Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cheap Insurance

Every year, we always renew the insurance for our car. And just this morning, I reminded my husband to call that company with cheap car insurance. He said he already did and the company gave him the quotation. We were a client of this company for more than 8 years and so far, we liked the services that they offered. We also knew the importance of insuring our car because it provides protection should anything bad will happen to our vehicle.

Need To Rest...

Chloe was sick the other week and last week, it was my turn to feel ill. I got cough and cold and had a throbbing headache. It's been 2 weeks that I was not able to go out to relax and unwind, I even missed to shop some items during mall sale :-) But I know that health is more important. I definitely cannot concentrate buying things while I am not well. Yesterday, it was a holiday and we planned to go out in late afternoon. However, I fell asleep after our visitors went home, and I dozed off for a couple of hours. Apparently, I don't still feel well and I was only too glad that we didn't go out for I won't be recharged. I still have cold today but at least I felt better. I know there are still plenty of weekends to look forward to but I'll just have to cross my fingers that no one gets sick this time.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Hair Care

Got any problem with your hair? Perhaps you're experiencing thinning of your hair or worst, premature balding. Some of you thought that this might be due to stress or perhaps, hereditary. But if you're so concern about this, try to click here because they offer what's best for your hair. You can see the best shampoo or treatment and maybe you'll find the best solution to your hair fall problem.

My Sensitive Skin

My skin is very sensitive and worst, part of my skin is oily and some parts are dry. I dislike it when I started to feel my skin in my upper chin is starting to crack. That's why until now, I still have a hard time looking for face moisturizers that suits my type of skin. I found one good product at the net but I hope this time it will work.

Derma Care

I received a call from my friend asking me if I'll go with her one of these days. She's planning to see a dermatologist to have her skin checked. She's quite vain, actually, but she doesn't want to suffer the same dilemma before that she was so desperate looking for treatment for acne until she finally met the right doctor for her. But since I cannot go with her, I promised her that I'll go with her sometime to have my skin checked, too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chloe's Progress

Last Friday, I went to Chloe's school for the Parent-Teacher Conference. Actually, it was just getting my daughter's report card and talk to the teacher if there was a certain aspect that my daughter needs to improve. Gladly, my daughter maintained her grades and I was told that her interpersonal relationship with her classmates improved. I know my daughter is smart (sorry if I sound like a braggart, haha) but I'm also concern of how she's coping her new school, her classmates, teachers and others and all I can say this time is that she's doing fine.
Chloe's report card. She got straight As in all her subjects for the 2nd Quarter.
1 A- is her Relationship with others but that's already very fine with me =)

As for her studies, I'm always proud of her achievements, her scores on her quizzes or quarter exams. However, I think she needs to work on her study habit coz she's a little bit lazy, hehe. I don't asked her to study if she has no quizzes or major exams and I don't mind her playing or sketching on her drawing board/paper if she has no assignments. But I do quite 'nag' her to study if there's a quiz, assignment, exams on certain days. If not, she won't bother at all. Sometimes, she just relied on her memory but I don't like that way, hehe.. Anyways, if there's no class, I let her be. I don't even want to enroll her in other tutorial class coz I don't want her to feel overloaded. I want her to enjoy her life. So, during weekends, she's free to use the computer, draw until she consumed all the paper and get tired, read whatever books she likes or play with her toys. But usually, every Saturday, Chloe and I go malling. I need to unwind, too, and it's our way of having a quality time together.

This is Chloe's latest pic. My little girl has grown up.
She looks quite different now especially with her 2 missing teeth =B

Zoe At 4 months

My baby Zoe turned 4 months last November 12 and boy she's getting heavier! I've been following doctor's order to reduce the scoop of her milk during nighttime coz she's way above her ideal weight. I hope she won't get that fat but I don't want her to look thin, too. Some times, she's such a good girl and it's easy for me to put her down to sleep. But there were times that she's so cranky that my shoulder ached after carrying her for several times for several minutes. Sometimes, I thought I might get paralyzed, hehe...kidding, though ;-)

But no matter how tired and messed up I've been after carrying her, my heart would just melt everytime she looked and smiled at me. It's hard to resist her. I really treasure this moment but still, I look forward for her to grow a little bigger where I won't be carrying her that much, hehe. I guess you moms out there understand how I feel :-p
Baby Zoe @ 4 mos with her cake bought by her grandma

Monday, November 15, 2010

There's Always Next Time

I just arrived home. I attended my daughter's activity at school. She was one of the contestants in Math Quiz Bee. She was excited but I was a bit apprehensive...or perhaps worried. I know Chloe is a smart girl and she's good in Math. And she always get flat A's in her report card in this subject. It's just that I know some of the contestants were currently enrolled at Kumon where it specializes Math and Reading...and I'm the only one teaching Chloe who is not so good in math, hehe.

Anyway, the rounds were categorized into Easy, Average and Difficult level. Chloe got perfect score on the easy and average level. However, she got 2 mistakes in difficult level thus disqualifying her on the clincher round level. But having reached the 3rd round was quite good already. I told her not to get discourage and the contest was just for fun. Gladly, she just took it lightly. She smiled to me and we hugged each other and I told her, 'It's Okay'. Well, there's always next time.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ask Your Doctor

I've known a lot of people who are currently on strict diet. Some wanted to maintain their figure but some were really advised to lose weight that generic Phentermine were prescribed by their physician. This is actually a stimulant and that the craving for food is suppressed. Achieving the ideal weight can be readily achieved if combined with exercise and discipline, too!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Princess Chloe Belle

My eldest daughter Chloe loves to wear her princess gowns. When she was 4 years old, her teacher asked her what she wants to be when she grows up and without hesitation, she said she wanted to be a Princess! Wow, who will be the lucky prince? hehe. A few years ago, a good friend of mine asked her to pose for her camera. That time, my friend was just starting her newfound hobby, photography. Now, she has her own studio and very much in demand.
Going back to Chloe, I guess some of my blogger friends saw this picture already but for those who did not, see her picture below:

Last year, Chloe's picture, where she donned her mermaid costume, was published in Disney Princess Magazine. This time again, her picture as Princess Belle is published at the same magazine for their November 2010 issue. If you don't have it yet, please do buy and you can see this picture I posted in here. Chloe was only 5 when she had this photo shoot..Now, she's already 7 years old, hehe. Below is the cover of the magazine for their November issue. If you wish to have your child's picture published in this magazine, just read their instruction and wait for your daughter's picture or drawings or letters to be published.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Play With Me

I used to play badminton when I was a lot younger but soon stopped when we transferred to another place because I had no one to play with. This kind of sport needs to have a partner and I just can't play it by myself. Soon, I was into bowling. It was a better game because I can play it by my lone self if I wanted, too. However, I am not as good as my friends who won several bowling trophies and how I wish I were like them. That hobby soon faded but hopes to do it again, perhaps with my kids when they get a little bit older.

Thank You!

As early as now, I am already buying Christmas cards to send it to my friends and relatives across the globe. I also bought some photo cards so that I can include the pictures of our growing family. Since I had just baptized my baby last October, I bought several thank you cards to thank those people who witnessed my baby's baptism. Most of those people were my baby's godparents and I was so grateful for their presence on that memorable event.

Knock, Knock!

We have three bedrooms in our house but all of us, including our 2 kids, are sleeping at the master's bedroom. The other bedroom is used as our kids' playroom and the other one is a guest room. 2 of these rooms have problems with door knobs. We plan to replace it this weekend and hope we can find a durable one and don't lock by itself like what we currently have now.