 7th month of pregnancy. Anyway, I'm better these days compared before. Below are the pictures of our new bundle of joy.

L: Zoe Ysabella; R: having her cord care

L: with mommy Cookie; R: with Daddy Glenn

More stories of birth and labor at Chat Time with Mommy Cookie and My Girl :-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Just wanna greet Chloe a happy 7th birthday today. We're going to celebrate it at home this afternoon. Her Tita Bogie made the invitation card that looks like this.

I hope she will have fun this afternoon as I can't give much of my time for her coz I'll be watching over the baby.

To Chloe, happy birthday my love. You will always be a princess in my eyes. I'm proud of you and I'll always pray for your happiness, for good health and that you will be guided to the right path. Your dad and I are always thankful that you came to our lives!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ready For Birth

(From Chat Time With Mommy Cookie)

I have already packed most of the things needed at the hospital. I am now set for a C/S operation this coming Monday, July 12. I pray I will not get sick so that my schedule will proceed as is. My first pregnancy was okay until on the date of my delivery. I had a terrible labor which lasted for several hours and I had no sleep at night at all. Obviously, I don't have that power and strength to deliver my baby naturally. It turned out that the baby was too big for me and I only progressed up to 2 cm only. My bag of water did not even break and I had only spotting for a few days before my due date.

This time, I have already conditioned my mind that I will be on C/S again. The advantage for this is that I can choose which date I want to give birth and I will not undergo another terrible labor again. Besides, my pregnancy this time was quite different from the first. I had placenta previa on my 5th-7th months so, natural delivery is not anymore my option. The disadvantage is, C/S is much expensive and will take me a few days at the hospital before I can come home. Plus, I have to endure the pain and take care of the scar again...

Well, this is it! I have barely 3 days left and I'm gonna be back at the operation table. Pray for me then, for my safe delivery and for a normal and healthy baby. Oh, the doctor still stick to her findings. The gender of the baby is a girl and that made my big girl, Chloe, to be very happy...

Few More Days To Go...

I have few more days left before I am sked for C/S. Currently, I've experienced Braxton Hicks contraction, a mild cramping. It's actually a false labor but quite a discomfort. My husband, who was away for more than 3 weeks now for his training in Manila, will arrive on July 10 and I will be admitted to the hospital on Monday, July 12. I have also prepared things that I needed to bring at the hospital and I hope everything is in place now... I'm on the nesting stage, too. I love to sleep anytime of the day... except during hot, humid afternoon! But other than that, I love sleeping :) I guess it's just a natural phase for any pregnant women to experience this especially on the last trimester. I guess this is it for now. I hope to post pictures of the baby in here after I give birth.

Just a favor: please include me and the baby in your prayers, will yah? Thanks a million for that ;-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kitty Cat!

This is my daughter's drawing. She used paint program at the computer to draw or create objects. If she's not sketching at the paper or her magic board, this is what she's doing. I really find it cute. I don't even know how to do it, hehe.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looking Forward

I had a hard time sleeping at night because of my bulging tummy. It's hard for me to turn side to side and it really took me a lot of effort to do it. Sometimes, I ask Chloe to push or help me to turn over. She's also the one helping me to get up when I she saw me struggling. Since my husband's not yet around, that's what usually happen to us here. At night, I made sure to put a chair at my bedside to help me stand up at dawn whenever I need to pee... One more week at this will be over...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oxis International

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Oxidative stress is the presence of oxygen free radicals, which are generated by various stressants like tobacco and alcohol. It refers to the situation in which the body’s antioxidant and other defensive abilities to combat free radicals are overwhelmed and putting one's health in danger. Glutathione is considered the primary antioxidant. For learn more about oxidative stress and Oxis Internation, you can visit them at their website or check Oxis on facebook!

Candy Gift

My daughter went with her aunt today. She was invited to a birthday party and my sister in law brought her there. I was almost panicky for I have not prepare a gift for the celebrant. Good thing that I stock some candies and goodies. I made it as a candy gift, wrap it with beautiful paper and put it inside the box and it sure look wonderful. I just hope the celebrant will like it. If you want to get an idea about Candy gift, you can visit Shopwiki and you can even shop in there. They offer great products from kids apparel to adult's footwear to music and everything else you can think of. Why don't you go there now?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Last Prenatal Checkup

Re-post from my other blog

Since I was not able to see my OB-Gyne last week, I had my prenatal checkup today. My father-in-law drove me to the hospital and as usual, my daughter Chloe tagged along with me. My daughter was always present in my entire checkup and I'm also happy that my doctor tried her best to answer my daughter's questions. It seemed that today is my last prenatal checkup with her and we will see each other on July 12, my schedule for CS. I'm glad that my cough and cold subsided but I was warned still not to drink anything cold (darn! - can't take that) so that I won't be coughing or get sick during my operation. The baby's heartbeat was good and the gender of the baby was still the same - a girl :D. The baby's position was cephalic but lies oblique that's why I find the baby heavier on my left side than on my right.

I was already given an order or admission slip, and I was asked thoroughly this time about my previous experience with CS. They will be the one to notify my pediatrician, too, so I think all is set now. I'll just wait for another week and I'll finally get to see our new addition to our family. Chloe is very excited to see her baby sibling, too. She's been choosing names for her sister and we highly considered it. My husband and I both knew that we should give attention to our eldest daughter considering that she's been an only child for almost 7 years! We expected that she will somehow regress when she sees her baby sibling but we want her to feel that she is still loved and cared by us even when the baby comes out. I know this is quite a big challenge on my part, to be able to provide equal attention to both my kids. But as long as I'll show them how much they mean to me and how important they are, I guess everything will be alright.

Chloe will turn 7 comes July 18 and I was asked if I want the baby to be born on that day but I declined. I thought about their feelings in the future. I want them to enjoy their own day and to celebrate it in a special way. Some may say it's costly in celebrating 2 birthdays in a week but who said I will celebrate it that way? I can still have a joint celebration for them (if I'm saving :D) but what is important is that I have their birth dates separated. As I've said, I want them to enjoy their day :D