Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Things to Ponder

Our weather is quite bad these days and it sometimes panics me if there's a heavy downpour of the rain. I guess what had happened last year still terrifies me. The flood that devastated our city December of last year was still fresh from my mind. Our families and friends were victims of the typhoon that also killed my classmate and her family.

Everytime there's rain, I stay alert. Good if it happens during daytime but if it happens at night, I kept waking up to check if the rain stops or not. Unfortunately, our government didn't do much to our city, even the victims were still displaced. I hope they're not waiting for another disaster to happen - God forbid!

Just ranting over here. I hope the rainy days will be over. It's nice to have rain once in awhile as long as it's not so hard. But having sunshine is much better coz my laundry will be dried up right away, planned outings will be pushed thru and people will not panic that much.

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