Saturday, April 7, 2012

Interpreting Services

I have second thoughts of enrolling my child to a Chinese school because for one, we are not Chinese and second, I don't see if there really was a need. However, I have also realized that taking up Chinese is quite important these days. Admit it or not, China is a booming country and a lot may happen in the next few years. And now I'm even thinking of taking up few lessons in Chinese language.

I even knew some Chinese friends of mine who are taking up Chinese lesson now that they are big. They live here in the Philippines since birth and only their parents taught them how to speak their native language. One friend of mine told me that Mandarin is quite hard for her to understand. And if ever she will master it, she thought of becoming a Chinese interpreter. Her English is exemplary so it will be easier for her to interpret Chinese to English or vice-versa.

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