Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Power Trouble

For over 4 years now, every summer in our country we experience rotating brownout. Actually, they gave us schedule as to what time it will happen during those dates and for how many times. However, the electric providers don't stick to the right schedule. They kept on moving it, changing it thus making the people, rather customers, furious. Although others asked for understanding, but they just cannot blame the people, too. Well, I often complain and I feel I have the right coz I pay my dues every month. And I've 2 young kids who complains a lot when there is power interruption. My youngest, who is 4 and 1/2 yrs old, experienced heat stroke yesterday and today I'm still giving her paracetamol. And then they wanted me to keep quiet? I just can't bring my kids anytime, anywhere in places where there are air-conditioners or fresh air. Because power interruption often happens when the kids are taking a nap. And as for my youngest, she needs rest as not to add insult to injury. What if she gets sick with other illness if I kept on bring her to malls or places when what she need is just rest? It would have been okay if she's almost the same age as my eldest who is 11 yrs old because it's easy for me to bring her anywhere.

Anyways, I just hope and pray that these rotating brownout schedule will only last until April 15 coz it disrupts a lot of work. In less than a couple of hours we'll be experiencing another brownout for 2.5 hrs and to think they schedule it ffrom 2am-4:30am, geeezzz. It's 12:55am right now so I guess I gotta go and try to sleep. Praying that everything's better when I wake up.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Shop at iprice now!

Shopping used to be quite stressful especially during the holidays. You had to get into long lines when paying. Or, you would have a hard time looking for the right sizes. Or worst, the item you promised yourself you would buy once you get back to the store would already be sold out or run out of stock! Unlike before, shopping nowadays is more convenient. This was made possible when online shops became accessible in almost all continents. You get to enjoy big discounts and get freebies simply by using coupon codes given online. I experienced this myself several times while shopping online and was even able to get the brand I so wanted to own with none of the hassle. The items were then delivered right into my doorstep all good and new.

iprice banner photo banner_zpsglluz1ef.png
Shopping has become even more convenient with iprice, a website dedicated to being a helping hand in the online shopping jungle where there are thousands of different websites and millions of different products here in the Philippines. At iprice, you start getting amazing deals once you sign up. You can easily find your favorite electronics, top branded clothes and bags, watches, jewelries, toys and lots of other hard to find items through them and get even lower prices by using their coupon codes. And if you happen to be a fashionista, then the more reason that you are in the right place since the people at iprice know exactly what you need!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Have A Blessed Holy Week

Holyweek pic photo holyweek pic_zpswdwluruc.jpg 

Wishing everyone a Blessed week! Let us all be reminded of Jesus' undying love for us. Let us remember His sacrifices in order to save us all. May this week be filled with reflections, filled with peace and happiness from within. God bless us all!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lemon Kiss Dress: Perfect For My 2 Princesses

The first time I got pregnant, I secretly wished it was a girl. Although I a was open to welcome a baby boy, my wish was still granted when I successfully delivered a baby girl. My husband wished for a girl, too, because he did not experience having a sister in the family as his 2 other siblings were boys. I, on the other hand, was an only girl and had 2 older brothers.

The second time I got pregnant, I didn't wish for a specific gender anymore but still I was blessed with a baby girl. And I was just as happy. My daughters are now 11 and 4 years old respectively and how I love to see them wearing nice dresses. When we go to the mall, instead of buying clothes for myself, I ended up buying for them because the clothes are way too cute. Often, I browse online and saw some pretty dresses just like the ones posted by Lemon Kiss on their FB page. Now, I am wishing to own these dresses:
  photo lemonkiss2_zpsqenpmwd3.jpg
This dress is way too cute for my youngest child. She loves to look kikay and she loves to wear beautiful dresses. I could only wish to own this kind of dress.

   photo lemonkiss4_zpskfxa7dbz.jpg 
My eldest child is already 11 years old and about 5'3" tall. I am not sure if this kind of dress is available for tall girls like her. But this dress suits her so well because of the style plus it's color blue. My eldest daughter likes anything blue so I just hope I can find something like this for her but it would be better if it's from Lemon Kiss.

For more trendy designs, styles and colors, just click Lemon Kiss FB page or simply visit SM Department store.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Perfect Pedal For Your Guitar

When buying any musical instruments or gadgets, better to check the items first before buying. You can go to a nearby store but if you're too busy, you can check it online. It is even easy to do it these days because aside from checking the price, you can also see the features or specs. And there are a lot of stores online that will go on sale even with their bestseller items. Another thing is that you can always read the reviews of other buyers. You will know from them if the item is worth buying or not. So, if you are simply looking for a g5 pedal for your guitar, I recommend that you browse online because a lot of sites are offering this kind of gadget and will even help you with its uses.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

CDOBloggers 1st GMM at Ah Fong Asian Cuisine

 photo IMG_3762_zpssqtvooru.png
Induction of Officers 2015; Food served by Ah Fong
CDOBloggers held their first General Membership Meeting earlier this evening, February 28, 2015, for the year 2015. It was held at Ah Fong Asian Cuisine, a Chinese-Filipino Restaurant located at Hayes cor. Pabayo St., Cagayan de Oro City. One of the owners, Ms. Nelia Lee, was there to welcome us and gave us a brief background of the restaurant. She served us with their bestseller foods that all of us went home really full and satisfied. I will surely go back to Ah Fong and bring my family there to eat. I highly recommend this to you as well.

Going back to the event, new sets of officers were also Inducted. Ms. Emma Cortez is now the CDOBloggers' 1st female President. Congratulations Mommy Emz! You deserved the position ;-)

 photo IMG_3748_zpsddsjugws.jpg
Ms. Nelia Lee
I'm a member of this group for 2 years, I guess, but I've been blogging since late 2008. I later learned about this group and slowly got to know some of the members until I finally made my membership official 2 yrs ago. It was nice knowing these people to think some of them were younger than me, it me feel young, too (",)

Anyhoo, sharing with you some pictures taken during the event and of course, the food. Excited to be part of CDOBloggers upcoming event and share it with you. I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Elegant Scented Candles

Just recently I checked on some tokens I received from the weddings I attended. Some scented candles I kept still smelled good and in good shape. So, for those planning what to give as tokens on their wedding day or perhaps on your child's baptismal day, you might opt for scented candles. You can browse and order it online or if I may suggest, try checking for diptyque because they are known for producing series of scented candles with elegant and styling drawings. Visit their site now to get more ideas!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello 2015!

Hello Blogging World! Just wanna send my Happy New Year to all of you! Wishing for a better 2015! Cheers!

 photo newyearpics2_zps96cebea1.jpg
The "Rhum" I was holding was just part of the props, hehe :D

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