Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Job Hunting

I am currently a full-time mom to my 2 kids but I plan to go back to work when they're both a little bit older. I am a Registered Nurse and looking for a job online sometimes help. I am browsing in one site and they required me to submit my medical resume. If you're also of health profession, you can visit their site and search for a right job they posted that fits you, too!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow's the 24th day of December and we will be spending our Christmas eve at my mom's house. It's always our tradition to dine at her place and wait for the clock to strike at 12 midnight. Chloe's been looking forward on this, too. She can't wait to open her gifts. But I told her we'll not buy anything expensive this time because there are 2 of them that we need to buy gifts... Or she can have what she wish but as long as it is within budget, we'll get it, hehe.

How's your Christmas? Anything for me? hehe. Kidding aside, my family and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year, too!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Something Fishy

Are your menus for Christmas Eve ready? I definitely go for fish and some pastries. However, preparation takes a lot of time especially if you don't have the right equipment and ingredients. I thought of a relative who owns a spyderco spyderhawk knife. In just a few seconds, he was finished preparing the fish and he grilled it right away. Perhaps I'll borrow it from him just for 1 day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh No!

My daughter Chloe's 3rd quarter exam ended yesterday and now they are busy preparing for their Christmas program comes Thursday (for all grade one pupils) and Friday (their own section only). I've read the schedule last week for their practices and I didn't bother reading it again yesterday. All I remember was that one of their practices will be held in the afternoon and not in the morning. I still woke up very early today but only cook the food when the clock strikes 7 am. Chloe woke up and we just had our conversation about what she was about to do during Christmas break. As Chloe relied so much on me, she just followed what I was saying. I never even boiled hot water for her to use it for bathing (we don't have hot & cold shower - besides, she doesn't like shower, she preferred the faucet and use a pail and a dipper).

We had breakfast at 7:45 am then we went back to our bedroom. Chloe sat on the bed then asked me how will she get to school? I told her that her dad will drive her to school before 1 pm and she will ride the carpool in going home. Again, she blurted out "How will I get to school today?!" Suddenly, it occurred to me that I might be mistaken in reading her schedule so, I dash out of the room and look for the sked that I put just right outside our bedroom. There, it was written that for today's schedule, they will have a practice from 8:00 am - 10:30 am at school and our clock said it was 8:00 AM!

I was running back and forth and told Chloe to change right away. She wanted to wash but I told her she had no more time and all she had to do was brush her teeth, change her clothes and underwear and off she go, hehe. She protested but looking at the clock ticking, she had no choice. I told her not to mention to her classmates and teachers that she was not able to take a bath, haha :)) She will just wash later when she arrives home.

Okay, I really blamed myself for this. It was my fault that I didn't double check the schedule. And I was surprised with myself how forgetful I was these days. I hope I don't have an early Alzheimer disease (God forbid!). I used to be very careful in knowing all activities of my kid but dunno what's up with me these days.

Thankfully my husband was still around so he was able to drive Chloe to school. I think Chloe got there right on time coz her school's time is quite different from ours (which is advance) but my husband turned out late for work, hehe.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smart Phone

My cellphone was bought almost 4 years ago as a gift and I haven't changed it. But someway, somehow, it made me think of getting a new one. I saw a phone online that offers great features. I think the latest version of htc desire 2.2 is great and it has everything I need. Perhaps I'll ask my husband to buy me one of this as his Christmas gift to me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Modus Operandi

I usually set my cellphone's alarm clock at 5 in the morning to prepare breakfast for my family and help Chloe prepare her things prior in going to school. My phone is always on 24/7 in case of emergency or whatever. But this morning, I don’t need an alarm because my daughter’s school declared today a holiday. Yet I woke up very early this morning because of a text message. It was still 4:30 am and I thought it came from my daughter's school or perhaps, an emergency message from members of my family... But only to read a message coming from a certain Atty. Miguel B. Varela informing me that my sim# had won 2nd prize with the amount of P950,000 from VP Jojomar Binay's fund. And I was told to call this certain Attorney right away. Am I really that stupid?!! I was so angry because my sleep was disturbed from this idiot. Most of the time, I ignored these messages. But this morning, I just texted back this idiot that what an ***hole he was and that I've traced his location and the police were on their way to get him.

You see, these people are trying to bribe others who are stupid enough to believe these messages. And this kind of modus operandi is so ancient that those who believe right away are what?---still stupid. Sorry I've said a lot of stupid words here as I just mad for that person for waking me up at the wee hour in the morning. I hope karma gets him...

Great Help!

Have you experienced looking for things that you can hardly find? Do you get tired looking for it? Because I do. Sometimes, I asked my kid to help me search for a certain thing. I hate it when a valuable item is misplaced but it's hard to search for it because it is tiny. But I saw one site online that they have metal detectors on sale. I might purchase from them so that I won't have trouble looking for my items.

Fantastic Shirts

I bet some of you are avid supporters of a certain game. You have a team that you prefer and sometimes, even bet on them. Some players are so popular that you wanted to wear something that will show your support to that person. Others decided to wear some nfl t shirts that has a printed name of the team as their way of support. You can search for this shirts on the net and even buy this online!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Comfort Zone

We are currently scouting for a nice and comfortable bed. We need one more queen size bed so that all four of us will fit and sleep together in one room. It was so timely that there's a mattress sale that can be bought online because they have the kind of brand that we are looking for. We find it a must to purchase a bed that gives us comfort when sleeping.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Live, Love, Blog

Hello peeps! If you have time, please do visit my wordpress blog: Live, Love, Blog. Just click the picture below and it will lead you there.

Anything that is written in this blog is based solely in my opinion. It also talks about health, entertainment, movie and book reviews. Yeah, this is one of the reasons that kept me busy blogging, hehe. See you there! ;-)

Wake Me Up!

While I am waiting for my daughter to arrive home from school, I am in front of my laptop blogging. I am trying to relax after doing my household chores this morning. Our house help pissed me off. Gosh, I can't seem to find a good one these days. My current househelp is in her 40's and she was a neighbor of my husband's family. They've known her for many years and everytime she asked for help, they would readily give. She worked with me as stay out for quite several years, too, only she's not regular. She's only here when requested even though many times, I objected. Now, it's too much for me to bear. I've been kind to her, even giving all her demands. She came in 11:30 in the morning instead of 10am. Sometimes, she arrived around 12noon or 2pm and went home on or before 4 pm. I guess that's too much. Her pay is even higher than my previous helpers. And most of the time, she's absent just like today, yesterday and several weeks ago. If she's reprimanded by my inlaws, she got angry and backbite them and always thought that she was right. Most often, I just gritted my teeth to avoid trouble. But plenty of times I wanna slam her with so many words that she might evaporate hearing it, but I kept my patience...I think I've stretched it too much I might go crazy like her. As of today, all I know is I don't want to see her face. She's no help actually coz I still have to followup her work when she finished it. She's such a lazy cow that even my child's uniform is still dirty after she washed them. Our bedrooms are still full of dusts after she cleaned them... or did she really clean them? I thought old people are better than younger ones but they're still the same. I guess it's a matter of attitude. I'm even pressured every afternoon of what to give her for snacks. And now, this is what I get from being so nice to her. I guess I deserved a slap in the face to wake my stupid self up!