Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great Concert

My brother's band mates held a concert when he was in college. They had strenuous preparation for they wanted to come up with a good and entertaining performance. My brother was a lead guitarist for he was really good on it. I've watched their final concert and I was proud to see him onstage. What I also like was the timing of their lighting so I gave credit to the one in-charge of the lights and sound effects. If you are into music and hope to create a one of a kind performance, I would like to recommend to you dj lighting at guitar center as well as their stage effect. They have several bestsellers in there and sold for a discounted price. So, check them out now!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm Having a Break (",)

I'm so glad that Chloe is having her semestral break. At least I won't be waking up early for the entire week and not sleep late just to review with her. They will be back to school November 5 so I am making use of this time to do other chores which I kept on postponing, hehe.

I think this is also a good time for me to recharge because by next week, I'll be busy again. Oh, I'm still busy with my baby Zoe and taking care of my family but I'm just grateful that I won't be waking up very early these days just to prepare food for Chloe. I guess moms with school-age kids out there will agree with me ;-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apply Payday Loans Online

I knew some friends who worked for some government agencies and their salary is sometimes delayed. I don't know why it was always like that because I pity some of them who are financially unstable. I hope this kind of practice will be stopped and that they should be fair to the workers. Their meager income was only enough to sustain them for a week or 2 and yet their salary was not released on time. Good thing that there are agencies that loans cash to people who are in dire need of financial assistance. With payday loans, no one gets to worry on putting food on the table. In fact, they can apply payday loans online and get instant approval.

You can browse this site online and see how this works. Usually, payday loans are given for the duration of two weeks so I guess it is just enough to sustain your daily needs. And should there be another emergency, you can apply again. Just make sure you repay quickly to increase the chance of receiving loans. It is how they based their rating and if you are a responsible borrower, you will gain a good track record therefore, big chances of loan approval from the bank.

Her Soccer Team Got Gold!

Chloe got another gold medal because her soccer team for girls won 1st place. What was funny was that Chloe's not a sports-minded person. Few weeks ago, she was terrified playing the ball. She even tried volleyball coz I told her soccer might be dangerous for her. Instead she went home crying, afraid that the ball would hit her or land on her face so she switched back to soccer. I let her but reminded her to be careful. I guess soccer was better for her than volleyball.

It was their intramurals last week so the team who won during the elimination round joined the final battle. Since Chloe and her other 2 female classmates were the youngest in the group, they were tasked to cheer for the group and waited at the bench should any of the players got injured. When she went home that day, she was proud that her team won. At the end of the week, they also had cheering contest and it was their 1st time to join.

The winners for cheering contest was announced yesterday and Chloe's team won. And then she showed me the medal. I was surprised at first coz I thought there was a contest for school that she joined and I did not know. Then she told me about their soccer team for having won 1st prize. She and her team got gold medals! I couldn't help but laughed so hard, hahaha. But I thank her team because of their effort, everybody got gold. So, congrats Chloe and to your team ;-)

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Deluxe Storage Cabinet

We badly need a storage cabinet in our house. With my kids' books and toys placed everywhere, our house look really messy. We have cabinets at home but it looks like we need to add more. I saw a deluxe storage cabinet online and that's what I wanted for our home. It looks neat and perfect for our living room. And my kids' things will surely fit in there, and so are my things!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Second CCV Shot

I went to the doctor this day to get my second shot of Cervical Cancer Vaccine. I've been planning to have this years ago but I find it quite expensive. But now, I've realized its importance. It's more expensive if bad things happen to me.

So last month, I got my first shot and I was told that the second shot was very, very important that I don't want to miss it. The third shot will be on February and not to worry if I'm a bit delayed as long as I'll come back for the last shot. Well, as long as it's for my health I'll go for it. I'm very concern about my well-being lately, I've been contemplating a lot and looking at my young kids, I am more determined to stay fit and healthy. I'm also reviewing my diet if I'm doing the right thing. Gee, I'm really health conscious now :-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun Birthday!

I will be turning a year older two months from now and I am thinking of celebrating it differently. Usually, my relatives gather at home and we would have a simple dinner. But if I invite them again on my birthday, I don't think they would mind my drinking jokes and games theme because I know they would also enjoy it. I can even ask them to bring some drinking games and accessories just for fun. And any drinks will do as not to worry everyone, so, juice, sodas or colas are more than welcome! 

If you are thinking on celebrating your birthday this way, you may do so. You can refer online for the fun games so that you have an idea on what to do. And if you are working as a party organizer, you can get some ideas from www.spencersonline.com. They have the best birthday gifts and presents for celebrants of all ages. I went to their site and how I enjoyed browsing in there. Some of the items were indeed funny to read, I just could not help but laugh. I wish their items can be found in our place so that I will not wait for a long time for my order to arrive. Plus, they are on sale right now so it is a great time for us to grab this opportunity! Visit their site now for more details.
'Birthday Babe' Sash, Glitter Tiara, and Shot Glass Necklace Set

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Worrywart

I thought we are going to experience sunny weather for one straight week but right now it's already dim outside. It's still 3 in the afternoon but it looks like it's going to rain. It would have been fine with me but hubby has a plan on taking us out tonight, I doubt it will push thru if comes the heavy rain.
Chloe's not yet home from school but I hope she will arrive anytime now so that she won't get wet if the rain comes. Truly the mother in me just kept on worrying, I wish I would just relax. She's riding a carpool anyway, but still, I can't help but worry about my child's well-being.

And while I'm worrying, I'm tending to my 2 year old Zoe's needs, as well as blogging at the same time :) I will feel happy, relieved and at ease if my family's all safe at home.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautiful Gold Coins

If you are a coin collector, why not include mexican gold coins in your collection? Because aside from having these coins, you can invest from them, too. These coins are beautifully designed with good trading price so it is very practical to get a few for yourself. And wait, some of these coins are currently on sale so better go and check their site now!

Chloe's 1st Communion

My not-so-little Chloe had her 1st Holy Communion last October 6, 2012, 8:00 a.m., at Immaculate Conception Parish, Aluba, CDO. Although their school is non sectarian, they still offer communion to Catholic students when they are already in grade 3.

There were more than 50 communicants who received their 1st Communion. The rite was very solemn and well coordinated by teachers. Unfortunately, I was the only one in the family who witnessed Chloe's 1st communion because her dad had a seminar on that very day and baby Zoe was still sleeping.
Photobucket Photobucket
 A picture of me and Chloe and her friends

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Ivy Topiary

Putting an ivy topiary in our garden would have been great if only our dog will not destroy it. I think I will just put the topiary somewhere where it can't be reached by our pet. The plant looks so dainty and lovely to me, I'm sure it will add beauty to our very plain garden. The greens also look very refreshing and cool to the eyes.

Another Things to Ponder

Our weather is quite bad these days and it sometimes panics me if there's a heavy downpour of the rain. I guess what had happened last year still terrifies me. The flood that devastated our city December of last year was still fresh from my mind. Our families and friends were victims of the typhoon that also killed my classmate and her family.

Everytime there's rain, I stay alert. Good if it happens during daytime but if it happens at night, I kept waking up to check if the rain stops or not. Unfortunately, our government didn't do much to our city, even the victims were still displaced. I hope they're not waiting for another disaster to happen - God forbid!

Just ranting over here. I hope the rainy days will be over. It's nice to have rain once in awhile as long as it's not so hard. But having sunshine is much better coz my laundry will be dried up right away, planned outings will be pushed thru and people will not panic that much.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tired and Lazy

I've been planning to post some pictures of Chloe and Zoe but my laziness got in the way. I have tons of pictures of them that are not yet developed and not even posted in my blogs. I dunno why I am so lazy these days. I just want to browse over the net, read or leave comments on FB and play solitaire in my computer. Other than that, I am taking care of Zoe. I hate for not being so productive and when I plan on doing it today, I had my monthly 'visitor'. Now, I'm experiencing slight cramps and backache so I am again postponing my plans for the day. I hope this laziness will be out in my system very soon.

Is Water Fluoridation the Solution for Healthy Teeth?

Your teeth are an important part of your life, but like many other important things, they can often be subjected to neglect and don't always receive the care they deserve. In fact, so many outside factors influence the condition and health of our teeth, can we really make an impact in protecting them JUST through daily brushing and flossing? While it is entirely true that daily brushing and flossing are one of the biggest factors in teeth health which we have direct control over, there are other forces out there that are working to protect our teeth.

Recently the city of Portland, with direct support from the ADA and the Oregon Dental Association, decided to vote in favor of water fluoridation. This is excellent news for local Portland residents as studies show water fluoridation being effective in reducing tooth decay by 20 to 40 percent.

Dentists around Boston also support water fluoridation but understand that there are roadblocks in the process of implementing fluoride into the city's water supply. Since 2005, the powdered sodium fluoride has clogged filters at the city's water plant, much to the befuddlement of city workers. This has made the ability to measure how much fluoride is being added to water very difficult, ultimately leading to the decision to stop fluoridation in early 2009.
All Smiles
Fluoride is also an incredibly useful tool of cosmetic dentists. The Local Boston dental practice, Dental Partners of Boston has said, "Regardless of whether or not fluoride is being used in water, individuals should be treating their teeth with fluoride when they brush their teeth. There is also alternative forms of fluoride sources in the form of over-the-counter treatment kits, or when visiting your dentist."

While water fluoridation has become more common through the United States all dentists can agree that the importance of applying fluoride to your teeth is paramount, and should be done regardless of whether or not it is through drinking water.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ball Trouble

My daughter's having trouble with her PE these days. Their intramurals is almost near and she signed up for soccer for girls. I told her it might be dangerous for her, she might be interested in volleyball or badminton or other sports. She said they were only told to try out volleyball and soccer for girls and this week's going to be their elimination round. Well, Chloe's been a good student and she excels highly in her academic performance. But I guess one ain't got it all. Sports is her weakness. Yesterday she almost didn't play soccer because she was told she was late. Only to find out that the practice was transferred because of bad weather. She was still able to join but with higher level. And today, she asked the teacher if she can join volleyball. And when she came home, she was crying. She didn't join because she was afraid the ball might hit her. Instead of just sitting at the side of the bench, she went somewhere, I guess at their gazebo where the school gate was near. Gosh, she was really that afraid that the ball would reach her. I hope this ball try-outs will be over. It would be better if she's given a test paper to answer because I'm sure it's where she's good at. But I hope and pray this won't affect her grades at all.