Sunday, July 26, 2020

Level Up Your Drive With The New Toyota

On July 25, 2020, leading car manufacturer Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has officially unveiled the 2020 update of its best-selling, locally made passenger car – the Toyota Vios.

The New Vios – with its improved modern design debuted by the global mobility company in the Philippines – comes at the forefront of TMP’s drive to lead the resurgence of the local auto industry by responding to the Filipinos’ need for quality, efficient, and safe mode of transportation.

Introduced in an online launch program witnessed by thousands of viewers nationwide, the New Vios is expected to continue its streak as the Philippines top-selling car – a record it has been holding for more than a decade now.

“You can count on TMP to stay true to our promise of making the world’s best Vios, and in the process, helping the economy, and providing livelihood to thousands of Filipino families” said TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto during his remarks, pertaining to the local production of the Vios in TMP’s Santa Rosa, Laguna manufacturing plant.

“With the New Vios, we have once again reinvented the Filipino’s most preferred car. With its upgraded design and new features, we can truly expect the New Vios to LEVEL UP YOUR DRIVE!” he added.

The Vios has been the quintessential road companion of Filipinos, moving families and enabling businesses for 17 years now. Now made even better to adapt to the new mobility landscape, the New Vios moves forward, providing reliability, durability, and affordability it is known for since its debut in the Philippine market in 2003.

The New Vios lineup boasts improvements on its looks and features across 9 available variants – G CVT and M/T, E CVT and M/T, XLE CVT and M/T, XE CVT, and J and J Base in M/T.

Levelled-Up Look and Features

The New Vios gets an eye-catching upgrade on its exterior with the glossy black front grille, further accentuated by the 3-tier LED headlights and daytime running lights for G variants. G, E and XLE variants also get LED foglamps. G variants have 16” alloy wheels and LED rear combination lamps with line guide for a sleek and sporty look from the front, to the side, and the back.

From getting in the car and to the destination, the New Vios makes the drive experience fun and convenient. Access is quick and easy with the smart entry feature and push start button for G variants. Get more control as you drive with the paddle shifters and available drive modes (Eco Mode and Sport Mode) for the G CVT variant.

Ensuring that each trip is safe, the New Vios gives the driver and passengers peace of mind as all variants come with SRS airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Distribution + Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control and Hill-Start Assist Control. Back camera is available from G variants, and customers may choose from 3 or 7 SRS airbags for certain variants.

The 2020 model features a low and wide stance, sporting a refreshed look while maintaining its reasonable price point. The New Vios will be available at Toyota dealerships nationwide from July 27, 2020. Customers may also inquire and request quotation online through the virtual showroom accessible anytime anywhere via

The Vios Advantage

With all the improvements in features, technologies, and overall driving and riding experience, the New Vios remains to be a practical and smart choice for individuals looking for a reliable daily driver that’s easy to own, use, and maintain, or business owners looking to invest in long-lasting vehicles suited for local conditions.

The SRPs for the New Vios variants that are covered by TMP’s nationwide One Price Policy are as follows:






White Pearl


Super Red V
Grayish Blue Mica Metallic
Alumina Jade Metallic



White Pearl


Super Red V
Grayish Blue Mica Metallic
Alumina Jade Metallic



Red Mica Metallic
Blackish Red Mica
Grayish Blue Metallic
Alumina Jade Metallic









Freedom White

Red Mica Metallic
Alumina Jade Metallic



J MT (7AB)




Base MT (7AB)


Freedom White

Base MT


Carrying the core Toyota benefits that customers get from their Toyota vehicles, the New Vios comes with offers that provide great value and make ownership more fulfilling.

Buyers of the New Vios can enjoy free periodic maintenance package up to 20,000 KMs, 5-year warranty, and one year comprehensive insurance. Loyal customers may also take advantage of trade-in discounts, while both current car owners and first time buyers can choose from flexible financing deals.

The New Vios will also be made available through the recently introduced car-leasing program, Kinto One.

The Vios Legacy

The Vios has established its position as the #1 passenger car in the Philippines with almost 320,000 units sold across 3 generations of the model. In 2019, the Vios ended the year with a 38.6% market share in its segment.

A well-loved and trusted nameplate, the Vios has exhibited unmatched dependability and versatility. Aside from being a ubiquitous fixture on Philippine roads, the Vios has also displayed its power, sturdiness, and sportiness through the long-running Vios One-Make-Race series – the Vios Racing Festival which is set to return in 2021.

“Under the CARS Program of the government, the Vios is our flagship. It helps support almost 55,000 lives throughout the Toyota network, 71 dealers, 56 local suppliers and countless other business and trade partners.” Chairman Alfred Ty expressed in a statement “Our Toyota Vios is a symbol of the best of Japanese technology and Filipino craftsmanship. In my mind, our Vios has become the national car of the Philippines. Atin ito. Gawa ng Filipino para sa Filipino. Proudly made in the Philippines, BY Filipinos, FOR Filipinos.” he concluded.

With all the jobs generated and local investments made, the Vios is a symbol that Toyota will always do its best to drive the economy forward.

For more information on the New Vios, visit TMP’s official website at and follow the official social media accounts and online communities at ToyotaMotorPhilippines (Facebook and Instagram), @ToyotaMotorPH (Twitter), and Toyota PH (Viber).

Friday, May 15, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day at home. I was thinking of visiting my mom's place but since I live around 4.8km away from her, I decided not to push thru with my plan despite my brothers' request to visit and to celebrate with mom and my brothers' families. I would really love to go there but I have to follow the quarantine protocol issued by our local government. I don't want to jeopardize everyone's health, too. So, I have to be patient and wait for the right time for my family and I to go out once again. But the truth is, I so wanted to go there. I really do. But if I go there, I must go there alone and leave the kids behind. However, I don't think my kids would like that especially my little one who loves to socialize but told her not this time.

Anyways, we celebrated Mother's day at home just the four of us. Despite that, we have plenty of foods. They're actually from my mom's because coz my brothers ordered lechon and prepared other foods. My brothers, by the way, live just beside my mom's house. They live in a compound so imagine why I so wanted to go there - coz I'm the only one who lives on the other side of the city. Since I cannot go there, in the end, my husband drove all the way to my mom's place just to get the foods :D

If you're wondering why I wasn't the one who went at my mom's place, it was because I was not  feeling well lately, thus the delay of this post. I've been having tension headache and insomnia for the past weeks. Probably the effects of staying at home for 2 months. I was just glad I was still able to celebrate with my loved ones with a smile on my face...

Globe Offers up to 6 Months Installment Payment for Postpaid Customers

As Filipinos continue to face the challenges brought on by the community quarantine, Globe is offering its postpaid customers a flexible way to settle their outstanding balances through an installment payment program. All Globe Mobile Postpaid and Globe At Home customers, including business and enterprise customers, are eligible to avail of this program starting May 15, 2020. 

Under this program, customers need not worry about staying connected as they can settle their Globe bills in installment terms of up to 6 months. Customers may enroll online between May 15 to June 15. Business customers may also get in touch with Globe account managers for enrollment and other details. 

“We understand that many of our customers are worried about their finances due to the community quarantine. We are offering our installment payment options in the hope that it will help ease their expenses and allow them to expand their budget for essentials,” said Ernest Cu, President and CEO at Globe. 

Customers may also view and opt to settle their bills inside the safety and security of their homes through Globe’s customer service apps -- GlobeOne and Globe At Home. GCash is also another available alternative for settling bills anytime and anywhere. For business customers, they may also use bank online payment and wire transfer services. 

To register and learn more about the Installment Payment Program and other important bill and payment information, customers can access the Globe website

Friday, March 6, 2020

Big Bite 2020: The Amazing Catch of Northern Mindanao

Big Bite Northern Mindanao is here once again! The food galore started on March 5 and will end on March 8, 2020 at the Ayala Centrio Mall. So many exciting events will take place as 71 food concessionaires joined the festival plus some famous chefs/celebrities are this year's guests.

The activity formally commenced on March 5, 2020 at 11:00 am held at the Ayala Activity center attended by the local VIPs from the City Tourism and Ayala mall, and some people from the media and blogging world  were also there to witness the launching of the said festival. 
The longest Seafood Boodle fight was then prepared by the HRM students from Liceo de Cagayan University. Everybody had a sumptuous meal and left fully sated :-)

On March 6, 2020, some people from the Blogging and Media outlet were invited for a food sampling prepared by some 20+ concessionaires. Below are the pictures of the different foods presented by the different establishments:


Foods were from: Nanay Choleng's Muron, Cassava cake from Butter and Oven, Halo-halo from Fullhouse, Wow Tawook from Marmar Basha, Crabs in Palapa sauce from Happy Crabs Seafood, Sikwate combo from Trableya ni Mommy Sha, Strawberry Jam & fresh strawberry from Tony's, Salt and Pepper Shrimp/Butterfly squid from Shrimpips, On the Bayou Jambalaya by Jambalaya seafoods, Calaamansi Cheesecake from Omgiee!, Puto from Raypon's, Ensaymada 3 flavors from Grateful Baker, Chicken wings by M's Grill, Chocolate Chip cookies from the Pink Box by Tring Sarnaga, Milk Tea from Kenko Naicha Milk Tea, Spinach & Artichoke bread bowl by Apple's Kitchen, Cheese baby back ribs by The Happy Pig, Seafood Empanaditas by Gat's Garden Natural Products, Tofu mushroom wrap from the Echo Store CDo, Baby Octopus from Mr. Tako and Fish Turmeringa from Josephine's De Lite.

These foods were oh-so-delectable that I would really recommend them for you to try, eat and buy. I was also amazed of how they set-up their presentation, obviously it was done with so much passion and love for the food that they are offering or selling :)

As I've mentioned, the event will end on March 8, so you still have time to visit and have a big bite offered by the talented chefs and local restos in Northern Mindanao. Kita-kits! 

So, here's me grinning from ear to ear. Thank you Ayala Centrio mall for always having us and most especially to all the participants in this 4-day activity 💓

Monday, March 2, 2020

A Mom's Tale...

It's finally March 2020 and I can't wait for my children's classes to be over soon. 4 more weeks and they're done. I am so overly-stressed already especially with my youngest child, with all her lessons, projects, long tests and exams plus her therapies every week.

My child tried her best but she is different and teachers often cannot understand her and often don't know what to do with her. She understands their lessons, in fact, she answers all the practice tests I gave her at home. It's just that when she's at school, perhaps she understands things differently. And it makes me sad the mere fact that I know that she knows, I guess because of different environment and of how my daughter copes stress at school that would result to a different outcome on her test papers or whatever that is required of her to perform.

Sometimes, I am the one who gets so anxious that my stress level cannot be measured. Tensions just kept on rising up. These are the things people don't know what the parents with special needs kids were doing. They just judge and conclude things not even thinking on what we went thru and the things we do for our kids. Just like others, we're here to provide them with our love, care and understanding and to give them the education that they deserved.

Last weekend, I reviewed Math with my child not knowing that they really have a test  today, Monday. She did well in her review but I did not follow up last night thinking they don't  have a test today. My heart sank when I saw her classmate's notebook that they really have a written output today, on a Monday. DepEd declared not to give students tests/exams on a Monday but oh, well, it's not applicable to thtem... my bad also for not following it up 🙄 I could only pray that she did well on her test. I pray that she passed, that's all I care right now.  I don't need a perfect score but I want her to pass the tests she took today and the other week also.

Anyway, these are just few of the things that I worry because there are other things,  too. So right now all I can think of is for their school to be over, to give myself a break and to ease up my tensions. I should not stress over these but can't help it especially if you're after of your child's welfare. Just writing this here to release my frustrations and stress even though I know it won't give me much relief. I just want to let it go and hoping against hope that everything will turn out fine...

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Promenade on February

Promenade is usually held every February in our country and it made me reminisce on my eldest daughter's prom last year and the other year. Although I am glad she's done with all of it coz she is now in Senior High, I'm still in awe looking at her pictures being  dolled up and  all.

So, I'm gonna post again her pictures taken during her prom for the past two years. Below was Prom 2018. Their theme was Vintage Hollywood. She wore a black dress with silver shoes and had her hair  curled.
Pic below was Prom 2019. Their theme  was Vogue - A Spectacle of Iconic looks. She wore a red serpentina (or mermaid) dress that perfectly fits her!
To all having Proms this month, enjoy being dressed up and have fun! Parents, just stay close, lol.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Planning the Perfect Party or Event

Event planning is widely considered to be a fun industry involving lots of glamorous parties and good times. While this may make it seem like anyone can be an event planner, the truth is that when you’re ready to host a stellar event, you really should consider relying on a professional. There is a lot of work to getting it right, and that expertise can prove invaluable.
When searching for party planning companies, be sure to consider what those companies specialize in. Some may focus on weddings, for example, whereas others may primarily offer kids’ parties with carnival games for rent New Jersey. Decide what type of party or event you want to host, then start searching for that specialty. There are undoubtedly going to be numerous options.


Budgeting is one area that can quickly spin out of control if you’re not careful. To pull off a truly exceptional party, professional party planning companies NY may indeed charge a premium. In the context of party planning, you really do get what you pay for, so allow for a better, bigger budget than you may have originally had in mind.


True professionals can work quickly to pull off a great party, but do you really want that stress of having tight deadlines for theme, catering, décor, staff, etc.? Start the planning a few months in advance in order to have time to successfully execute your vision and have wiggle room to deal with the inevitable predicament.


You’ve found the perfect planner, developed and implemented a realistic budget, and formulated an amazing vision. Ideally, at this point, you can sit back and relax while the professionals get to work. You will be needed to approve expenditures, decide on décor, catering and other considerations. This should be the fun part for you – bringing your vision to life.
Once the party planning has resulted in a stellar event, the only thing left for you to do is to play the role of gracious host. Enjoy your perfect party.

One Fine Wednesday with Cousin

Glad I got the chance to see my cousin, after so many years, last Wednesday even for a short while. Actually, she's my cousin-in-law but it seems we are more like cousins than her cousin, hehe..

I've known her during the late 90's, before I was married to her cousin (now my hubby). I remembered she just came from the US and stayed at her late grandma's place during her short vacation with her family. My then bf wanted me to meet his balikbayan cousins, especially Bem2x.

We had a short introduction at their garden. I felt so awkward, maybe because she's older than me or I was just an introvert kind of person. But I can sense my then-bf was close to his cousin. We had a nice chat and I think she tried to make me comfortable☺

Years later, we met again, but it was in the US. I was already married to her cousin and Bem had a handsome baby boy. She was so warm and it seemed we were long-lost cousins coz we never stopped chatting. I never even noticed we reached the beach while strolling with her baby.
Bem and moi with baby Matty in NY, year 2002
There was not social media yet in the early 2000's so we often corresponded thru emails. Bem soon came home to the Philippines with her kids in tow and it seems nothing has changed, except for our growing families. Soon, Facebook and Instagram was created so it was easier for us to communicate.

She's in the country right now for a short vacation and she's still the same - cheerful, frank, warm, and what I liked best - she listens when I talk. Although we only spent a very short time together, I was just too glad she found time to see me 💓

Top Reasons to Choose a Midwife Over an Obstetrician

Having a baby is an exciting time for new moms. However, there is a lot of care you and the baby need during this time. While the most obvious choice for your prenatal care may be an obstetrician, there are many reasons to choose a midwife.

Longer Visits

Choosing a midwife San Antonio moms can expect longer visits. You have an opportunity to really get to know the person caring for you during this time. You don’t have to worry about leaving the appointment with unanswered questions because the doctor rushes to see the next patient. The midwife spends quality time with you to help calm your fears and increase your understanding.

Location Options

The vast majority of doctors only want to deliver in a hospital. This limits the locations you can give birth to your baby and the manner in which you labor. A midwife may work in a hospital, birth center or even your home. This gives you multiple options to choose from, allowing you to find the one that works best for you.

Natural Birth

If having an intervention scares you, a midwife may offer a better chance of having a natural birth. They can help you avoid medications during delivery by offering other coping mechanisms. They avoid intervening unless absolutely necessary. Unlike most doctors, a midwife is more likely to be there throughout the labor, helping and guiding you.

Style Preference

Some moms simply like the style of midwife care over that of an obstetrician. You have a higher chance of having the pregnancy and birth you want with their diligent care. They work with you rather than dictating the best things for you.

Low-Risk Mom

A midwife is not the best choice for every mom. Women with low-risk pregnancies can benefit from the care they provide. The midwife helps you stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. You must choose the right practitioner for your pregnancy and health.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Why I Value My Privacy

Been keeping my silence about personal matters for months and so far, I was at peace until someone broke it for me. A lot has been going on for the past year but I tried to let go and move on. Only a handful of people knew what's going on with my/our life and we also kindly asked them to keep everything private as this was very personal and it doesn't concern others.

It would have been smooth until someone broke that trust. It would have been okay if that someone didn't cross the line. However, when asked why our personal problem was broadcasted, instead of fixing it, the outcome turned out worst. We asked someone to please stop talking  to others. Instead, this someone was mad at everyone, called people who are not even involved, told them to mind their own business where in the first place, this someone was the one who started talking about our problems.

It was horrible for me to find out that our personal problem at home could possibly cause another World War III. I was appalled. I was angry. I so wanted to punch something. Instead I kept quiet... for a day... for days... for weeks. And this someone probably thought I knew nothing about it. Just like before, this person thought I was callous, ignorant and stupid. Yeah, maybe I let you believe I was those things but you don't know how close I was to  really cancel you. Thankfully, I'm not like you.

So think about what you have done. Think about the consequences of your actions. You have even hurt others. When will you ever learn?

I chose silence so that when everything cools down, it's easy to fix things. But about what you did, you just burned bridges with other people. You do things your way but did it give you peace? 

This is the reason why I value discretion and privacy especially where my life at home is concern. I don't even talk about your life unless you started provoking me. I don't share to others what you went thru and I don't share, most of all, the things you tell me about other people especially if it's too personal because I know it's none of my business and I am not nosy like you.