Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Modus Operandi

I usually set my cellphone's alarm clock at 5 in the morning to prepare breakfast for my family and help Chloe prepare her things prior in going to school. My phone is always on 24/7 in case of emergency or whatever. But this morning, I don’t need an alarm because my daughter’s school declared today a holiday. Yet I woke up very early this morning because of a text message. It was still 4:30 am and I thought it came from my daughter's school or perhaps, an emergency message from members of my family... But only to read a message coming from a certain Atty. Miguel B. Varela informing me that my sim# had won 2nd prize with the amount of P950,000 from VP Jojomar Binay's fund. And I was told to call this certain Attorney right away. Am I really that stupid?!! I was so angry because my sleep was disturbed from this idiot. Most of the time, I ignored these messages. But this morning, I just texted back this idiot that what an ***hole he was and that I've traced his location and the police were on their way to get him.

You see, these people are trying to bribe others who are stupid enough to believe these messages. And this kind of modus operandi is so ancient that those who believe right away are what?---still stupid. Sorry I've said a lot of stupid words here as I just mad for that person for waking me up at the wee hour in the morning. I hope karma gets him...

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A said...

I always get these types of messages too. I doubt if there is really someone naive enough to believe these type of message. It is annoying! I know how it feels to be woken up in the wee hours of the morning for something so stupid!

Anyway, I hope you and your family are doing great! :)

Have a great week! :)