Thursday, July 22, 2021

500 PGH Frontliners for COVID-19 Given Essential Aid, Connectivity by Globe and the Ayala Group of Companies

Globe shows appreciation for healthcare workers who remain at the forefront of the country’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic through additional cash, connectivity, and in-kind donations to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). 

PGH was appointed by the Department of Health (DOH) as an exclusive COVID-19 hospital and remains the largest referral hospital in the country. Since the global health crisis broke out in 2020, Globe has donated P22 million to PGH to equip frontliners with much-needed essentials such as personal protective equipment (PPE) to handle COVID-19 patients. 

As a part of the continued support to PGH, the #BrigadangAyala initiative led by Globe celebrates the frontliners in three Metro Manila designated COVID-19 hospitals, including the National Children’s Hospital and Tondo Medical Center. With this, the company provided 50 MyFi devices to medical frontliners who are staying in PGH dorms or have living arrangements away from their families to lessen risks of exposure.
“We truly appreciate this support for our frontliners who continue to make sacrifices for the benefit of our kababayans. Though the hospital is equipped with WiFi, providing connectivity directly to the frontliners will allow them to stay connected even when off duty,” said Dr. Telesforo Gana, Jr., President, PGH Medical Foundation, Inc.

Generika Drugstore, an AC Health company and the pioneer in retail generic medicines in the Philippines, provided 500 immunity booster packages of Actimed Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Actimed Paracetamol and Actimed throat lozenges for PGH frontliners.

"We at Generika recognize and appreciate the valiant efforts of our frontliners in their continuous service at the forefront of our battle against this pandemic. As we find ways to continue to provide Filipinos access to quality affordable medicines in these challenging times, we are honored to be part of this effort to provide them added care and protection," said Atty. Yet Abarca, President and CEO, Generika Drugstore. 

In addition, Globe’s parent firm Ayala Corporation, through Ayala Foundation, is donating P500,000 to the PGH Medical Foundation, Inc., while the telco pursues fundraising efforts through Globe Rewards and GCash. Globe has also given an entertainment package consisting of three smart TVs and Home Prepaid WiFi to the hospital’s Cancer Pediatric wards. 

“As the country gradually adapts to the changing landscape of our day-to-day reality, we need to show our frontliners that their service is valued. Through connectivity support, we hope to extend to them our gratitude for the work that they do,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications.

#BrigadangAyala is yet another manifestation of the strong partnership of PGH and Globe through the years, starting with the rehabilitation of the hospital's Hematology-Oncology clinic back in 2016.

Globe further ramped up its fundraising activities after a fire hit sections of PGH last May 15 that displaced disadvantaged patients.

Globe customers may easily help by donating their Rewards points through the Globe Rewards app. Each Reward point is equivalent to P1. Download the Globe Rewards app and click on the Let’s Help PGH banner. Select the corresponding denomination then press REDEEM NOW. A confirmation message will be sent by 4438 upon successful donation.

Customers may also help via GCash’s Pay Bills option. Just tap Others and select #FightCOVID19.

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), particularly UN SDG No. 3 on good health and well-being and UN SDG No. 9, which highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is committed to upholding the United Nations Global Compact principles and contributing to 10 UN SDGs. To know more about Globe, visit

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Former Philippine President Laid to Rest

I do not usually post-politics, and I refrain from discussing or debating online, especially if one's views are different. It is going to be useless. We all have the freedom to express our opinion and to decide who is best for us. But nobody has the right to mock someone or insult anyone else's decision because they chose somebody, not to their liking, and vice versa.

But today, I wanted to pay my respect to the former President of the Philippines, Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III or PNoy to many.  He died on June 24, 2021, at 61 years old, after battling some serious health condition (renal disease). He is now laid to rest at the Manila Memorial Park in ParaƱaque City.

PNoy was the son of the late assassinated Senator, Benigno S. Aquino, Sr. and the late Corazon C. Aquino, the latter being the first woman president in the country.

Growing up,  I have witnessed the leadership of PNoy's mother, Cory Aquino. She was the face of EDSA People Power in 1986. I wasn't that of a big fan then, but I respected her, especially when she was able to end the 20-year ruling of the Philippine dictator, former President Marcos. After she made a new constitution, I remembered she removed many Marcos cronies from the office and shut down many businesses that supported the previous ruler. But I  was very young to understand then. Perhaps she had valid reasons to do that. Amidst all the coup attempts to overthrow her, she remained the country's President and stepped down after 6 six, a new rule drafted and approved in the 1987 constitution. 

By the year 2010, PNoy ran for president months after his mom died. I was old enough to vote, but I voted for another candidate for a personal reason. However, I had high respect for him. He was a good man, after all. Being a citizen of the country, I have to abide by the laws set by the new government. He may have some flaws, but nobody is perfect. No administration in the Philippines was perfect for the majority, but let us just focus on the former president's leadership. PNoy was able to at least stabilize the country's economy; he fought the country's right of the West Philippine Sea, he was able to save a fellow man who was about to be hanged in another country, and so on and so forth. He made some failed decisions that angered the citizens, like the SAF44, the hostage-taking, the rotating brownout in Mindanao (that annoyed me so much), and the Yolanda typhoon. Still, I think it was not fair that he was the only one to blame the latter issue as he had repeatedly warned the people to evacuate... 

Anyway, when he stepped down, I could say he was a decent man despite not pleasing everyone. Personally speaking, I appreciated his 6-year term. I was free to criticize and admire some of his administrative members; I could watch the News on television without being alarmed. I was not a fan when he implemented the K1-12, but I have to understand it...well, those were just some of the things I remembered.

He may not be the greatest leader, but he sure was a good man, a respectable one, and a good son. Rest well now, Sir...

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Keep Yourself Hydrated!

The summer season already ended to where I live, but since I belong to a tropical place, I still experience the warm weather even if it is already a rainy season. Sometimes, humidity is so high that aside from being thirsty, I tend to have profuse sweating after my daily routine of brisk walking, either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Often, I forgot to drink the required daily intake of fluids. I use my tumbler for drinking water, but there were many instances that I failed to remember how many cups I drank or, worst if I, indeed, drank water.

I always remind myself how important water is to our bodies. Drinking water does more than quench our thirst; but it also helps regulate our body. Water is essential to keep our body healthy and function properly; hence, we should keep it hydrated since all the major organs in our body depend on water to function and survive.

Let us go back to our science class and recall why water is vital in our bodies. Water regulates our body temperature and carries nutrients and oxygen to the cell. Water moistens tissue in our eyes, nose, and mouth and lubricates our joints. Therefore, if you are wondering why your lips cracked or your joints are somewhat in pain, it simply means that you lack water in your body. Another essential function of water in our body is, it cleanses our liver and kidney by flushing out waste products. Let us remember that when we sweat or have a urine or bowel movement, we also lose some water in our bodies; hence, we should replenish it and not get dehydrated.
With my busy schedule these days, I cannot help but miss some details of my water intake, including what I ate due to unavoidable circumstances. I know I should keep everything balanced and that I should find a way to make things easily accessible for me. One of the best solutions is to get a water jug with time marker because that way, I will be reminded that I should drink water and avoid missing my water intake. The water jug will be of great help as it could monitor if I drank enough or less for the day.

If you exercise or move a lot, you might need this, too. This trendy, portable, and lightweight water jug with a time marker and a motivational quote is best suited to keep me inspired by what I am doing.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Trese on Netflix

This is my daughter's Trese artwork which she made in early 2020 using only a marker and a pen. She was only 16 years old at that time and already a huge fan of this popular Filipino komik series by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. When Netflix announced that they will release the animated version of Trese in 2021, she could not contain her excitement!

Finally, on June 10, 2021, the Trese TV series was shown in the US and released the next day globally. My daughter kept bugging me to watch the TV series in Filipino, English, and Japanese version, haha. I might binge-watch it next week when I am done doing other important stuff.

How about you, have you watched Trese already? Which version, dubbing rather, do you like best? As for me, I do not mind listening to the voice actors, but I have to admit I am used to listening to Japanese anime with English subtitle :D

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Biking is Fun!

I haven't been biking for many years, and I was so happy to ride a bike again. But, when I said, many years, it meant 30+ years! When I was a kid, I didn't have a bike. I did not own one 'cause my parents did not buy me one nor my brothers. I actually learned from our neighbor's bike that he just "parked" outside his house. So, when he was not using it, I kind of borrow it, lol.

We lived in an apartment, and his house was just beside ours. So it was not only me who learned from his bike, my brothers, and other neighbors as well. The bike owner did not really mind us using his bike as long as we returned it in good condition. I didn't remember him getting mad at us, or maybe we were just sneaky, lol. But bless him and his bike because many of the kids in the neighborhood learned how to ride a bike without the help of our parents, haha. That was in the mid-'80s, by the way.

The last time I held a bike was probably in the early '90s. I was hesitant to ride that time because I haven't been practicing, but I remember I could maneuver it. And then, that was it. That was the last time I remember, and I haven't been biking ever until very recently. I already have two kids, quite heavy than in my teens and lack of exercise, hahaha. 

I could not contain my happiness when I realized I still know how to ride a bike. It was my nephew's and I tried to borrow it. I was not confident at first, I thought I totally forgot how to use the pedal. My brother told me that once I learned how to bike, I would not definitely forget it. So, I decided to adjust the height of the bike coz it was probably too high for me. And viola, I felt free as a bird. I realized how I missed riding a bike. The following day, I borrowed the bike again to ride on the street outside while quiet at that time. Now, I am thinking of buying a bike for me instead of my daughters who are not a bit interested in riding a bike, but I hope to influence them because aside from that, it is fun, it is a good exercise.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) says, “What body pain?”

The effects of COVID-19 are felt to this day most especially economically. People lost their jobs, some needed to close shop after years of existence, others are barely surviving. Needless to say, numerous people found themselves working double to make up for income losses. Challenging as it may be, there is a silver lining as the situation proves how resiliency will get one by. This story is evident in the world more so in the Philippines.

Not only are Filipinos known to be a friendly race; Filipinos are also popularly known to be hardworking. For some reason, the more physical the job, the more effort has to be exerted. Often do we hear the term “Push lang ng push!” Push to keep going, push to finish the task, push not to quit. Pushing the body strength reflects a strong and determined attitude translating that Filipinos will go through great lengths in order to provide for themselves and their families.

With the pandemic, the roster of heroes has evolved from the National Heroes that we know, to the OFWs, and now the Delivery Riders, Service Crew, Medical Front liners, who all spend long hours to cater to the needs of many. And do they deserve the recognition! Real life Lodi! But wait! We can also here them say, “Tao lang po! Kapuy!”

No doubt that the challenges faced in the past year have already caused some concerns on one’s health and bodies especially for this type of workers. Imagine traversing the roads all day to get packages from one point to another, standing countless hours to check patients here and there, pushing the body never ends. Body aches and pains are inevitable though often ignored. Inasmuch as the motivation to go on is there, these manifestations of long working hours also take a toll on the bodies to a point that ignoring it no longer becomes an option.

Fortunately, a product that can be brought to work, what can be called a “work buddy”, is available. Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax), from the same makers of Vice Ganda’s endorsement Paracetamol + Propyphenazone + Caffeine (Saridon Triple Action), is ready for the hardworking Filipinos. There is no stopping the hustle because Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) provides upto 12 hours pain relief from body pain and arthritis vs. plain Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. This will allow long hours of non-stop work required to provide for the family.
Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) associate marketing manager Toby Manlapat shares, “The effects of the pandemic are making us work doubly harder so becomes even more important to relieve our bodies from aches and pains to go through the daily grind and allow us to be in a good condition to deliver our tasks and provide for the family. Push!”

Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) is manufactured by the global pharmaceutical company Bayer. Available in leading drugstores in Luzon (Dagupan and Pampanga), Visayas (Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod), and Mindanao (Davao, Cagayan De Oro, General Santos, Zamboanga). Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) may also be availed nationwide via Southstar Drug Online (Sarimax for Southstar) and Watson’s Online (Sarimax for Watsons). Naproxen Sodium is the generic name of Sarimax. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. ASC Ref. No. B114N053121SS

There is no stopping the hustle because Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) provides upto 12 hours pain relief from body pain and arthritis vs. plain Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) is priced at P9.00 SRP for 275mg variant.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Online Games To Beat The Stress

A lot of people are stressed out these days because of the situation we are experiencing right now. With the global pandemic, people try to cope with the pressures of quarantine, albeit differently, but at least it makes them preoccupied and makes them feel somewhat happy with what they are doing. Others resort to gardening or baking while others busied themselves playing mobile or online games. I tried the latter as I do not have the talent for baking.

Playing games online is not exactly a ‘bad influence’ that most people perceive it as because there are actually games that are applicable in real-life situations. Some games teach you on how to manage time, how to increase typing speed, or how to budget money for grocery or shopping. But I know others just play the games out of boredom and as long as one puts a limit on playing the game, then there is nothing wrong with that. Remember, we need to take care of our mental health so better to distract ourselves than thinking of negative things.

Lately, I have been so obsessed with playing the Open Restaurant game from It is a restaurant simulation game wherein you play as the waiter and strategize how you manage to serve all your customers and at the same time, earn as much money as possible. It was so satisfying on my part every time I received new customers and take orders from them, then accommodate other new customers. The more people I served, the more I earn but of course, I have to be fast. I started earning only $40 in-game until I finally managed to earn $25,920! Then, I realized how the waiters were often taken for granted especially if only one was there to take orders, imagine that. But kudos to the waiters in real life who were able to manage their time and keep their customers happy because of their fast and good services.
Open Restaurant game that I screened shot

Another game I played was the Speed Type Game. Maybe others find this boring upon first impression, but I find it very interesting as it improves my typing skills. I blog and write articles so I needed to check if I have some improvement in my typing skills, and I am glad I got a 99% accuracy the last time I played. Just make sure to type the spelling correctly since they would deduct the points if you missed or misspelled some words.

So you see, I tend to forget about my boredom whenever I play this game. My ten-year-old child is happy playing with her games, too. I just make sure that the games she plays are educational and fun and will not stress her out.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Miss Universe 2020 Fever

The heat is on for Miss Universe 2020! Philippine representative is Rabiya Mateo who hails from Iloilo City, one of my favorite places in our country. I have been following her journey since she won the much-coveted Miss Universe Philippine crown because, well, it started with a controversy. However, the issue thrown at her at that time made me admire her instead because of her humility and positive attitude. Accusations were just hearsays and not even proven and mostly made by sore losers (sorry not sorry).

Fast forward to this month, Miss Universe competition will finally happen on May 16 after a year-long delay. Last May 13, 2021, the competition started with the candidates wearing their National Costume. Rabiya wore a red and blue dress with a butterfly wing and 3 stars resembling the Philippine flag. I just just learned later on that she was supposed to be wearing a big sun-shaped yellow headdress completing the symbols of our flag. However, it was not worn because, accordingly, it kept falling off her head apart from the fact that the wings already weighed 21-kls. 

Like the rest of you, I also wondered if Rabiya had the time to practice wearing the headdress so that she would know if she could balanced it? I also wondered why her team kept it a secret when other countries already posted their national costume on Instagram. At least, that way, we could have a glimpse of how she would look in her NatCos should things go wrong...and sadly, she did miss wearing it.

But overall, I love how Miss Philippines carried herself on the stage. She was so confident, beautiful and just had fun. I had also other favorites but I will never put our own candidate on the last of my list, especially if I could see that she also tried her best, in which she did.

However, as usual, toxic people always had to say something negative. Worst, it came from our country (again, as usual). Ironically, people from other countries admired Rabiya's performance and even placed her as their bet. I just can't understand how negative, critical and demanding these people who are suppose to be supporting our own representative. They ended up bashing her. They never even stopped until the preliminaries. They still don't like Rabiya's yellow evening gown, her hair, her walk... SERIOUSLY people, are you for real?!

She's bringing the Philippine flag, she's in Florida representing our country and hopefully, bring the 5th crown. Can't we at least, FOR ONCE, support her? I've never made a blog about our previous candidates but only this time because I am so fed up with other people's judgment, as if they were the real judge. Let's be united for once just like how the other countries treated their own candidates. I hope we can do this on the final round and whatever happens, win or lose, let's cheer for Philippines for a job well done.

How to Make Your House Cooler in the Summer

Many people consider summer as the best season because of the warm weather and all the fun things they can do. There are so many outdoor activities during summer such as going to the beach, camping out, or going somewhere to hang around and eat ice cream just to beat the heat.
While some would just opt to stay in the comfort of their homes, others think that summer is the best time to travel to other places, especially abroad. So as early as springtime, some people are probably browsing the web, trying to decide which places to go either in Europe or in Asia or perhaps checking out  Calgary Homes for Sale, hoping to get the best place to stay home away from home.

How to Beat the Heat?

When you finally found a place to stay in your destination, it is either you want to explore what is around the corner or settle in first and try to relax after a long travel. It cannot be denied that summer can get really hot so wherever you will be staying, you will probably be perspiring from the heat of the sun. The best thing to do is turn on your AC. Take a bath if necessary and wear the thin clothing that you brought with you. If you have no air conditioner, turn on the fan and open your windows to let the fresh air in.

If the weather becomes too hot to handle, avoid using flat iron during day time. Unplug wires or power cables from the wall sockets and turn off the lights when not in use as they could add up to the warmth in your room.

Summer Refreshments

When staying at home or in a vacation house during summer, one cannot think of better things to do than to order food and refreshments to quench the thirst. I would probably order ice cream and cans of soda and keep a bunch of these in the freezer so they stay frozen or cold for the entire duration of my stay. Having refreshments would definitely help you feel a lot better and cooler while watching either your favorite TV show or just lounging around. If the place you are staying in has a swimming pool, then good for you. You can just bring your refreshments with you outside and take a dip at the pool.

Wear Outfit that gives you a Cooler Feeling

Whether you decide to stay at home or go abroad during summer, it is time to keep your winter outfits inside the closet and take out the summer outfit. When on a vacation, bring appropriate clothing to the place you are going to. If the weather is indeed summer to your place of destination, you can wear shorts, shirts, or loose clothing that will keep you comfortable during your entire stay. It is even best to wear shorts and t-shirts when at home in order to feel cooler.

Make Yourself Comfortable at Home

If going out for the summer, choosing the right place to stay is necessary so make sure that before you book, rent, or purchase a place, best to check them out first or at least inquire what they have to offer and what amenities they do not have. Good ventilation, for me, is a must like having windows in every room to let the air come in and out easily and makes the house cool. Houses should be well-painted and easy on the eyes. If there are no air-conditioners installed at the house, you can still use the fan or if possible, request to have the AC installed before you occupy it as who would want to stay in a very humid and uncomfortable place?

Friday, April 23, 2021

High Ridge ~ A Perfect Place to Relax and Unwind

My family and I usually stayed home these days as we are not yet comfortable going out while the pandemic is still very much around. But I have to admit that there are times that I want to breathe fresh air, see another scenery to refresh my eyes and most especially, take care of my mental health.

Last April 9, I had a chance to go out with my family together with my in-laws. It was a holiday so my kids had no online classes and hubby had no work. We decided to go to High Ridge, one of the famous restaurants here in CDO situated on a hill near our place. The resto was overlooking the city and if I brought binoculars with me, I could probably see our housešŸ˜€

We went there past 5:00 pm (the resto opens at 4:00 pm) and had an early dinner. The place was not crowded which was good. My kids and their grandma had a great time looking at the view while taking lots of pictures. By 7:00 pm we were done and went home. We bought desserts once we 'descended' from the hill and then went straight home.

Anyways, just wanna share with you a short video taken during our short visit to High Ridge. You might want to go there and if it's your first time, just refer to my YouTube video (and subscribešŸ˜) and see where the road will take you. But just be warned that I fast-tracked it to shorten the video. Enjoy watching!