Sunday, July 31, 2011

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All Around System

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Girls

My 2 daughters Chloe and Zoe are both July babies. Chloe was born on July 18 and Zoe on July 12.

Chloe used to have parties every birthday but after her 7th bday, I told her that she will have a simple birthday when she turned 8. I let her understand that she will give way to her baby sister. Glad to say that she understood but told me she will help plan the party for her sister.

Anyways, Zoe had her birthday party on a weekend so that many people could join. She had a Tinkerbell-themed party wherein she wore the costume of the pixie fairy. I had her cake made from a friend and I was so satisfied with the result.

Prior to her party, I was the one making her invitation cards, prepared her lootbags, pabitin and piƱata but I just contacted a party organizer for the mascot, host, games and magician. We celebrated Zoe's birthday in a hotel and decided to stay there overnight for they were offering a 50% off discount...besides, the baby needs to rest also..

Chloe, Me and Zoe

Chloe as Silvermist and Zoe as Tinkerbell

A day after the party: Zoe happy in her dad's arms and Chloe swimming at the pool with daddy.

Since Chloe's birthday falls on a Monday, she had a McDonald's snacks for her Classmates and Teachers at school. After I picked her up at lunchtime, I brought her to San Augustine Cathedral to pray and light a candle. In the afternoon, I bought Chloe a pizza, as she requested, and a cutie glee cake with candle for her to blow. And even though it was that simple, she was very happy and I think that's what mattered most.

I'll surely miss these moments in my children's life. I can still vividly recall carrying Chloe before putting her down to sleep, changed her diapers and feed her in a bottle. And I just can't believe that 8 years had passed. I'm now savoring the moment with Zoe for time flies so fast I might miss something...

Anyway, every time my daughters celebrated their birthdays, it also makes me reflective. I often asked, what are we doing to improve ourselves? But there are lots of opportunities in the world and one of them is online education. I have tried to Check out
and somehow it's inspiring. I hope my girls never stop learning and should they continue to take up for any online masters degrees, they will always have my support. After all, knowledge would be the best gift.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Zoe!

Today, July 12, 2011, is my baby Zoe's 1st Birthday.
We just stayed home for we will be celebrating her birthday this weekend.
How time flies so fast. It seems like I just gave birth to her yesterday.


Teddy bears and seas of blue
Smiling in honor of you
An infant, not long ago
Now, one candle is aglow
You are growing up so fast
How quickly a year has passed
You are special, sweet, and wise
A present before our eyes.

For a year, I’ve watched you shine
An angel I can call mine
Sent from Heaven, just for me
Filled with hope and dignity
A blessing, now and always
You brighten all of my days
Precious child, I love you so
More than anyone could know.

Baby’s breath and sun-filled skies
Ladybugs and lullabies
Starry nights and bright moonbeams
Tender hearts and lasting dreams
Each, a gift within your view
During this time, made for you
May only good things come your way
On this, your very first birthday.

(Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection)

Our first family portrait with baby Zoe this time

Monday, July 11, 2011

No Worries!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Comfortable Boots

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Chloe's Ballet Recital

Here are some unpublished pictures of Chloe during her Ballet Recital last May 28, 2011.

(L): Goofing around before going to the recital; (R): Tahitian Dance

(L): With her Ballet Classmates; (R): Solo pic after the recital

Hubby and I were entertained with the show. Time spent were worth-it and the presentation was organized and close to perfect!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hassle-Free Writing

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