Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Don't Ask Me if you're Reading

So many times I wanted to vent out my anger here but most of the time I ended up deleting it or not posting at all because I am always so concern of what others might think. Now, I do realize that this is all bullshit! It's like...I'm not allowed to be angry. It's like...I don't have the right to tell what I feel right now. It's like...I'm told to shut up always. But I realized it's also me who is allowing these because I don't want others to read me or to know about what I really feel inside and to make a fuzz about my life (as if it's interesting).

It's already been awhile that I felt so suffocated with everything that's been happening to my life. Worse, I've got no one to talk to because I don't know who to trust. I hate it when someone breaks my trust. When I say to keep my private life private yet they still share it to others, it makes me mad deep inside. A lot of them thought that I don't know anything, yet, they don't know I know everything. I am a very observant person. I can easily sense things so stop thinking like I'm a clueless dimwit!

I also hated the fact that I felt trap with my own prison. Shit, this would not have happen if I did not allow it. But because I was too naïve to listen to some stupid advices, this is what happen to me. I wish to go back in time and be that stubborn person who don't listen to others at all and make my own path but then I always allow others to influence me and then what happen?...I'm here in this place where everyone don't want to be. Shit!

I also hated the fact that if I also try to say something, it's like nobody's listening to me. As if I don't exist! Okay fine, whatever. Who am to you anyway? But if I say something important and still nobody listens...bullshit! I hated it so much because I am such a good listener. I listen when someone is telling me something. I listen to other people's woes and whatever they want me to hear. I also respect their wishes. But if I noticed that the person is not listening to me, the next time he/she talks to me, I will sure pretend that I am not listening to give them a dose of their own medicine. But shit, I can still hear them and that's another bullshit! 

I'm full of shit today and I'm having more than enough of these. So many things I don't share because I don't like to share dirty linens but it's taking a toll on me. I'm the one suffering and not you and not them. And then it's still my loss, you see? 

Well, here's this nobody ranting here who don't deserve to be happy and nobody cares to listen. May you all have a good life.

If you happen to stumble on my page, yes, this is the other side of me that you don't know. I ask you to show some respect. Because for sure, I didn't bother you at all.

Today I am just angry...

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Toyota PH Affirms Power To Lead With Unveiling Of New Fortuner

Continuing its streak of digital vehicle launches, leading mobility company Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has started the last quarter of 2020 with a highly-anticipated update on one of the most popular models in its lineup – the Toyota Fortuner. 

The New Fortuner range is headlined by the new LTD variant in 4x4 and 4x2 which comes in an exclusive design, followed by Q and V variants in automatic transmission, and the G variant available in AT and MT. 

Starting at Php 1.63M for the G MT variant, TMP assures Filipinos of great value for money with Toyota’s signature quality, durability, and reliability embedded in the DNA of the country’s best-selling and well-loved Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

During the online launch of the New Fortuner, TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto recalled how the Fortuner changed the local automotive landscape at a time when entry level sedans and Asian utility vehicles were the affordable crowd favorite.

“The Fortuner captured the hearts of many Filipinos as proven by strong sales. It has an SUV body perfect for the Philippines’ flood-prone streets, an array of variants including a fuel-efficient diesel engine, a macho look that satisfies desires, and most of all, an affordable price – making it an achievable dream!” said Okamoto.

“The new Fortuner is SMARTER, STRONGER and SAFER than ever! With its refreshed line-up led by the top-of-the-line premium LTD grade, the country’s best-selling SUV just got better!” he added.

Since the Fortuner’s entry in the local market in 2005, TMP has already sold over 220,000 units of this highly-recognized SUV. In 2017, the Fortuner was crowned best-selling vehicle in the country. Just this August, the model dominated the mid-sized SUV category with over 30% market share.

With the 2020 update, the Fortuner gets more confident, prestigious, safe, further proving itself a formidable and reliable SUV, perfect for any city or off-road drive.

Drive in style, drive to lead

The New Fortuner LTD’s look is made more striking and more elegant coming in the 2-tone color black roof color lineup, a bolder and sportier front and rear bumper design, and machine-cut 18” alloy wheels. Split-type LED headlamps and LED front foglamps, sequential turn signal lamps, and the redesigned LED rear combination lamps give the LTD variant a more dynamic design while maintaining visibility on the road. The Q and V variants also get LED foglamps and redesigned LED rear combination lamps, as well as Bi-Beam LED Headlamps with LED Line Guide - Daytime Running Lights. G variants also now come with Bi-Beam LED Headlamps with LED DRL.

Confidence, ease, and control

Ingress is smooth and easy with Smart Entry and Push Start System for LTD, Q, and V grades. The LTD variant features an elegant interior in leather with maroon accents, as well as galaxy black trim and interior illumination which adds to the sophisticated interior look of the vehicle. The Q variant also gets the classy black leather interior complemented by a dark wood trim.

The driver gets more control over the ride with various modes: Eco and Sport for LTD and Q variants, Eco and Power for V and G variants, and easy access to switches on the steering wheel and through the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto-compatible audio system across all variants. LTD, Q, and V variants feature 8” display audio.

Comfort and entertainment is guaranteed the whole journey for the driver and passengers as LTD and Q variants have 8-Way Power Adjust front seats, and Front Seat Ventilation System for the LTD variant. Never lose power with the wireless charger and rear USB chargers available on LTD, Q, and V grades, and experience premium sound quality over the LTD variants’ 9-speaker JBL sound system. Feel at ease throughout the ride with front and rear automatic control for V grades and up.

Made stronger and more efficient

The New Fortuner LTD and Q variants are powered by the 1GD-FTV engine which gives 201 HP (204 Ps) max output and 500 Nm max torque, while the V and G variants have the 2GD-FTV engine which gives 147 HP (150Ps) max output and 400 Nm max torque.

The 2GD engine is improved for the New Fortuner V and G variants and enjoys 5% improvement in fuel efficiency versus the previous generation Fortuner.

Toyota Safety Sense now available in the New Fortuner

With safety as Toyota’s utmost priority, the New Fortuner is the latest addition to the expanding Toyota Safety Sense (TSS)-equipped models in TMP’s official lineup. Made better and safer than ever, TSS settings previously featured in select Toyota models such as the Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and Adaptive Cruise Control are now available for the Fortuner LTD and Q.

All variants come with SRS airbags (7 for the LTD variants), 3-pt. ELR seatbelts, Anti-Lock Brake System with Brake Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Vehicle Stability Control with Traction Control, and Hill-Start Assist Control. The 4x4 LTD variant also has Downhill Assist Control. 

All variants also come with a total of 6 clearance and back sonars, in addition to the Panoramic View Monitor that comes with the LTD, Q, and V variants or reverse camera for the G variants.


The New Fortuner will be available in all of TMP’s 70 dealerships across the country by October 19, 2020. The New Fortuner is also available for safely-distanced viewing in our virtual showroom. Get the full dealership experience online and check out the product highlights, view the interior and exterior in 3D, calculate payments, and submit inquiries direct to any preferred dealer via



Colors Available

2.8L 4x4 LTD AT WP 2-Tone


White Pearl Crystal Shine / Attitude Black Mica

2.8L 4x4 LTD AT 2-Tone


Silver Metallic / Attitude Black Mica

2.8L 4x2 LTD AT WP 2-Tone


White Pearl Crystal Shine / Attitude Black Mica

2.8L 4x2 LTD AT 2-Tone


Silver Metallic / Attitude Black Mica

2.8L 4x2 Q AT Pearl


White Pearl Crystal Shine

Sparkling Black Pearl Crystal Shine

2.8L 4x2 Q AT


Attitude Black Mica
Gray Metallic
Silver Metallic

2.4L 4x2 V AT Pearl


White Pearl Crystal Shine

Sparkling Black Pearl Crystal Shine

2.4L 4x2 V AT


Attitude Black Mica
Gray Metallic
Silver Metallic

2.4L 4x2 G AT


Attitude Black Mica
Gray Metallic
Silver Metallic
Super White II

2.4L 4x2 G MT


For more information on the New Fortuner, visit TMP’s official website at and follow the official social media pages at ToyotaMotorPhilippines (Facebook and Instagram), @ToyotaMotorPH (Twitter), and Toyota PH (Viber and Telegram).

Thursday, September 24, 2020

My Daughter The Artist

I used to post her achievements or upload her activities on YouTube. I used to make a blog about her when she was a kid until time came that she doesn't want me to write or post anything about herself. I dunno if it's just a teenage phase or maybe she's just too embarrass showing off about herself, lol. I stopped doing it also as not to pissed her off. But glad there were times that she would still allow me. But for today, I will not ask permission from her. I got a feeling that she would find out anyways as she often stalk my blog 😃

This is quite late already but I was just proud that she landed 2nd place in their Filipino Digital Poster Making at school last August. She's more on visual arts and just recently joined Digital Arts so placing second was a big boost on her part. She was awarded online early September during their Virtual assembly. 

Just to let you know that my daughter is struggling so hard in Filipino. It's hard for her to speak or write in Tagalog. She speaks English most of the time, or Visayan/Bisaya to some of her friends. And for her to win in one of their Filipino contests at school was a big honor on her part. Sharing to you a picture posted from their school, which I cropped and edited by the way, hehe.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Tough on Every Road, Every Inch a Hilux

Last September 12, 2020, leading mobility company Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has officially introduced the 2020 update on one of the most popular models in its lineup – the Toyota Hilux.

With its rugged looks and powerful performance, combined with Toyota’s signature quality, durability, and reliability, the Hilux further establishes its position as the country’s best-selling pick-up.

The hardworking Hilux has been a dependable road companion for Filipinos for city driving and off-road adventures, whether at work or at play. In 2019, it captured a commanding 30.5% segment share, a lead that TMP is looking to maintain through the introduction of the world-renowned pickup badge’s latest version.

“This 2020, the NEW TOYOTA HILUX and TOYOTA HILUX CONQUEST arrive with an impressive new look, that is more rugged and exciting than ever.” said TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto during the online launch of the new vehicle. “The new Hilux is designed to meet the tough demands of Filipino drivers and the country's varying roads. I am confident that the Hilux would once again prove why it is the Philippines' pick-up of choice. Tough on every road, every inch a HILUX.” he added.

The New Hiluxcomes with improvements on its looks, performance, and features, and is available in 4x4 Conquest and 4x2 Conquest variants, G AT and MT, and E MT. Combining the improvements and competitive pricing, Hilux customers get more value for money on their vehicle with the E variant starting at Php 1.1M.

Made More Rugged and Exciting

Made tougher, more rugged, and even more exciting, TMP introduces the New Hilux in Emotional Red, a color exclusive to its Conquest variants. Also exclusive to Conquest variants are the bi-beam LED headlamps and LED rear combination lamps with line guide, and sports bar with LED lamps. The tailgate gets the signature Hilux branding, with an over fender garnish and Conquest decals on both sides of the cargo bed. The deck space offers plenty of cargo room with tail gate assist and bedliner for Conquest variants.

Full Control in Every Adventure

Ingress is smooth and easy with keyless entry available for Conquest, G, and E grades, with Conquest variants getting Smart Entry and Push Start System. All three grades also have power adjust with auto fold for side mirrors and speed-sensing door locks.

Get full control when taking on any road with easily accessible information on the 4.2” TFT multi-information display, and easily accessible controls with the steering wheel switches and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility for Conquest, G, and E grades. Enjoy an easier drive with Cruise Control for Conquest variants.

Tougher Performance

The New Hilux 4x4 variants are powered by 2.8L 1GD-FTV engine which gives 201 HP (204 Ps) max output, 500 Nm max torque for the AT variant, and 420 Nm max torque for the MT variant with Intelligent Manual Transmission. Meanwhile, the 4x2 Conquest, G, and E variants gets the 2.4L 2GD-FTV engine with 148 HP max output, and 400 Nm max torque.

Both the 1GD and 2GD engine are improved for the MC Hilux and enjoys 4-5% improvement in fuel efficiency versus the previous generation Hilux.

Safety in Every Drive

Toyota puts utmost priority in safety to guarantee the driver’s and passengers’ peace of mind. All three grades come with SRS airbags (7 for the 4x4 Conquest A/T variant), 3-pt. ELR seatbelts, Anti-Lock Brake System with Brake Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Vehicle Stability Control, and Hill-Start Assist Control. Conquest 4x4 variants also have Downhill Assist Control and Active Traction Control.

Clearance sonars are available for Conquest while back sonars are available for G grades, and the reverse camera is available for Conquest variants.

Reliable and Hardworking

The Hilux is designed to take on the toughest tasks, not just for adventures but for work and business as well. Aside from Conquest, G and E grades, TMP continues to offer the Hilux J in 4x4 and 4x2, Cab and Chassis, and FX for its fleet and business partners.

In addition to this, TMP is also introducing the Hilux Cargo –a rear seat-less, windowless, and more affordable variantpowered by the same 2GD engine. The new Hilux Cargo is specifically designed for the more demanding needs of mobilizing goods and services.


The New Hiluxwill be available in all of TMP’s 70 dealerships across the country by September 14, 2020 for the Conquest, G, and E variants, while the Hilux Cargo variant will be available on October 26, 2020. The New Hilux is also available for safely-distanced viewing in our virtual showroom. Get the full dealership experience online and check out the Hilux product highlights, view the interior and exterior in 3D, calculate payments, and submit inquiries direct to any preferred dealer via




2.8 4x4 Conquest AT


Emotional Red (+Php20,000)
Super White
Gray Metallic
Attitude Black Mica
Nebula Blue Metallic

2.8 4x4 Conquest MT


2.4 4x2 Conquest AT


2.4 4x2 Conquest MT


2.4 4x2 G AT


Super White
Silver Metallic
Gray Metallic
Attitude Black Mica
Crimson Spark Red Metallic
Nebula Blue Metallic
Orange Metallic

2.4 4x2 G MT


2.4 4x2 E MT


Super White
Silver Metallic
Gray Metallic
Attitude Black Mica
Crimson Spark Red Metallic

2.4 4x4 J MT


Super White

2.4 4x2 J MT


2.4 4x2 FX w/ Rear Aircon MT


2.4 4x2 FX w/o Rear Aircon MT


2.4 4x2 Cargo MT


2.4 4x2 Cab & Chassis MT


For more information on the New Hilux, visit TMP’s official website at and follow the official social media pages at ToyotaMotorPhilippines (Facebook and Instagram), @ToyotaMotorPH (Twitter), and Toyota PH (Viber and Telegram).

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I Want a Time Out Just for a Day, If Only I Could...

I'm literally tired and exhausted this week. I dunno if it's a 'supermom' thing or something's really going on inside my body. Yeah, few years ago, small cysts on my liver and kidney were detected. It was too small to be seen, however, years had passed and the cysts in my liver kept growing. My doctor told me that while my cyst is getting bigger, it still functions normally well. So, I'll just have to have an X-ray monitoring every now and then. It is said that my cyst is hereditary and not related to what I ate. But still, it bothers me coz I can already feel the heaviness in my tummy :-(

Then a year later, I felt something in my throat. My EENT told me that I already had a chronic pharyngitis but not much to worry because it was secondary to my rhinitis. All I need is to do was use the nasal spray that he prescribed and take some antihistamine so that I could sleep well at night. This  probably what triggers my vertigo. Yeah, I had it since 2015 I guess.

So, just recently I had all these things going on with me like I have an upset stomach, I had a terrible migraine and my throat is bothering me and I feel so tired most of the time. I don't have a fever, don't have a cough and not even had a diarrhea. I just don't feel fine.

I told my hubby but he kept hearing me over this every so often about this so I guess he thought it's just one of those days. I so wanted to tell my mom but I didn't coz she might not be able to sleep thinking about my dilemma. Sometimes, she complained of not being able to sleep thinking over my problems so I felt guilty of sharing that burden with her. There's also my mother in law who is just my neighbor but I avoid talking to her coz she won't stop talking about all the kind of illnesses that she had and often compare her illness to mine, as if we have the same symptoms. I can't share to my friends coz they also have other things to worry especially this time of pandemic, and other people might misinterpret my condition.

So I think I best share it here where I am free to talk and express what I feel inside.

I am exhausted. I wanted to rest. But I can't. Because I'm a mom. A stay at home mom. So, I am expected to get up early (no matter how tired or no matter what I feel) to cook, to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am expected to clean the house, clean the bathroom and kept things in place but I recently neglected coz people here at home just kept making a mess and won't even to bother to fix their mess. It will just make them lazy if I do it for them all the time.

I understand it's my job and a lifetime FREE service but I'm so exhausted already, my mind and body often cannot take it. I've to take care of my mental health, too, which is very delicate these days. So, for others to easily judge people with mental health issues, I hope this won't happen to you in the future. It is not a joke and cannot be cured if all you do is ridicule or giving some unsolicited advice. Better just listen and just be there for them coz I think that would be enough to know that you care.

I've been avoiding social media these days, too, so that I can focus on myself and not abuse my eyes and my mind. There's no good news to read might as well do something else like helping my youngest child with her online school projects or review her lessons for upcoming tests. She's doing good, by the way, and that's one positive thing that I hold on to. I dunno how she would fare if no one's assisting her especially that she's a child with special needs. I'm just glad she's highly functional coz she could really catch up with their lessons, only that her speech is delayed, but has improved a lot lately. She's still enrolled in a regular class and I'm happy with the result of her online class coz she's so behave and very much focus on their lessons. I wish she will stay like this if they will go back to their campus when the pandemic is over.

Anyway, just sharing to you what my life had been this week and hoping to get fine very, very soon.

And yes, I need prayers. Let's pray each other for good health and for our safety, okay?

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Everyday, Reinvented: Cross into the future with the new Corolla Cross

After commemorating its 32nd anniversary this month of August, leading mobility company Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) marked another milestone by introducing the very first hybrid crossover in its lineup, the new Corolla Cross.

Designed as the stylish urban vehicle, the Corolla Cross combines Toyota’s signature “QDR” (quality, durability, and reliability) with style and functionality. Its hybrid electric variant further realizes Toyota’s vision of sustainable mobility and makes self-charging hybrid technology more accessible to Filipinos. 

In addition to its hybrid technology, the Corolla Cross also features two of Toyota’s most advanced car technologies today, the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), and Toyota Safety Sense (TSS).

“Guided by our philosophy of making ever-better cars, Toyota took the best of a trusted model, the Toyota Corolla, and turned it into a sleek and modern crossover,” said TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto during the online launch of the new vehicle. “The Corolla Cross is designed to move you in comfort and style, whether you're seeking adventure, doing business, or simply spending time with people you love,” he added. 

First revealed in its global premiere last month, the Corolla Cross is the latest addition to Toyota’s global bestselling Corolla series. Since its launch in Japan in 1966, the Corolla series has sold a cumulative total of 48 million units or more, in more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

The New Corolla Cross, with its 1.8 V HV (Hybrid) and 1.8 G CVTvariants will be available at Toyota dealerships nationwide from August 26, 2020. 
Commanding Identity and Striking Design

The Corolla Cross’ exterior starts strong with its imposing double trapezoid front grille which gives the vehicle a wide and stable appearance. Exclusive to the hybrid variant are LED Light Curtain Daytime Running Lights and a subtle blue accent to the bi-beam LED headlamps which perfectly complements the blue Toyota logo.Sleek defined lines run from the side to the front of the aerodynamic cabin and the subtle “Double C” character lines along the vehicle’s side profile exudes a sophisticated impression.

Truly made for the urban setting, the high approach angle combines the strong stance with functionality, with great capability on speed bumps and inclines. The overall look of the vehicle emphasizes the spacious utility ready for the customer’s dynamic lifestyle, whether it be the weekday job or the weekend getaway.

Elegant Interior and Exceptional Ride Experience
Consistent with its sophisticated exterior, the Corolla Cross gets a classy minimalist interior which comes in leather for the hybrid variant. The wide and spacious cabin space gives abundant head clearance for easier ingress and the slim seatback gives ample legroom for backseat passengers. The thinner pillars and rear quarter window add to the roomier atmosphere of the Corolla Cross and provides more outward visibility. 

The hybrid variant also has a retractable tonneau cover for the rear trunk space for privacy, and the spacious trunk has comfortable loading height for ease of access.

The driver gets accessibility and control all throughout the ride with features such as Smart Entry and Push Start System, power adjust with auto fold for the side mirrors, power windows, and speed-sensing door locks, and for the 1.8 V hybrid variant, rain-sensing windshield wipers and 8-way power adjust driver’s seat. Convenient steering wheel switches enable the driver to adjust Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) features and 7” multi-information display for the 1.8 V hybrid, and audio, and phone connectivity features for all variants. Apple Car play and Android Auto is compatible with the 1.8 V Hybrid’s display audio.

Conscious Performance and Sustainable Mobility
TMP positions adoption of hybrid electric vehicles as the perfect transition to vehicle electrification in the country. By popularizing hybrid technology and making it more accessible, TMP takes another step forward in line with Toyota’s global commitment to push for sustainable mobility as outlined in its Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.

With its competitive price point, established Corolla legacy, and strong and sophisticated design, the Corolla Cross is the perfect road companion for customers who are looking for a stylish, functional, and efficient crossover.

The hybrid variant is powered by a 1.8L engine with Atkinson Cycle designed for the Hybrid system, and gets 1,798 cc displacement which gives of 142 max. torque @3,600 rpm, and an electric motor which helps in providing a 120hp total system max output. Three available driving modes (Eco, Power, and EV) also give the driver more control. With Hybrid technology, every trip is guaranteed to be:

• Fuel-efficient – consume less fuel whenever the engine switches to the electric motor as the vehicle’s source of power 
• Environment-friendly – less fuel consumption means less CO2 emissions 
• Quiet – electric motors make very little noise while running 
• Comfortable – enjoy a more responsive drive and experience smoother acceleration perfect for city driving 
• Hassle-free – Hybrid vehicles do not have to be plugged in as the battery self –charges as the vehicle is driven. Every step on the brake allows the car to recharge.

The 1.8 G CVT variant gets 1,798cc displacement, 138hp total system maximum output, and 172Nm maximum torque @ 4,000 rpm with the 16-Valve DOHC, 4-Cylinder, In-line, Chain drive with Dual VVT-I engine.  
Agility, Stability, and Visibility Developed Under Toyota New Global Architecture

Designed and developed under Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), the Corolla Cross embodies Toyota’s vision of making ever-better cars with core strength and an emphasized personality.Boasting a 10.4m curb-to-curb turning circle and a commanding view of the road with the high seating position and thinner front pillars, the driver feels more in control with the Corolla Cross.

Similar to the Corolla Altis, the Corolla Cross has a MacPherson strut front suspension optimized for its SUV structure. The rear suspension features an all-new torsion beam design which helps improve the ride handling and reduce body roll. The MacPherson strut/Torsion Beam suspension combined with the rigid body structure of the vehicle ensures the driver and passengers maximum ride stability and comfort all throughout the journey. 

Reassuring Sense of Safety

Drivers and passengers are guaranteed peace of mind and security with all of the available safety features in the Corolla Cross. All variants are equipped with 7 SRS airbags, Anti-Lock Brake System with Brake Assist and Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Vehicle Stability Control with Traction Control, Hill Start Assist, and 3-point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seatbelts for the driver and all passengers. The hybrid variant has two front and four rear clearance sonars, while the G CVT variant has 2 rear sonars, and reverse camera is available for all variants. 
The 1.8 Hybrid variant also has several active safety features under Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) such as the Pre-Collision System (PCS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), and Automatic High Beam (AHB). Following the Hiace Super Grandia Elite, the Corolla Altis 1.8 HV, Alphard, and Prius, the Corolla Cross’ hybrid variant is the fifth in TMP’s official lineup to feature TSS. The 1.8 Hybrid variant also has Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA). When turned on, this system detects vehicles approaching from the rear or vehicles which may not be fully visible through the side mirrors, and alerts the driver through visual and audio signals.


The New Corolla Cross is available in two variants and four colors. Customers may check out the vehicle at any of TMP’s 70 dealerships across the country. They may also see more information about the car, calculate payments, or submit inquiries direct to their preferred dealer via




1.8 V HV

Php 1,665,000

Platinum White Pearl Mica

Php 1,650,000

Metal Stream Metallic

Red Mica Metallic

Attitude Black Mica

1.8 G CVT

Php 1,300,000

Platinum White Pearl Mica

Php 1,285,000

Metal Stream Metallic

Red Mica Metallic

Attitude Black Mica

Priced competitively at Php1.65M, TMP further commits to its vision of making responsible and sustainable technologies more affordable and accessible for more Filipinos. TMP will also be making the Corolla Cross Hybrid variant available through the Balloon Payment Plus financing plan.
“We understand customer apprehension on hybrid technology: affordability, maintenance, and resale value – that’s why we are offering the Corolla Cross hybrid with Balloon Payment Plus – lower monthly payments, inclusive of periodic maintenance, with guaranteed future resale value.” says TMP First Vice President Sherwin Chualim “Owning a hybrid vehicle is made easier and more affordable, and customers are guaranteed a hassle-free experience from buying, owning, and future reselling of their vehicle.” he continues.

For more information on the New Corolla Cross, visit TMP’s official website at and follow the official social media pages at ToyotaMotorPhilippines (Facebook and Instagram), @ToyotaMotorPH (Twitter), and Toyota PH (Viber and Telegram). More information about hybrid electric vehicle technology can be found at

Monday, August 17, 2020

Realizations 2020

Sorry, been out for quite sometime because the recent pandemic had taken its tool on me. For the whole month of May and June I stayed out of social media because the news was so toxic and was hard to bear (only posted here about Mother's day and that's all). Numbers of death were rising up (I was devastated of an acquaintance who died of Covid19 last April), so many businesses closed and we've been staying home as early as March until my mental health was already affected. There were times I could not sleep at night and during daytime I had anxiety issues. 

I decided to TAKE A BREAK.

I stopped logging in at Facebook but only checked my messenger for emergency messages. I avoided reading news that would break me and instead focused on learning new food recipes, did some backyard gardening and only watched shows that would make me laugh. Instagram was the only social media that I would check often because all I could see were just pictures of beautiful scenery or delicious food.

Slowly I functioned and think better. I was able to sleep at night and my anxieties lessened. Taking a break was a really good idea and I'm gonna do this if it happens again.

When I went back to Fb, Twitter, blogging sometimes in July, I've realized muting or unfollowing 'toxic' people are the best option. I didn't block or unfriend them because hey, they might still change. Just as of this moment I don't want to be updated of their status so why bother especially if what they write will not do me any good? 

I also came to a decision to treat others the way they treat me. If they're nice and genuine with their intentions, I will double their kindness. If they are the people that hurt me or continue to look down on me because of my status in life or my family or just simply because I'm like this (or perhaps it's just the way they are), then time to build a barrier. We can still be friends (even online) BUT I will not be stupid enough to be used or to be the subject (or source) of gossip. I will not give satisfaction to their curiosity. I will still be silent but more vigilant. I'm tired of being nice especially if I am just taken advantage. 

And I will not allow myself to involve into something I am not involved because there are people who loves to bait me and stupid me sometimes allows it...BUT NOT this time. Not anymore.

I've realized that no matter how nice you are to others, they will still see a lot of faults in you especially if they are that kind who loves to talk bad to others. Remember, if they talk bad even to their best friends, don't ever think they will spare you coz they won't! I am more guarded now than before. If there's one thing I will protect now - is myself and the people who stood by me no matter the circumstances. Even if that person is often difficult to deal with, but in my lowest point that person stood by me, then I will stick to that person, too.

It is in my lowest point I have realized who are the people who cared for me and never leave my side. Sometimes, these people I had arguments with but they're the ones who showed up and have shown me sympathy. So, despite their being annoying at times, I am still thankful for them. I know I can be annoying, too. I have to see it that way coz nobody's perfect.

And there are those who talked nicely to me, tried to let me think they understand me but in bad times, they let me feel so bad about myself. There are also others who invaded my privacy and got mad after they involved themselves. Why did they get involve in the first place? That, I cannot understand.

I have been silent and silence is my weapon but that doesn't mean I won't fight back. That doesn't mean I am stupid enough to allow others to hurt me, to harm me and my well being. That doesn't mean I am stupid enough not to notice, I am not Blind. I've been in so much pain and got into depression for the past months, I will not tolerate it now. I've to admit it still bothers me from time to time but this has slowly stopped when I started viewing things differently when I took a break and give myself some respect that I deserve.

You might not understand what I'm saying here especially if I will not divulge the issue. But why should I? I will not involve you with any issues that you're not part of (that actually started as nonsense) especially now that I started trying to change its course. Just recently I told myself, if possible, try not to dwell on the past. I cannot change it but I can will it to change the path and sail for a better direction. That is my goal now.

Anyways, I think I've said too much without saying anything, hehe.

Just saying I am better now than the past few months. I've had many realizations and in the end, it's still me who can help myself. 

If someone's hurting you, avoid the cause. If something's bothering you, take a break. If things are too much to bear, know that there are still people whom you can trust no matter how annoying they are and most of all, be kind to yourself.

I often think that I am the problem. But in reality, all of us is a problem. We just see and handle things differently. If it won't work, try another formula. If it does work, then pray that it will stay that way or pray for guidance from God that that the path we walk on is right.

Lastly, issues about Covid19 still affects me. I am aware of the cases growing up but I often avoid reading about it for the sake of my sanity. It scares me about the safety of my family and the front-liners who devoted and sacrificed their lives to care for the sick. It is my utmost prayer that this will end soon.