Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Little Night of Music

In my previous post I mentioned about our Family Concert for a Cause. This benefit concert was for my grandmother who is in and out of the hospital. So the proceeds are to cover her hospitalization, medicines, care and her day to day needs. So far the concert was successful. I opened the program by singing a prayer which I will post later. My brother, husband, daughter, cousins, aunt and uncle showed their talents, too.

Friends, relatives, neighbors supported our cause and we are forever grateful for them. Because of the success, the family is planning to stage a 3rd concert sometime in December. They said it's going to be held in a gym and I just can't imagine myself performing in front of a bigger crowd but that's a challenge for me to take. I hope I'll be available by then... Because I really wanted to help raise funds for my dear old grandma. And I thank the Lord for blessing our family talents that can be put to good use.

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