Friday, July 9, 2010

Ready For Birth

(From Chat Time With Mommy Cookie)

I have already packed most of the things needed at the hospital. I am now set for a C/S operation this coming Monday, July 12. I pray I will not get sick so that my schedule will proceed as is. My first pregnancy was okay until on the date of my delivery. I had a terrible labor which lasted for several hours and I had no sleep at night at all. Obviously, I don't have that power and strength to deliver my baby naturally. It turned out that the baby was too big for me and I only progressed up to 2 cm only. My bag of water did not even break and I had only spotting for a few days before my due date.

This time, I have already conditioned my mind that I will be on C/S again. The advantage for this is that I can choose which date I want to give birth and I will not undergo another terrible labor again. Besides, my pregnancy this time was quite different from the first. I had placenta previa on my 5th-7th months so, natural delivery is not anymore my option. The disadvantage is, C/S is much expensive and will take me a few days at the hospital before I can come home. Plus, I have to endure the pain and take care of the scar again...

Well, this is it! I have barely 3 days left and I'm gonna be back at the operation table. Pray for me then, for my safe delivery and for a normal and healthy baby. Oh, the doctor still stick to her findings. The gender of the baby is a girl and that made my big girl, Chloe, to be very happy...

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