Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Zoe Ysabella!

Hello everyone! Let me share with you the good news. I already gave birth last July 12, 2010 via cesarean section to a healthy baby girl. I checked in @ 7 am on that day at the hospital and was at the operating table at 2 pm. Baby was out at 2:53 pm. My husband was my only watcher but relatives dropped by to visit and also my little girl Chloe. I stayed at the hospital for only 2 days. We discharged on a Wednesday afternoon.

Ok, about the baby's details, we named her Zoe Ysabella. Zoe means Life. Ysabella (Isabella, initially), which means my God is a vow, was chosen by Chloe. She weighed about 6 lbs and 9 oz. I decided to have C/S operation because I had a terrible labor during my first pregnancy. Besides, I had placenta previa on my 5th to 7th month of pregnancy. Anyway, I'm better these days compared before. Below are the pictures of our new bundle of joy.

L: Zoe Ysabella; R: having her cord care

L: with mommy Cookie; R: with Daddy Glenn

More stories of birth and labor at Chat Time with Mommy Cookie and My Girl :-)


Mummy Gwen said...

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Zoe is so beautiful just like Mommy and Chloe. Take care and rest well Cookie ganda!

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UMMA said...

Finally, I have the chance to see Zoe Ysabella.. waaahhhh.. I love the name :). She is so adorable, I'm a little bit jealous :( hahaha bec all this time I wanted to have a baby girl.

I applaud you for being brave Mommy Cooks, for sure God has plans for you, though you were not able to fulfill some dreams yet HE gave you this precious gift to cherish and love.

BTW, pls send me an email, confirming your new address. I know you've sent it to me last time but I want to make sure it's precise.

Congrats Mommy Cooks...and welcome to the world Zoe...weeehhh!

Umma said...

Mummy Cooks.. I dont know why i cant post my comments in your new blog..the mommy blog..waah

me said...

wow..cute little girl..congratulations Mommy Cookie...i am sure you thrilled to see your new bundle of joy..I bet Chloe is as happy as you are..sana ako na sunod..waaahhh..wishful thinking..

Cecile said...

Cookie dear, congrats with the new addition to your family :-)

Zoe is so adorable :-)

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Newlyweds said...

yey! Congratulations! : )