Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ball Trouble

My daughter's having trouble with her PE these days. Their intramurals is almost near and she signed up for soccer for girls. I told her it might be dangerous for her, she might be interested in volleyball or badminton or other sports. She said they were only told to try out volleyball and soccer for girls and this week's going to be their elimination round. Well, Chloe's been a good student and she excels highly in her academic performance. But I guess one ain't got it all. Sports is her weakness. Yesterday she almost didn't play soccer because she was told she was late. Only to find out that the practice was transferred because of bad weather. She was still able to join but with higher level. And today, she asked the teacher if she can join volleyball. And when she came home, she was crying. She didn't join because she was afraid the ball might hit her. Instead of just sitting at the side of the bench, she went somewhere, I guess at their gazebo where the school gate was near. Gosh, she was really that afraid that the ball would reach her. I hope this ball try-outs will be over. It would be better if she's given a test paper to answer because I'm sure it's where she's good at. But I hope and pray this won't affect her grades at all.

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