Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Current Status :-)

The reason why I am a bit lazy in blogging and bloghopping these days is this:

This is my current status right now and I'm on my 4th month already ;) Hope you'll bear with me because I prefer sleeping and reading, hehehe.

Manila Vacation: Day 3 @ Enchanted Kingdom

In our 3rd day in Manila, we thought we'd be able to go to Tagaytay in the morning and perhaps go to Enchanted Kingdom late in the afternoon. But Chloe was getting sick already. She had a cough, cold and her skin was slightly warm even though her temp was just below 37C. We stayed home in the morning but Chloe was too eager to go to Enchanted. Her skin was not warm anymore by noon and she also became restless. My husband and I thought only Chloe will enjoy the rides at enchanted and we would be home in an hour, so, off we went.

We arrived around 1:30 P.M. and boy, it was so hot!! Since we paid for the rides-all-you-can ticket (which was, by the way, expensive), the 3 of us rode the Grand Carousel to avoid the heat of the sun and much to my delight, too. I have always wished to ride the carousel when I was little but it never came true. And it was only granted on this very day, hehe.

(L) Mommy Cookie's first ever pony ride :p; (R) With the cannibals, hehehe

It turned out that we, adults, enjoyed the rides as well, hehe.. We went home after firework displays at 8:00 p.m. and there were plenty of rides that we missed. Guess we should've have been there earlier :p

Chloe & Daddy
Chloe and Daddy tried lots of rides & enjoyed it to the max!

Chloe enjoyed watching the show titled A Story About Mulan. Below, photo op with the older and younger versions of Mulan :D

More video clips shown below. Thank you for taking your time to view ;-)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Roadhouse Delight

My Yummy Sunday entry for this week is still about our Valentine treat. My husband took me and my daughter for lunch at Roadhouse Cafe, SM. We had a sumptuous meal but I forgot to take a picture of our main course :) But when our dessert was served, my little girl simply couldn't take her eyes off the sweet treat. It was called Roadhouse Delight and it was indeed tasty!

Roadhouse Delight

A very happy Chloe

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Manila Vacation: Days 1 & 2

My husband, daughter and I went to Manila last February 5-9, 2010. We decided to have an early vacation this year for several reasons... My daughter, Chloe, was very excited to ride the plane, see her relatives and see the places she wanted to go. When we arrived, we were fetched by my cousin and we had lunch at Mall of Asia. In the afternoon, my cousin drove us to Starcity because Chloe was restless already. Well, let the picture below tell its story:

Day 1

Chloe on the plane; @ Mall of Asia, the 4th largest shopping mall in the world

Chloe wished to go to Snow World. We were here for less than 10 minutes only. Chloe swore never to go back to this place again, hehehe... It was freakin' cold!


The following day, we went to Ocean Park because Chloe wanted to see sea animals. Unfortunately, we were a few minutes late for the mermaid show. In the afternoon, we went to TriNoma Mall to meet another relative. The place was big but very crowded that I don't have the desire to shop anymore. Oh, I just bought a pair of fuschia-pink Havaiana flip-flops then grab a snack...

(L) On our way to Ocean Park; (R) Chloe, with one of her many poses

(L) Chloe and Daddy; (R) Blue-spotted Stingray

(L) Sharks; (R) Me and Chloe

TriNoma, the largest mall in Manila and 2nd largest mall in the world

I'll be posting our Days 3, 4 and 5 in Manila maybe tomorrow or in a few days. Thank you for viewing my blog. Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Valentine Cake

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! I should've posted my entry earlier but was busy doing other things... plus - I overslept this afternoon! hehehe...

Anyway, we took our lunch at Roadhouse, SM and did the grocery afterwards. My husband also bought a cake from Bigby's to serve as our dessert --- at home :D We arrived home past 4pm and I was really tired and drowsy. My daughter and I took an afternoon nap but we woke up instead around 6:45pm! My husband decided to cook dinner for us (I requested, hehe) and ate dinner kinda late.

So my Yummy Sunday entry for this day is about the Valentine's Cake from Bigby's. I husband said it's his gift for me and for our daughter, Chloe. And please join Perfectly Blended every Sunday and share to us your yummy foods!

Inside the box...

Valentine Cake