Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Important Supplies

When putting up a business, make sure you comply the necessary requirements. This is not only for your protection but others as well. Safety is one important factor that you can give to your workers and to the clients. I used to work in an industrial firm before where our company produces coils. The production area had to be reassessed several times before starting to manufacture the product to make sure any hazardous things may not happen. The area was designed not to jeopardize anyone's health so the firm had put all the  necessary measure to ensure safety.

Same thing when you open a restaurant, safety and cleanliness are some major factors that needs to be considered. And I think during construction, the plumbing supplies should be checked if it all important things are complied. Often, we took things for granted in our vicinity because even simple faucet or air filters were taken for granted. Some of us didn't even know the importance of copper fittings and its importance. This is actually used as conduit for water supply, heating, compressed air and gas in the oil lines, etc. Another thing to check is the grease traps as this intercept fats, oils, sands and other sediments thus protecting the work place. This helps block the unwanted particles before it enters into the sewage system.

So you see, these things that we don't bother much to look are actually important. And I think this is important not just in a firm or restaurant or whatever businesses but also at home. These items can be found online and I some sites are offering it for a low price and plenty of specs to choose from. If you are curious about it, I suggest you better check it out now. Who knows, you might need this in your place?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Think I Need A Break

More than 2 weeks had passed since my husband's major surgery. From day 1, I watched over him at the hospital, leaving my 2 kids at home with my mom. I was my husband's official caregiver and I morning the night just watching over him, taking care all his needs and all. In the morning, while my father-in-law was around, I went home to check on the kids, cook breakfast for them including lunch, gave bath to my baby girl and fed her, etc. Before lunch, I went back again to the hospital because my husband requested me to be there to take care of him. Glad that my energy level was high that time.

A week after, hubby was discharged and still I took care of him. In fact, my duty was doubled as I now watch over my kids coz my mom already went home. I woke up as early as 5 am to prepare breakfast for Chloe and cook for her lunch as she would eat there. My schedule with baby Zoe was as is and often wanted me to carry her. I dressed up hubby's surgical incision, ran errands if he needs more meds, gauze or whatever he yearns to eat. I studied lesson with my eldest either in the afternoon or night and of course, I have to cook dinner, feed our dogs, throw the trash, clean the house, wash clothes... imagine that and I felt like I was a superwoman... but I am not!

This time, my energy starts waning but I still tried to hold on. I always late at night although my in-laws often come at home to help me. They even sleep-over at our house but still I took care of my family. Sometimes, I get easily irritated maybe because I lack sleep. When I weighed on our bathroom scale, I was horrified to see (although not so surprised) a big drop on my weight. It looks like I had a surgery, too.

I am tired but I still do these things in the name of my family. But I feel that I also deserved a break. This weekend, my family will be on vacation minus my husband. My mom joined me and my kids and I hope we will all be safe. I pray that heaven will allow me and my family to relax and unwind and enjoy this vacation that was planned ahead especially that the burden will still be on me. Hubby's supposed to guide us but now it's my turn to do it. But I am confident I can pull this and I hope we will all be safe until we come back home...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Great Support!

Don't you think it is nice to purchase a computer with unlimited technical support? With that, computer tune up is easier to do because the support is readily accessible. When you are planning to buy a new computer, you can check online for a website that offers good services so that you can get the best item. In fact, one site currently offer premium plan but for a very affordable price. Try to avail this one now!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hubby's Discharged From The Hospital

Hubby's already discharged from the hospital last Tuesday and glad his ordeal was over. If we come to think of it, my husband was actually on critical stage prior to his surgery because his appendix already ruptured and abscess was detected. Doctors were even thinking he had tumor because the result of the CT-scan was not that impressive. But it was during surgery that they have seen everything - there was no tumor but lots of pus inside his intestine. Still it was dangerous because if I didn't push my husband to go see a doctor, he might be poisoned. Surgeons were able to clean his intestine and other organs. In fact, his main surgeon asked me to come inside the operating room during operation to show me hubby's abnormal appendix size. I've assisted doctors before when I volunteered as a scrub nurse but it was so different when the person on the operating table was your family. I felt bad when I went out especially that the doctor's communication skills were non-therapeutic.

Anyway, important thing is my husband recuperating well now and he's out from danger. Only that he can't go back to work right away so he's at home most of the time. And yeah, I'm the one dressing his incisions and drain on his right abdomen. I'm still praying for his complete healing...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Improve Your Writing Ability

Sometimes, we just don’t realize that we can earn a living out of our hobby. However, it is also hard for us to move to the next step because we don’t know what to do. But if you come to think of it, a lot of sites on the net can help you with what you need. You just have to be diligent and patient in looking for the right thing that you need. 

If you have the passion to write and thought of publishing it, you can refer online the best possible steps to do it. In fact, a lot of people made money online doing this job. Just like in blogging, who would have thought that you will make money just by talking about your life?

Going back to writing, if you are passionate about it, it’s time to move on to the next level. There is a site that talks about copy writing, which can be an ideal spare-time business and helps you improve your writing skills. If you are not working in the office, it is even of great advantage if you work at home because you can focus more on your work. Copywriting gives you a very flexible schedule so it is expected that you can come up with an ideal work.

You can also learn things from other copywriter experts who are very much experienced with these works. Some universities even offered online writing labs to help students or other writers by providing them literacy materials or other resources. And I say that this is one of the best ways for a beginner to experience as this enhances ones knowledge and helps him achieve his goal by coming up with an ideal work. So, why not try this if you think this is where you belong? You’ll never know what the future holds for you and perhaps, you might be successful in this field.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hubby Is Hospitalized

This is just a short blog. Hubby had a major operation last Thursday night because of his ruptured appendix. If he had it checked earlier, it would have been a minor operation. But since there was already abscess, it needs to be cleaned. So an Ex-lap procedure was done and now he is still recuperating at the hospital. I hope and pray for him to get well. I've been taking care of him for the past 2 nights and now I'm going back again to check on him. Please include him in your prayers that there's no complication on his operation. I very much appreciate the favor you've done for him. Thank you very much.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life At Home

I've been pretty preoccupied these past few weeks. Last month was a sick month for me and my family. And when we were better, I often feel exhaustion. I guess I'm just too tired doing lots of chores at home or maybe my body's not functioning properly. Sometimes, I'm getting paranoid of chest pains that I felt for several days but glad it was over few days later. But if I'm not having chest pains, I've got throbbing headache so best way for me to do was to rest. I've to see a doctor yet but I guess what I'm feeling right now is over-fatigue, physically, mentally and emotionally. I get so affected easily these days even if it doesn't concern me or my family. If I've heard something terrible happened to someone I knew, I felt horrible and then panicky when I think of my kids. God forbid and please keep my family safe! Then our country's flooded again.

And recently, my hubby again got ill. He's had low-grade fever and experienced pain in his lower abdomen. I forced him to go see a doctor and indeed he had infection. He was given an antibiotic and was told from drinking alcoholic beverages. So while he rested at home, I did things at home double time. I hope people who are thinking how lucky I am because I'm a stay-at-home mom should realize how much pain in the butt is my job. This kind of life is unglamorous and offers a big self-sacrifice so I often wish we exchange places just for a week. Anyways, my consolation for this chosen 'career' is I get to see my family, my kids especially, often.

I hope to blog more in the coming days. Blog about life, my children's milestones, places that we visited and not about my ranting. But just allow me to mumble things just for today. I just want to vent out and hope everything's okay. Right now, I'm bent on having a healthy lifestyle at home and I hope we will succeed...