Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Last Prenatal Checkup

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Since I was not able to see my OB-Gyne last week, I had my prenatal checkup today. My father-in-law drove me to the hospital and as usual, my daughter Chloe tagged along with me. My daughter was always present in my entire checkup and I'm also happy that my doctor tried her best to answer my daughter's questions. It seemed that today is my last prenatal checkup with her and we will see each other on July 12, my schedule for CS. I'm glad that my cough and cold subsided but I was warned still not to drink anything cold (darn! - can't take that) so that I won't be coughing or get sick during my operation. The baby's heartbeat was good and the gender of the baby was still the same - a girl :D. The baby's position was cephalic but lies oblique that's why I find the baby heavier on my left side than on my right.

I was already given an order or admission slip, and I was asked thoroughly this time about my previous experience with CS. They will be the one to notify my pediatrician, too, so I think all is set now. I'll just wait for another week and I'll finally get to see our new addition to our family. Chloe is very excited to see her baby sibling, too. She's been choosing names for her sister and we highly considered it. My husband and I both knew that we should give attention to our eldest daughter considering that she's been an only child for almost 7 years! We expected that she will somehow regress when she sees her baby sibling but we want her to feel that she is still loved and cared by us even when the baby comes out. I know this is quite a big challenge on my part, to be able to provide equal attention to both my kids. But as long as I'll show them how much they mean to me and how important they are, I guess everything will be alright.

Chloe will turn 7 comes July 18 and I was asked if I want the baby to be born on that day but I declined. I thought about their feelings in the future. I want them to enjoy their own day and to celebrate it in a special way. Some may say it's costly in celebrating 2 birthdays in a week but who said I will celebrate it that way? I can still have a joint celebration for them (if I'm saving :D) but what is important is that I have their birth dates separated. As I've said, I want them to enjoy their day :D

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