Friday, October 31, 2014

Globe Telecom Throws a Party to the Medias

globeparty3 photo globeparty3_zpsd7913fc4.jpg
Thanking Globe Telecom for the Media Appreciation Party held last October 30, 2014 at Seda Hotel. We were truly honored and grateful for giving importance to the people in the media. CDOBloggers, known as the Social media (where I am a member) and medias from the newspapers were invited to attend the party. It was fun and everyone went home without an empty hand.
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  globeparty2 photo globeparty2_zps4fed90c5.jpg
As you can see in the pics, we all had something great to carry but we were fine with that because globe made us feel so special that day.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Want to Own a Theremin?

Do you love to listen to old music? Perhaps you would like to own an old electronic instrument where you can create your old-time favorite songs. Well, you can always browse for new Theremin with a design that retains the original ones. I suggest you also read these reviews to make sure you've got the one with the right quality. Better if you visit the site to know more about the description and the specs and of course, how much you can save from them. So, check it out now!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Little Night of Music

In my previous post I mentioned about our Family Concert for a Cause. This benefit concert was for my grandmother who is in and out of the hospital. So the proceeds are to cover her hospitalization, medicines, care and her day to day needs. So far the concert was successful. I opened the program by singing a prayer which I will post later. My brother, husband, daughter, cousins, aunt and uncle showed their talents, too.

Friends, relatives, neighbors supported our cause and we are forever grateful for them. Because of the success, the family is planning to stage a 3rd concert sometime in December. They said it's going to be held in a gym and I just can't imagine myself performing in front of a bigger crowd but that's a challenge for me to take. I hope I'll be available by then... Because I really wanted to help raise funds for my dear old grandma. And I thank the Lord for blessing our family talents that can be put to good use.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is definitely in the air. Although December is 2 months away, I can already hear Christmas songs played everywhere. And my kids are looking forward because it's their favorite season of the year. As early as now I am looking for new decorative at home and one of the sites I found was They personalized Christmas ornaments, decorations, etc., and they are even currently offering 20% off this fall. That would be awesome! However, since I live far from this place, I might ask my aunt to ship it for me should she send packages for some relatives in my place.

Perhaps you might be interested to avail some of their items so try visiting their site. They are offering free shipment if you purchase items over $75 so, grab this opportunity now!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dinner Concer for A Cause

My grandmother is currently in and out of ICU. She's about 85 years old but with Alzheimer's. But the family wanted to provide her comfort and give the best for her. After all, she took good care all of her 13 children. My dad was the eldest but he already passed away more than 13 years ago.

Going back to my grandma, since the family are trying to cope up everyday with her medical bills, they decided to use the God-given talents of the family to raise funds. Since most of my relatives live in Iligan, they started to have a mini-concert there last August. The show proved to be a success so they decided to hold a concert in my current hometown, Cagayan de Oro. My mom and I helped sell the tickets and didn't expect that a lot of people supported our cause. The show will be held tonight at the VIP hotel and the family is hoping for the success of this concert and most of all, be able to raise funds enough to provide care for my dear grandma. 
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