Friday, March 26, 2021

Last Friday of March

It's the last Friday of March but I don't know if I should be sad or happy, lol. Time flies so fast and sometimes it's hard to keep up. My only hope is that in the coming months (or month), the pandemic is over and no one suffers from COVID-19 anymore. I look forward to the normal days where we are not afraid to go out of our premises, talk to people freely and hug our good friends and family members.

While this is not yet the case these days, let us continue to practice social distancing, wear masks or face shields when going out and wash hands. However, staying at home is still the best option to protect ourselves from getting sick.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great day. I must admit I don't have a stress-free morning today as I am stressed out by my family members who are not minding the time when they knew very well that they have an important appointment at this particular time...sigh. 

Good thing I have other things to be worried about so might as well forget the stressors and look at the pic that I am going to include in this post, hehehe. This was taken at Amaya View when my family and I went to see Noah's Ark. The view was really nice and peaceful and hope to go back in there again to see their other attractions.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Pack and Ship

I used to work in a firm years ago and there were times when we sent packages to our domestic and international business partners. Before, sealing documents in a manila envelope was enough and we just left it for the courier do the delivery.

These days, I am just glad to know that there are protocols to follow when sending packages, most especially during these times when COVID-19 is on the rise.

I have also noticed that a lot of people nowadays prefer to order online or send out packages via shipping lines or courier because they cannot simply go out and risk their health due to the pandemic. I say this is very practical and I believe it is the right thing to do rather than to jeopardize one's health.

In these situations, I would suggest that one must have all shipping supplies prepared prior to packing the materials as not to waste time and to avoid any delays. You can avail these things at International Plastics so if you are planning to send a document, make sure to prepare a mailing envelope and a self-seal bubble mailer or padded mailer for protection purposes. If you intend to send a package, you can use corrugated boxes and seal them with the right packing tape. If the item you are going to send is delicate, better to label them as "fragile" and state which side is up, especially if the item is heavy or breakable. 

We should always remember to do the proper way of preparing documents or packages before their delivery. Doing so will ensure that the document or package will arrive safely to its destination, for the benefit of both the sender and the recipient. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


I may not be from Ireland and lived on the other side of the globe but I just want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀

Monday, March 15, 2021

Wear a Copper Mask!

COVID-19 is still rising thus wearing a mask is very much needed to protect ourselves from this virus and to protect others as well.


     Copper Mask in Gold Orange                    Copper Mask in Light Yellow

Although businesses have opened to public, let us not be too complacent to go out more often unless you need to buy for essential items or perhaps, to take a breath, just don't forget to wear protective gears and to practice social distancing. One of the best masks to wear is the Copper Mask. Below are its features and benefits:

New and improved strong antimicrobial layer 2.0
- Helps kill 99.9% of germs
- Superior bacteria exterminator effect
- Comfortable respiration
- Complete prevention of saliva droplets
- Helps prevent dermatitis and allergies
- Harmless to humans

For more information and how to purchase this ORIGINAL COPPER MASK, click here. But if you have no important transactions to make, better to stay at home. Wherever you are, don't forget to wash your hands or use sanitizer/alcohol and cover your mouth (best to use mask) when sneezing 😷😊

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Eye Must Have It


Women in general are not really required to wear makeup. It is just each woman's choice to either wear it or not. While others may say that not wearing make-up is better because it shows one's natural beauty, some may find it necessary to use when at work or attending an event in order to look good and feel confident about themselves.

Most women invest in buying different shades of lipsticks and eye makeup because it enhances the way they look, can conceal blemishes, wrinkles, or whatever imperfections they see that needs to be hidden.

Personally, I use makeup when attending social events to boost my confidence when I'm around people. I give a lot of importance to my eyes, hence I use eyeliner and mascara to enhance the shape and the size of my eyes. Most of the eyeshadows I apply have an earth color shade since I want it to blend in with my skin. I find it necessary to wear eye makeup particularly during special occasions, hopefully to enhance my appearance and to add depth to my usually tired-looking eyes.

These days, most events are conducted online due to the pandemic. Like other women, I had thought it unnecessary to wear makeup because most of the time I would just stay at home. One time, however, when I looked at the webcam and saw myself on screen, I looked very pale and plain-looking. It was a good thing, though, that I still had the eyeshadow palettes which I bought last year, as well as my lipstick, eyeliner and other beauty products. I came to realize that wearing makeup really helps me look way better and more lively especially when interacting other people online.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Chillin' at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort

Going out during pandemic is not really the best time, however, as long as you practice social distancing, wear a mask and face shield and constantly wash your hands, then, I guess, you are protected. My kids and I don't usually go out these days but there are times that I long for fresh air and look for a new scenery other than the four corners of our wall. I need to keep my mental health intact, too.

My only problem is my youngest child. My kids are currently attending online school and I think they are so comfortable with this new kind of learning that they see no reason to go out anymore. My eldest can be persuaded but my youngest, who used to love going out, can't be easily asked to go unless I bribe her, lol.

Last February 25 was a holiday and as usual, we stayed home. But out of the blue, my husband and I suddenly discussed why don't we go somewhere? We tried inquiring and calling some places but they were not available since they need an advance reservation, the other one was temporarily closed and another one was quite expensive so we cancelled it, lol.

We don't have any plans to go out for long so we searched for nearby places where we could have our lunch as it was almost noon time. We found 2 places but cancelled the other one since it would only open late in the afternoon.

We opted to go to Ultra Winds Mountain Resort since the kids agreed to go out and preferred to see the mountain view.

I prepared a video below so that those who have not been there will have an idea what the road would look like :D Yeah, it was quite steep and from the highway, I guess it took us 5 minutes to reach our destination. If you find our speed very fast in this video, that's because I changed the setting to save time, hehe.

Friendly reminder: please turn off your car aircon when the road is getting steep so that it won't get busted. Going down is not a problem so you're good.

You could stay overnight at Ultra Winds if you want since they have rooms there. I didn't bother to inquire as my family and I don't have any plans in staying overnight especially during pandemic.

Check out the pics below:

Ultra Winds used Natural Alkaline water to fill in the pool. The water was really inviting and look so clean..

My little girl realized it would have been fun to take a dip in the pool. But since we didn't bring any swimming gear, we just took a selfie.

Of course, family pic first before eating our food. Hunger could wait, hehehe.

Fusion Beef Short Ribs - short ribs with cinnamon, fennel, soy and star anise cooked in classic french technique with thyme and shallots.

Kebob Mixed Platter - three skewers of grilled shrimp, fish, chicken with bell pepper, onion and tomato.

Chillin' and Relaxing. The place was so windy I almost fell asleep in this area. If only I brought my pillow I might have taken a power nap, lol.

These two really enjoyed the view. It was a miracle they didn't ask us to leave the place right away. They just stood there, very much at peace with the surrounding.

You could see plenty of peacocks in Ultra Winds. Just keep your food away from them coz they would instantly eat it when you're not around. Not their fault, though. (Fun fact: male peacocks are the ones with beautiful tails 🦚).

According to the staff in Ultra Winds, horse back riding ang Ziplining are currently unavailable. The IATF ordered the establishment not to open these to public for the meantime. Swimming pool, restaurant and staycation are what they could only offer for now.

Surely this won't be our last visit. We'll definitely go back and remember to bring our swimming attire next time, and probably stay overnight, IF, everything will go back to normal.

Build Your Dreams Into Reality

My husband and I have been married for 19 years now and we have been blessed with 2 kids. At the early years of our marriage, we stayed in an apartment free of rent since the house was owned by his late grandmother. When I had my second child, we transferred to another house that was owned by my husband’s father. It was in their agreement that the house will be transferred to my husband’s name when the right time comes. We still live in this house that was built around the 1960’s. It was partly renovated in 2011 but the bedrooms stayed the same, only re-painted. It was also turned into a duplex type of house since the area was quite big. We were thankful for the house that sheltered us for over a decade but my husband and I still hope to build our own dream house someday. Our kids are already getting older and we would very much like to purchase a new house that could fit our family of four. We almost started to build one in 2014 but it was put on hold when my husband had a job transfer to another company.

The plan of purchasing a house was again discussed last year, during the time when COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak and the economy started collapsing, not just in the Philippines, but globally as well. Yet, even with the pandemic, life goes on. However, whereas we initially planned having a big house, we now opted to have a smaller house instead, just enough for us to live in comfortably and for some of our belongings to fit in. We realized that having a big house is rather impractical for us since our kids would soon grow up and probably go their own way and have their own house to live in someday.

According to, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the real estate market, especially since local government restrictions have slowed down real estate development. On the other hand, basing from statistics taken from, it might be the right time to purchase real estate property nowadays since prices have significantly dropped for residential units. With this in mind, my husband and I think that now may be the best time to push through with our plans. Our only concern was on our savings, since we don’t have enough of it to finance the whole project. I have come up with a solution, though, which involves a small parcel of land which has not been used for a long time. If we mortgaged this property in a bank, then we would be able to secure enough funds and be all set to build a new house by the middle of this year.

Good planning and right timing are indeed important in making our dream home come true.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

CDO's Highest Peak

C'est la vie
Picture was taken early this year at Noah's Ark, Amaya View. I was actually standing at the highest peak of Cagayan de Oro. The place was 1,122 ft above sea level. Hope to share some clips of my video soon (if I won't be too lazy to edit it 😄).

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Bring Out the Strongest Version of You with Pantene

On days when life gets in the way, it’s easy to lose track of yourself. Even when it’s frustrating, choosing the easy way out of situations can feel like the best decision when you’re stuck with no options.

But even if life throws you a curveball, you’re still able to get back on track — stronger than before. 

And if you can put your best foot forward again to face the new normal in 2021, your hair definitely can too!

Pantene’s newest digital video empowers women to toughen up by starting stronger, and get that extra boost of confidence by taking care of themselves. It features a familiar scenario women can definitely relate to — those times when you feel like you’re losing yourself to a point that even your hair looks like it gave up. Split ends start to pop out and damage is apparent, and you’re so tempted to take a literal short cut by chopping off your locks.

Now cutting hair short isn’t the only solution to hair damage, you can look forward to stronger days ahead with the new Pantene Long Hair Solutions Total Damage Care Shampoo. It has Pro V with Japanese Rice Oil Essence, especially created for long hair needs to protect your hair from having split ends and prevent hair damage even before it happens. Rice Oil Essence has 50x Anti Damage Benefit, so you can say goodbye to hair damage and split ends even before it happens.

Pantene’s latest video brings the message of empowerment reaching and encouraging numerous Filipinas to keep growing their hair out, here are some tidbits from Filipinas who are now committed to stop with the short cuts and grow their hair long in 2021. 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Netiquette of an Influencer

I started blogging over a decade ago and at the start, my main focus was writing about family and parenting since I was most comfortable about these topics. With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as other social media platforms that have become very popular over the years, many people I know became social media influencers and some opted to become video bloggers (or vloggers as the term is more popularly known). I remained being a blogger but also adapting to be an influencer, though from parenting, I eventually expanded my niche into lifestyle blogging. 

As a lifestyle blogger, I am able to share varying topics. I write not only about parenting or family but also about food, travel, hobbies, beauty, fashion, whatever is new in our city and quite any topic that catches my interest. It could be about a day-to-day activity that others might find interesting. Oftentimes, viewers usually give comments, engage me in conversation and even ask for my recommendations.

As time passed, I learned to put my voice into good use because I know that whatever I share in my blogs could influence my viewers. Even when promoting a product or an event, I would make sure to focus more on the positive aspects rather than on the negative. Fact checking a topic is also a must before I publish any article because I want to be very truthful with my audience and not stir up controversy or be the source of fake news. These are the things that have been instilled in my mind when I decided to become a social media influencer.

I have witnessed the rise and fall of many influencers over the years. Some fall perhaps due to the fact that they lacked or probably did not practice proper social media etiquette which is crucial in these digital times. Below are some of the things I have listed that could be helpful to influencers. I based this on my own experience and what I saw in others who were practicing it which created a big effect on the audience:

1. Be responsible. If you are campaigning for a product, make sure to say positive things. Do not destroy their reputation unless you are asked to review and express your opinion. Otherwise, say only good things.

2. Refrain from using words that are hard to comprehend. No matter how simple the things you say, people will still notice it if they are interested with what you are posting or promoting.

3. Using explicit words will lead you nowhere. Remember, many social media platforms have very strict rules. They could disable your website or channel if they find that you violated those rules.

4. Keep on posting even if you thought you have no audience. This is also where I failed most of the time. Although, I am trying my very best to change that by updating my site from time to time.

5. Be truthful. Do not plagiarize if you are told to write an original article just to sound intelligent. Simple writing can work and can sometimes be better! I myself prefer reading articles that are simple and easy to comprehend rather than reading those with overly complicated words.

6. Engage in a positive manner with your audience if you are in a discussion with them. Remember that you have to agree to disagree and be polite in accepting constructive criticisms. Unless of course you are being harassed, then try to report them. Know that you have the option to limit comments especially when using certain platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. Also, never engage in a heated argument. You have the power to IGNORE.

7. Write an article that you are most comfortable with. Not just because it is the fad these days that you immediately joined the bandwagon without even understanding what it is all about.

8. Be transparent. Do not promote a brand while visibly using their competitors. Be sensible and be sensitive in that aspect.

These are just a few of the things I have learned to practice over the years as an influencer. How the people react in both positive and negative manner has been my way of determining how effective the influencer's voice is and how it could affect the many followers. I am also learning from these and trying my best to practice what I preach 😉💜