Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoe's Day Out

Hello everyone. If you have visited my other blog here, you can see a similar background although the pictures were taken on different dates. In my other blog, I featured mostly myself and my eldest daughter Chloe wearing same style and color of clothes. In here, it's more on baby Zoe :-) 
We always attend mass at Xavier University chapel so after the mass, we walk for a while to proceed to our vehicle and we passed by Loyola house where Zoe and her dad posed. 
 And of course, the photo op is not complete if me and Chloe are not included, hehe.
 Baby Zoe's white baby gap blouse matched with stripey leggings was a gift from my aunt from the US. This was given last year and it's only now that she's able to wear it :-)


Pinx said...

you have a fashionista in the making mommy! very cute! was here for WW!

January Zelene said...

Zoe is so cute.. :)

Visiting from Wednesday White
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Everything And Everywhere said...

Zoe is beautiful. Visiting from WW.

Kristie said...

U look great cookie! Lovely photos there :-)

Unknown said...

what a lovely mommy and baby zoe. Visiting Fr. W.W

Mummy Gwen said...

Hi Cookie ganda, Thanks for your comments on my blog. I miss reading your blog too. Oh my Zoe has grown so much!! Ganda, I love your jeans. You and your angels look good.

Unknown said...

awww so cute! fun family bonding you have here. hope you could visit my Wednesday whites :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

Zoe looks so adorable in her WHITE outfit and GAP too, must be reaaly good :-) I love her name Momi Cookie :-) Dropping by from WW