Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life At Home

I've been pretty preoccupied these past few weeks. Last month was a sick month for me and my family. And when we were better, I often feel exhaustion. I guess I'm just too tired doing lots of chores at home or maybe my body's not functioning properly. Sometimes, I'm getting paranoid of chest pains that I felt for several days but glad it was over few days later. But if I'm not having chest pains, I've got throbbing headache so best way for me to do was to rest. I've to see a doctor yet but I guess what I'm feeling right now is over-fatigue, physically, mentally and emotionally. I get so affected easily these days even if it doesn't concern me or my family. If I've heard something terrible happened to someone I knew, I felt horrible and then panicky when I think of my kids. God forbid and please keep my family safe! Then our country's flooded again.

And recently, my hubby again got ill. He's had low-grade fever and experienced pain in his lower abdomen. I forced him to go see a doctor and indeed he had infection. He was given an antibiotic and was told from drinking alcoholic beverages. So while he rested at home, I did things at home double time. I hope people who are thinking how lucky I am because I'm a stay-at-home mom should realize how much pain in the butt is my job. This kind of life is unglamorous and offers a big self-sacrifice so I often wish we exchange places just for a week. Anyways, my consolation for this chosen 'career' is I get to see my family, my kids especially, often.

I hope to blog more in the coming days. Blog about life, my children's milestones, places that we visited and not about my ranting. But just allow me to mumble things just for today. I just want to vent out and hope everything's okay. Right now, I'm bent on having a healthy lifestyle at home and I hope we will succeed...


kim said...

i hope everything gets better soon, girl..

Mummy Gwen said...

Hope you get well soon, Cookie ganda. Do take care and rest more.