Friday, September 16, 2022

Silence Speaks a Thousand Words

This is me most of the time, especially for the last two years...

Sometimes, the best revenge to people who are nosy is silence. It is often satisfying to let their minds wander and not know what I am up to because I am just too tired of them intruding and making a big deal of my already boring life, lol.

Also, I get more more answers in silence. I get to reflect about myself, about my relationships with others and the people surrounding me.

Although I don't deny that it helps a lot talking to other people but oftentimes, taking deep breaths, do some reflections in silence often gives me a fresh start and think of the best things to do.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Interesting Board Games Online

It has been over two years since the pandemic started, and it is a relief that things have slowly returned back to normal as of late. Many businesses have reopened and some schools welcomed back their students, although with precautionary measure. While we cannot be too complacent about the situation yet, there are also some good outcome especially to one's mental health.

I remembered when the pandemic just started and lock-downs were implemented in some areas, and I could not help but be bothered about the news. I cannot deny that it affected my mental health that I decided not to login to my social media accounts just to avoid reading negative news. Instead, I decided to watch fun movies, did some art crafts, or just play games online, and then I found out there are so many interesting online games that my children and I could play together.

Recently, I found another game that I used to play when I was a kid from the same website. I used to own a Tic-Tac-Toe board when I was about 12 or 13 years old. Now, it is so fun to play it virtually! My opponent was the computer that took the game seriously, huh. I played the seven-board grid and won several times and told myself I would stop when I reached 100 points, but it was so addicting that I reached 201 points but the score was an odd number so I continued until I finally reached the score of 301, lol! I just love this game. You just have to analyze and be vigilant on your opponent's next move. I was the first player and X (or cross) was assigned to me, while my opponent was O.

My 12 year old daughter played the Guess Who game. She likes it so much because she easily guessed the character.

I also tried playing the Simon Says game but gave up on my second try because I cannot keep track of the next tune. My eldest daughter took over and found it interesting. She must have sharp hearing, as she kept scoring. But she missed on her 20th try when she got distracted. :)

Anyway, these games somehow helped divert my attention from reading or hearing some depressing news. This way, I got to spend some quality time with my kids, too.

The New Prince and Princess of Wales

The news of HM The Queen Elizabeth II's passing may be a sad news but we have to admit that her health deteriorated when her husband, Prince Philip, died more than a year ago. At 96, she had served her country so well, even exceeded everyone's expectations. I may not be British but the Queen was a very integral part in our history. She was the very first image that came my mind when we talked about queens.

With a sad news came a very wonderful announcement. As King Charles III became UK's new monarch, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge became Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince and Princess of Wales, as announced by the new King.

Prince William and Princess Catherine are my top two favorite royals. They compliment and support each other, they abide by the rules, loyal to their families and never said anything negative despite the attack they received from others. They continued to do their duties, was at the late HM's side when needed yet never forget their roles as parents to their young children.

It is also admirable to see them with Prince Harry and Meghan when they viewed the flowers for their late grandmother outside Windsor. As what I have read from a reliable site, Prince William invited his brother and sister-in-law to join him and Catherine for viewing. They even rode on the same car! I really wish that the two brothers' closeness will return, hoping that the other one would conform to what is required of him to do. And I hope Harry's children will live nearer to their grandpa, who is now the King, and spend more time with him and their royal cousins and other family members.

Images: Ctto

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Managing Your Finances

It has been over a decade now since I have been a stay-at-home mom. Initially, I had planned on being a regular working mom, but when my youngest child was diagnosed with ASD, I took a different path. There were moments, however, when I often look back to the times when I used to work in the office, receiving a salary of my own and dressed up professionally from Mondays to Fridays. 
Things changed after I got married and had my first child. For a short while, I went back to school to take up nursing. I was about to embark a new career path in healthcare, but then it all came to a drastic turn when I was confronted with my second child’s condition. On the bright side, it wasn’t totally bad since I could still work online as a freelancer, though, this did not guarantee long-term employment and a regular income. Often times, I hardly got any online job at all. Fortunately for us, my husband holds a regular job and is currently the sole provider of our family. Though he has a high position in his office, there are far too many expenses to take care of such as food, electricity and water bills, fuel, our children's school tuition, and our youngest child’s therapy. Anything other than expected monthly expense would usually result to us not being able to make ends meet. I think most parents understand this or have been in this situation in at least one time in their lives. There were times when no matter how hard we tried to balance everything, my husband’s income just wasn’t enough. 
Fortunately, we were able to secure financial solutions which enabled us to pay off unexpected expenses without having to sacrifice our main priority, which is providing for the needs of our family. It is a good thing that nowadays, parents who are experiencing the same difficulties as us can now easily borrow money online from This site offers helpful topics about financing, computation of mortgage, debt management and other useful information that can help in managing one’s finances. It also offers short-term financial solutions for people struggling with bad credit.
At the end of the day, I think what is most important is that we try to live according to our own means. Buy only the essential things and don’t be tempted to spend just because of something you want. It also helps if you have the sufficient knowledge on how to create a budget and a good understanding about debt management.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Not My Problem...

I used to be so worried about what other people would think or say so I was always careful with my words and actions. But, I have realized that no matter how I tried to be nice to everyone, they will always say something negative about me. Finally, I have learned not to mind those people... and how they treat me, I will reciprocate. I'm done already and I've moved on. Now, I live to this mantra: Remember, you are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm. 🔥

Friday, August 12, 2022

2GO Extends Fiesta Celebrations with Sea Sale in Cagayan de Oro City!

The month-long Higalaay Festival may have just begun, but even this early, 2GO Travel is extending the fiesta vibes of strengthening camaraderie with its Sea Sale for voyages that are Safe, Sulit, Saya for as low as Php299, one-way to and from Cagayan de Oro.

The Php299 promo fare particularly covers voyages from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu vice versa, while those traveling from Cagayan de Oro to Manila vice versa may avail of tickets for as low as Php499.

Sale period runs from August 15-21 for voyages from September 15-October 11. The promo fare includes generous 50kg Baggage Allowance and accommodations.

"Kagay-anons are known to build Golden Friendships with many and this is embodied in the Higalaay Festival. With 2GO's latest sea sale, we encourage travelers to experience the festival and explore Cagayan de Oro!" says Blessie Cruz, 2GO's Group Head for Marketing.

MV 2GO Maligaya and MV 2GO Masagana, 2GO's newest and most modern vessels, both sail from Cagayan de Oro to Manila vice versa. MV 2GO Maligaya also sails from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu vice versa.  

In addition, MV 2GO Masagana sails from Cagayan de Oro to Iloilo vice versa, and to Cagayan de Oro from Bacolod.

Other routes covered in the sale are Manila to Tagbilaran vice versa for as low as Php99; as well as from Cebu to Ozamis and Butuan, and from Dumaguete to Zamboanga for as low as Php299.

Those wanting to travel from Manila to Bacolod, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, as well as Palawan (Puerto Princesa and Coron) vice versa can avail of tickets for as low as Php399. Likewise, passengers who wish to travel from Manila to other Mindanao destinations like Butuan, Dipolog, Ozamis and Zamboanga vice versa can purchase tickets for as low as Php499.

Shippy and I

With 2Go, travelers can begin their sailcations the minute they step onboard. 2GO offers cruise-like experiences, such as exciting activities onboard, spacious and clean accommodations, hot and fresh meals, a variety of food and drink, and views of the country's beautiful islands from its famous sundeck. 

2GO Travel also continues to emphasize that safety remains an utmost priority.  Aside from being fully vaccinated, all crew members of vessels coming from Manila have received at least one booster shot.

CDOBloggers with 2GO Execs

"We have always been consistent with our health and safety protocols. We have made sure that this is a continuing effort because what matters to us is that our passengers can go on with their sailcations to their desired destinations in a safe and enjoyable manner. It has always been our goal for passengers to have a memorable experience onboard," Cruz added. 

Companies and groups can also arrange fun team building before festivals on 2GO vessels, particularly on MV 2GO Masagana and MV 2GO Maligaya. The two ships serve as unique and enjoyable MICE venues with facilities that can accommodate gatherings with exclusive use of the meeting rooms with audio and video set-up and live entertainment during evening functions.

Friday, July 22, 2022

On This Road Called Life... like a bicycle. Whether the road is smooth or bumpy, the ride goes on.. Have a great day!

image: ccto

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Cebu Pacific Boosts Vis-Min Connections

Launches exclusive seat sale

Good News to all CDO flyers! There are now more ways for Kagay-anons to travel as the Philippines' leading airline, Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB) now operates 88% of its pre-pandemic systemwide network. Apart from boosting its international network, CEB now puts focus on boosting its hubs outside Metro Manila.

With the continuous easing of travel restrictions in and out of the Philippines, the airline is boosting connections in its Visayas-Mindanao hub.

At present, CEB operates an average of 340 flights a day across its widest domestic network spanning 34 destinations; and international network covering 18 destinations.

“We remain confident in our strong recovery despite some headwinds. We see more people willing to travel now and our flight resumptions are our response to this growing demand,” says Cebu Pacific Corporate Communications director Carmina Romero.

To spur even more travelers to fly, CEB is rolling out a special seat sale for the Vis-Min hub. With a base fare of just Php188 per way, Kagay-anons can travel directly to their favorite destinations such as Cebu and Manila; or go to known beach destinations like Bohol, Boracay, or Coron via the Cebu hub. Seats will be on sale beginning tomorrow, July 21, 2022, all the way up to July 27, 2022. Travel period is from September 1, 2022 until January 31, 2023.

"We encourage the traveling public to take advantage of our trademark seat sales as we know these provide great value to our passengers. We remain committed to keep fares low so we may also keep enabling everyJuan to fly," added Romero.

CEB has achieved a 7-star safety rating from for its COVID-19 compliance. It continues to implement a multi-layered approach to safety, while it operates with a 100% fully vaccinated crew, 95% of whom have been boosted – all to ensure every Juan flies safely and conveniently on Cebu Pacific. For more information, visit

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Off To See the Relatives

Just got home from a family get-together. It's been a long time I have not been to this place and wear something semi-formal. Glad to see and talk some of the relatives I have not seen for a long time. They're actually from my hubby's side but I cannot forget those times they welcomed me in their place when I visited them in the US years ago. Anyways, I hope everything is good at your end with your family on this beautiful weekend.


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Confidently Beautiful With Your Curves

All of us are born unique and beautiful in our way, but there are always things we are not content with, along with physical changes that we have to deal with due to some circumstances. I belong to a circle of friends already in their thirties and forties, most of which are mothers who raise children with extra six feet of attitude and a penchant for stressing them out. And during the rare times that we do find time to see each other, it is inevitable that there would at least be one joke poked at how much our bodies have changed, and while it is a cause for camaraderie, it’s not exactly the kind of confidence boost one would go for. However, one can easily access the best shapewear for women which aids in improving posture and promoting proper circulation throughout the body. It also provides bustline support and a confidence boost, especially for mothers who have just given birth, since it aids with postpartum care.
But that does not mean shapewear is just a mere “one-size-fits-all.” Thanks to its elastic nature, body-sculpting shapewear caters to women of all body shapes, cuts, and sizes, from those who are willow-slim to those with generous plus-size curves. For those who belong to the latter, it may not suddenly grant you the ability to go down a size and zip yourself into a smaller dress overnight. Still, it gives the added benefit of embracing those curves and enhancing a full figure. If you are planning to purchase online or at local store, try getting plus size body shaper where it gives more versatility in your daily outfits or evening dresses. And for those women who finds visible aging a big threat, have no fear, as this body shaper aids in hiding sloped spines and sagging bossom yet only retains your best look.
Bodyshapers also come in a variety of styles, and they include that of the thong shapewear bodysuits. These bodyshapers not only add an alluring flair, but they also blend in seamlessly under your clothes, without any evidence of prominent panty lines embossed through the cloth. They also go with any body type and aid in smoothing out desired lines throughout every inch of your upper body, especially that of the midline section, as well helps the skin breathe especially in the lower extremities. This shapewear brings in the fun of the best of both worlds: retaining your natural form without any drastic changes, at the same time giving a unique form best suited for you.