Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birds NOT On The Same Feather, Still Flocks Together

Meet the Wakwak Society

These are my barkadas in my nursing years at Lourdes College. All of us are second-coursers. But sometimes, I cannot help but wonder why we became friends for we have different and extreme ‘personalities’. Well, let me describe them to you.

Reanne or yanni – astig, brutally frank and highly intellectual. Punctuality is sacred to her – ug tanan mi nakapiso sa iya kay sige man gaka late sa sabot. Since she always assumed responsibility to our group, she became our El Presidente in *Wakwak Society. She now resides in Canada yet she still keeps in touch.

Then there’s Nacky the wacky. She’s the clown of the group but inside, she’s very sentimental. She easily cries, he, he, and gets paranoid to people who are annoying. She’s currently a Clinical Instructor at Lourdes College, Nursing Department. Julie – the happy go lucky gal. School pressures don’t seem to bother her. And she can easily find a way out in every problem. In other words, sinisuerte, duh! Sometimes, I wish I’m as lucky as Julie.

Then there’s Joy or Joyax. She’s humorous and her laughter is contagious, however, she worries a lot. But it was really nice hanging out with her especially if you have no money coz she would take care of it, o divah bongga?. Next is Pamela or Mimi/Manang/Imyat, she thinks she’s a goddess, HA, HA, maygani kay angayan pod. I’ve known her since high school; we were classmates at Corpus Christi. Born with silver spoon in her mouth and tagged as maldita, you’d be amazed of her simplicity and never showing off her expensive stuffs and gems. She said she’s a chatterbox – at least honest sya no?

Nurses NOT on duty

And of course there’s Bersai. Never underestimate her height coz she could give you a kick in the ass. She has a very big heart, too. She’s smart, cool, frank and a friend who could really keep a secret. She’s now in California. Me? Perhaps…unpredictable? hehehe.. I’m sensitive, observant, and friendly to those who are nice to me but never forgiving to my nemesis, hehehe…I’m a friend you could count on. And I’m still living here at Land of Bondage, Land of the Free…

* Wakwak Society is the name of our group. It is a visayan word for witches. As we all know, witches can easily smell or detect something. Well, any news that comes up, the Wakwaks knew it right away :)

Lakbayan sa Pilipinas

I may have lived or travelled several places in the Philippines, but I've realized I need to travel more to get at least a grade of B, lolz...

So, before we try to go to foreign places, let's try to tour our own country first. You'd be amazed that there are so many things to see and beautiful scenery that can only be found ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!

My Lakbayan grade is C-!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


"The Island of your imagination"

When I was young, I’ve been living from one place to another because of my dad’s work. We’ve been transferring from one place to another in Mindanao every year. These are the places I happened to live: Oroquieta City, Ozamiz City, Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro City, Gingoog City, Butuan City…And as I blossomed into a young lady, I’ve been everywhere, too. I was actually trying to tour the Philippines. I went to Davao, General Santos, to Cebu, Bohol, Manila, Subic, Tagaytay/Batangas and as far as Baguio City. When I just got married, I was lucky enough to have toured the U.S. of A…. but never was I able to visit CAMIGUIN – “the land of your imagination”, as they quoted.

When my dad was still alive, he kept on promising me that we can have a vacation with him to Camiguin …But it had never happened. I did not resent, though, but I was thinking of going there myself or with my friends. My barkada once invited me to join them to go to Camiguin but my parents refused because it was a Holy Week. It should be a time for contemplating, praying and not to have a vacation somewhere else…

And when I got married, my husband Glenn is the one promising me to take me to Camiguin but it was never utilized. Every year, Glenn & his officemates were sent to Camiguin for a yearly planning so he was always on this island for many times. And after more than 6 years of blissful marriage and having an almost 5 year old daughter, I thought I can never have a vacation that is far away from our home.

But finally, I was on this island May of 2008. It was not even actually planned. It was a spur-of-the-moment plan! So, who does not believe in ‘dreams do come true’? Coz mine did! It was a tiresome travel even though we brought our car with us. And I was not used anymore in riding a boat. My daughter was a first-timer in everything but was so excited to think of riding a boat, staying in a hotel with a swimming pool and looking at the beach. And everything paid off when we arrived. It was indeed an island of my imagination. We stayed at Paras Resort, happy to be greeted and welcomed with free drinks and borloloys. View was awesome that I took many pictures in my cellphone and digicam. And of course, the presence of my family made everything complete in this very much delayed vacation in Camiguin.