Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Late Summer Vacay

Rainy days are here once again. Summer's finally over and school days began. My eldest child's 1st day of school will be on June 13 - Friday. I actually find it weird why their school starts on a Friday. However, my children will be absent on Friday, and Monday the following week because we will have our late summer vacation. I already asked permission from their teachers but the absences are not yet alarming because it's just the first day of school. I guess they will not even have a regular class yet.

We will be leaving by plane tomorrow. We are going to Manila and stay in my brother's house. I really pray that the weather will be kind to us. I also pray for our safe travel coz I'm usually jittery every time we ride on a plane. Anyhoo, I'm looking forward for a good vacation. I thought I deserved a break after all the obstacles I've been facing lately.

So, this is just it for the moment. Be posting some pics soon. Hey, pray for us, too! ;-)

Monday, May 26, 2014

School Time Here Again!

Few more days and it's already June. Wow, indeed time flies so fast. I already enrolled my eldest child but I might enroll my youngest later this week. I wish school in here are not that expensive. They will really make any parent broke. Good thing I have only 2 kids but how about those having 5 kids. No wonder others enrolled their children in public school. I would, too, if only the public school have good standards. Unfortunately, only few offers quality education that's why no matter how expensive, some parents still choose to send their kids to private schools...sad but true..sigh..

Aside from a very expensive tuition fees, there are books that costs a lot. I hope the books are good because oftentimes I found wrong grammar or wrong answer if I happen to read it. We are sending our kids to good schools and I expect that my kids receive quality education, too. But of course it also depends on the school's system and the teacher. Yes, teachers play an important part in the students' education. Anyways, I wish my kids, the schools and the teachers the best of luck for this coming school year.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Best Selection of Class Rings

If I could turn back time, I would have agreed with my dad to buy myself a class ring when I graduated from a college. I thought at that time it was not necessary. My dad even offered to pay but told him instead to keep it because I don't need it. But when time flies, I soon realized that it might be a good souvenir to keep. 

Anyways, that was a long time ago and if by any chance some of you out there are thinking of getting one for yourself then go ahead. You can even find best selection of class rings online for a low price. Lucky for the new graduates these days because you can personalize your class ring or style it your way!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Congrats Zoe!

My little girl Zoe finished her Toddler year last March 27, 2014. We all attended to her recognition day and was so proud of her progress. She got a medal for Character Excellence in her school and also got a Best in Math ribbon.

Her behavior is quite a challenge but I thanked her teachers for being patient with her and tried to bring out the best in her. Despite everything, I'll always be there to support my daughter. Just like her sister, Zoe is also my pride and joy. I will never stop loving my kids, never stop supporting them and be there always for them.

Next school year Zoe will be enrolled in Nursery. Although quite worried, I am also looking forward to take a new journey with my daughter. But I'd like to entrust all my worries and concerns to the Lord. I believe she will be alright and be able to face the challenges in life...
Proud Mommy Moment :-)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Elsa Painting by Chloe

 photo e99f4bdd-7921-43f7-ab3c-7fbbe5b1a947_zps89c6a57b.png

I posted this in my other blog and I'm posting this here also. This is my daughter's computer MS Paint of Elsa. She tried to copy the original but didn't cut and paste but the result was almost the same. But if you look closely, there's obviously a difference. But for a 10 year-old to do this, I guess that's quite pretty amazing, huh. She only copied the background but Elsa's already her doing.

Painting the computer is one of her hobbies. She won twice already at school for MS computer painting. I'm glad she's good in this aspect and I'm just here to support her hobbies. But I told her not to spend a lot of time on the computer to protect her eyes. So, what do you think of my daughter's drawing?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

On the Road to Recovery

I'm glad my youngest child is completely health from cough and colds and I am also on my road to recovery. I'm not worried for myself but I worry more for my child. I was supposed to bring her to her pediatrician because I'm afraid her cough might develop into something else. Just like what happen to her 2 years ago that she had tonsillitis and she really had a hard time sleeping.

But I'm glad that her illness lately was just viral infection. I gave her meds for cough and colds and it worked on her. And of course, water therapy was a really good medicine.

Now that my youngest child is cured, at least I can focus on my eldest child. She will be taking her final exams next week and I need to help her with the review. I pray then that she will not get sick and most of all, she will be able to answer all her exams correctly.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gia Publications for Musicians

Our technology is revolving and so are other things. Before we used books to read but now you can read thru e-books in your ipads, tabs or phones. Shopping was only done in malls or stores but now you can shop online. And same with music, I used to buy song hits before to check on new music but everything can be found thru the internet. And how most musicians are more than glad because there it's either they can teach or learn music with technology. You can try checking gia publications at wwbw where you get to learn more about music and its instruments.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sick Again

I'm having cough and colds since weekend and until now it's giving me a headache. I have some tasks that are delayed because I can't seem to stay long in the computer. Actually, my youngest daughter and I are having cough and colds right now so I'm also taking care of her. I wanted to get some rest but I've to put my daughter first because she's helpless, she needs me.

Just praying that I'll be fine soon. I hope that my eldest daughter will be spared from this illness so that my attention will not be divided. Besides, she has lots of lessons to study for her tests. Anyways, gotta go now to get some beauty sleep (",) Looking forward to wake up healthy and totally well...

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