Monday, November 15, 2010

There's Always Next Time

I just arrived home. I attended my daughter's activity at school. She was one of the contestants in Math Quiz Bee. She was excited but I was a bit apprehensive...or perhaps worried. I know Chloe is a smart girl and she's good in Math. And she always get flat A's in her report card in this subject. It's just that I know some of the contestants were currently enrolled at Kumon where it specializes Math and Reading...and I'm the only one teaching Chloe who is not so good in math, hehe.

Anyway, the rounds were categorized into Easy, Average and Difficult level. Chloe got perfect score on the easy and average level. However, she got 2 mistakes in difficult level thus disqualifying her on the clincher round level. But having reached the 3rd round was quite good already. I told her not to get discourage and the contest was just for fun. Gladly, she just took it lightly. She smiled to me and we hugged each other and I told her, 'It's Okay'. Well, there's always next time.

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