Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girls' Night Out

When I became a stay at home mom, I seldom went out with my friends. My time was devoted to my family most especially to my kids. But there were times I felt I need to give myself a break. And I think I deserved it.

If ever that happens, I'm usually out with my sister in-law Karen, my husband's brother's wife (can you still follow? hehe). We've been friends before we married our respective husbands.

More than 2 weeks ago, we went out to watch The Hunger Games. I've been looking forward to watch this film but I wanted to drag someone to come with me. Hubby and I can't watch together because one has to take care of our kids. Besides, the last time I went to the theater was 2 years ago. Good thing my husband agreed and so off I went. The movie gave justice to the book, by the way.

After watching the movie, we dined at Countryside at Limketkai. And our last stop was at Starbucks. We've got plenty of catching up because we rarely see each other in person, only online.
Me in red and Karen in white

We left the place almost 12 midnight for we felt the place was not safe anymore. We went to my place and continued our chit-chats until the wee hour in the morning. Her hubby (my bro in-law) picked her up at home. He also stayed for awhile for my hubby was still awake. Anyway, Karen and I are again looking forward for our next girl's night-out ;-)


Jona said...

But I'm happy for you :D more to come.

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Leah H. said...

Miss that thing:( HOw I wish naa ko pinas to bond with my friends:) That's great mommy kay nag enjoy mo:)

Visiting for WW- hope you cans top by:)

emzkie said...

sounds like a fun night out!

from WW

Jessica said...

beautiful ladies having a wonderful time together, great break from your girls Momi Cookie :-) Dropping by from Wednesday Whites

raya said...

wow, good for you, mommy! i have not gone out for a girls' night out for years now! thanks for joining WW..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog kukai :) same here, looking forward for another girls night out with yah! :)- Karen