Monday, April 30, 2012

Fisherman's Platter on Hubby's Birthday

Fisherman's Platter 
It was my husband's birthday last weekend. He decided to treat us for a weekend overnight in one of the hotels in the city where the kids would enjoy swimming and relaxing. But at dinner time, we decided not to dine at the hotel. We went to Bigby's Café and one of the viands we ordered was the Fisherman's Platter. The meal could serve for 4-5 persons but since we were famished and seafood-lover at the same time, we were able to consume the food right away.
The Platter (pictured above) was served with one hefty portion of tortilla-crusted golden fish fillet, squiggly rings (or calamares), and two sticks of fire-grilled boomerang shrimps served with fried rice. The food was superb and I had no qualms over this unlike the previous menu we ordered.

Hubby was also served with this tasty treat when they learned it was my hubby's bday. The staff even sang a bday song for him, much to my husband's embarrassment, haha. At least we got the treat for free!
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sterkly and Its Cause

Have you heard about Sterkly? They are a performance-based bundling network that your company might be looking for. They have a lot to offer that I think it is best if you check them online. You can also see sterkly on Linkedin and get to know more about what they can offer and their causes. In fact, I am quite impressed with their social responsibility as they adopt a pride of lions thru Lion Conservation Fund from Africa. Getting their services means you are also helping them with their cause.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoe's Day Out

Hello everyone. If you have visited my other blog here, you can see a similar background although the pictures were taken on different dates. In my other blog, I featured mostly myself and my eldest daughter Chloe wearing same style and color of clothes. In here, it's more on baby Zoe :-) 
We always attend mass at Xavier University chapel so after the mass, we walk for a while to proceed to our vehicle and we passed by Loyola house where Zoe and her dad posed. 
 And of course, the photo op is not complete if me and Chloe are not included, hehe.
 Baby Zoe's white baby gap blouse matched with stripey leggings was a gift from my aunt from the US. This was given last year and it's only now that she's able to wear it :-)

Doing Things with Limit

Everyone of us wants to be healthy so therefore, we should live a healthy lifestyle like eat proper diet, do exercises and avoid things that may jeopardize our health. But human as we are we tend to try things out. I think it is not really a bad idea as long as you take things with caution or within limit. Some people just want to explore something like trying to use cigars and I think that's understandable. But it will be a problem if it becomes a habit so what I am saying here is that we should be responsible and be more cautious of our health to live a happy life.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Violin Summer Class

Chloe, my eldest child, is currently enrolled in violin lessons. She wanted to go back to ballet but due to their hectic schedule, I told my daughter that she can't go back yet as of this time. Besides, ballet is so expensive plus they will have a recital a month after and the payment is separate from the enrollment.

Anyway, Chloe's been good in music so I think she will do well in this aspect. Violin class is offered 2x a week for this summer only so I guess the schedule will not be a problem at all.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sign Up Now!

Over the years people developed something new that makes our life a little comfortable. Technology is really good these days and I salute the genius who came up with a successful plan. These days, we have an easy access on the phone for there are already text messages and others. I just hope long distance calls are easily done these days with less charge. I have read about vonage world plan countries and how it routes your phone calls over the internet via Voice over Internet Protocol and I find it interesting. If you want to know more about its uses and how it will work, just visit some sites online to give you the information that you need.

Holy Week at Home

We spent our Holy Week only at home. I am a Catholic so during lent, it's always a practice of mine to visit the church and do the stations of the cross. Hubby and kids went with me one time but it was hard to keep up with baby Zoe. She was restless because she kept looking for me.

The rest of the week were spent at home, watching The Ten Commandments which my eldest child Chloe loved so much. And then we did some cleaning at home and that's all :) And oh, we only ate fish and just eat meat on Sunday...

Invest Gold Bullion Coins

Interested to invest? Perhaps you would like to buy gold bullion coins that I found online. In a few years time, the worth of this precious metal will increase so why not buy this time? Some people chose to collect or buy gold bullion because of its rarity and beauty that cannot be found in other metals. Try to check the site to choose which coin you would like to own.

A Platter of Food

We ordered this food a few weeks ago when we dined at Bigby's Café. Unfortunately, I forgot what it's called. This platter is good for 2-3 persons so hubby, me and kids shared this meal. We also ordered another viand but I'll share the other foods in my next food blog :-)

By the way, what you can see in this platter are grilled pork, crispy onions rings, fried rice and baguio beans.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Affordable Diamond Blade

If you are in a construction business, I am sure you need to have all the necessary equipment in order to finish your project on time. And when constructing a building or a road, aside from the major materials used, I guess diamond blades are also needed to cut on abrasive materials. Anyway, you might want to visit a site that offers a cheaper diamond blade so try to check it out now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Achy Back!

I'm so tired this day I could barely move when I woke up in the morning. Thankfully, it's summer so I don't have to wake up early to cook food. I mean, I still have to cook but not as early like during school days.

I guess one of the reasons is that my baby is getting bigger and still she wanted me to carry her before she had her nap. So, imagine me having an achy breaky back! I know this stage will pass but I hope my back will not experience pain anymore.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Follow Directions

Most often, people are taking medications without even reading the prescriptions properly. We might not know that the medicine bought over the counter is contraindicated to our health so it is best to read more now the exact dosage, the correct application and the side effects before anything else worsens. We may be trying to keep fit and healthy but this will not be achieved if it is not done correctly. So be always on guard and follow correct directions to attain your goal!

A Glass of Kinilaw

I often dined at Bigby's Café but I never ordered Kinilaw. They are more popular with steaks and kebob seafoods and some desserts but not so with our native food. But my husband ordered the food for he just felt like it. Imagine my surprise when this Kinilaw was served to us:
I guess they were just trying to be unique so they came up with this presentation. But hubby and I were quite disappointed with the taste. We ate only a few. I guess they'd better stick with kebobs, steaks and desserts :D
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Want Superphone?

With our evolving technology, so many gadgets are released from the market these days that I am not quite sure if I can still keep up. Anyway, if you are a techie-lover person, you might like to get hold of Superphone. Try browsing online on the specs of this unit before you decide to buy this item. And check also if their added features suit you well. At least you are more than happy to avail the product that covers everything you need ;-)

Wacky Pose

We were done with our family pictorial but me, my daughter Chloe and SIL Bogie were not yet done striking a pose. We used our own digital camera to have our wacky poses taken:
Me, Bogie and Chloe
Girls in white :D

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Interpreting Services

I have second thoughts of enrolling my child to a Chinese school because for one, we are not Chinese and second, I don't see if there really was a need. However, I have also realized that taking up Chinese is quite important these days. Admit it or not, China is a booming country and a lot may happen in the next few years. And now I'm even thinking of taking up few lessons in Chinese language.

I even knew some Chinese friends of mine who are taking up Chinese lesson now that they are big. They live here in the Philippines since birth and only their parents taught them how to speak their native language. One friend of mine told me that Mandarin is quite hard for her to understand. And if ever she will master it, she thought of becoming a Chinese interpreter. Her English is exemplary so it will be easier for her to interpret Chinese to English or vice-versa.

For some people who are looking for interpreting company/companies in Shanghai, you can browse their site it online. They have different types of interpreting services that may interests you. For more a more detailed information, better visit the site and see the best option for you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girls' Night Out

When I became a stay at home mom, I seldom went out with my friends. My time was devoted to my family most especially to my kids. But there were times I felt I need to give myself a break. And I think I deserved it.

If ever that happens, I'm usually out with my sister in-law Karen, my husband's brother's wife (can you still follow? hehe). We've been friends before we married our respective husbands.

More than 2 weeks ago, we went out to watch The Hunger Games. I've been looking forward to watch this film but I wanted to drag someone to come with me. Hubby and I can't watch together because one has to take care of our kids. Besides, the last time I went to the theater was 2 years ago. Good thing my husband agreed and so off I went. The movie gave justice to the book, by the way.

After watching the movie, we dined at Countryside at Limketkai. And our last stop was at Starbucks. We've got plenty of catching up because we rarely see each other in person, only online.
Me in red and Karen in white

We left the place almost 12 midnight for we felt the place was not safe anymore. We went to my place and continued our chit-chats until the wee hour in the morning. Her hubby (my bro in-law) picked her up at home. He also stayed for awhile for my hubby was still awake. Anyway, Karen and I are again looking forward for our next girl's night-out ;-)