Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dinner Concer for A Cause

My grandmother is currently in and out of ICU. She's about 85 years old but with Alzheimer's. But the family wanted to provide her comfort and give the best for her. After all, she took good care all of her 13 children. My dad was the eldest but he already passed away more than 13 years ago.

Going back to my grandma, since the family are trying to cope up everyday with her medical bills, they decided to use the God-given talents of the family to raise funds. Since most of my relatives live in Iligan, they started to have a mini-concert there last August. The show proved to be a success so they decided to hold a concert in my current hometown, Cagayan de Oro. My mom and I helped sell the tickets and didn't expect that a lot of people supported our cause. The show will be held tonight at the VIP hotel and the family is hoping for the success of this concert and most of all, be able to raise funds enough to provide care for my dear grandma. 
Ticket photo ticket_zps5267f812.jpg

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