Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hubby's Discharged From The Hospital

Hubby's already discharged from the hospital last Tuesday and glad his ordeal was over. If we come to think of it, my husband was actually on critical stage prior to his surgery because his appendix already ruptured and abscess was detected. Doctors were even thinking he had tumor because the result of the CT-scan was not that impressive. But it was during surgery that they have seen everything - there was no tumor but lots of pus inside his intestine. Still it was dangerous because if I didn't push my husband to go see a doctor, he might be poisoned. Surgeons were able to clean his intestine and other organs. In fact, his main surgeon asked me to come inside the operating room during operation to show me hubby's abnormal appendix size. I've assisted doctors before when I volunteered as a scrub nurse but it was so different when the person on the operating table was your family. I felt bad when I went out especially that the doctor's communication skills were non-therapeutic.

Anyway, important thing is my husband recuperating well now and he's out from danger. Only that he can't go back to work right away so he's at home most of the time. And yeah, I'm the one dressing his incisions and drain on his right abdomen. I'm still praying for his complete healing...

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