Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Second CCV Shot

I went to the doctor this day to get my second shot of Cervical Cancer Vaccine. I've been planning to have this years ago but I find it quite expensive. But now, I've realized its importance. It's more expensive if bad things happen to me.

So last month, I got my first shot and I was told that the second shot was very, very important that I don't want to miss it. The third shot will be on February and not to worry if I'm a bit delayed as long as I'll come back for the last shot. Well, as long as it's for my health I'll go for it. I'm very concern about my well-being lately, I've been contemplating a lot and looking at my young kids, I am more determined to stay fit and healthy. I'm also reviewing my diet if I'm doing the right thing. Gee, I'm really health conscious now :-)

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