Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zoe's Christening Day

@ San Antonio Church
Last October 24, 2010, I had my baby daughter baptized at San Antonio Church. Zoe had 12 godparents but 2 of them were not present and 2 were proxied or substituted by their spouses because of conflict of schedules and they just have to catch up later. Anyway, the baptism rite went well and my baby didn't cry when she was bathe by the priest with holy water.

@ Philtown Hotel
After the rites ended, we had lunch at Philtown Hotel. So far, the event was a success. Zoe was not cranky, everyone had a good meal and had a good time. To Zoe Ysabella, welcome to the Christian World!

All Saint's Day

Every year in our country, we celebrate November 1 as All Saint's Day and November 2 as All Soul's Day. November 1 is always declared a holiday because most people visit the grave of their loved ones. My family usually visit my dad's grave every November 1 and we stay there for quite awhile or during late afternoon and went home at night time. Some people are so used to put up a tent and sleep beside the grave overnight. That may be amusing to others but we're used to the practice of our fellowmen and we'll just respect them as long as they won't make a noise or make a mess. But my family always go home or find a place to dine and continue our conversation somewhere =)

But since I've a little tot this time, my husband and I thought of not staying so long at the cemetery as not to expose her, especially that we learned from the news that there might be a slight rain shower on that day. What is important is that I'll be able to visit my dad's grave, pray for him, see my other family and then go home ;-)

Diet Pill For You

I've mentioned in my other entry about a certain diet pill that will help you achieve your ideal weight. If you're struggling with your current size, another pill that might suit you is Lipofuze where it will help you lose weight. What is great about this product is that if it doesn't work for you, you can have it returned and it will be refunded to you. So, why don't you try it?

Make Me Glow

Before I got pregnant, I had a major problem on my skin particularly my face! I suffered mild acne and how I despised it! So every month, I had a facial scrub to cleanse my skin to keep it healthy. I asked my dermatologist for a natural acne cream and somehow it worked. But when I got pregnant, I stopped using it. Luckily, after I gave birth, mild acne didn't occur anymore. In fact, my skin is better and glowing these days than before. Perhaps this is the magic that they said after giving birth!

Skin Care

Most girls, especially teenagers, encounter big problems on their skin such as eczema. Sometimes, it is hereditary but most times, it is because the skin is unhealthy thus the damaged. But with constant care and treatment, everything can be fixed. You can see a dermatologist to give you the right prescription for your sensitive skin. Ask for the best product or right ingredients that suit the type of your sensitive skin as not to further the damage.

Body Fit!

Are you currently on a diet? Perhaps some of you go to the gym 2-3 times a week or perhaps some of you are on a strict diet. A good friend of mine is taking a certain diet pill to remove excess fats on her meal intake. But why not try phentermine diet pill, too? This is approved by FDA and helps you achieve your ideal weight better than exercising. Just use it accordingly and you will have a fit and fab bod!

Eye Love It!

Since I am not getting any younger, I tried my best to keep a healthy lifestyle. But I also consider in buying and using anti wrinkle eye cream to help me look good. Since my baby kept me awake at night, this cream protects my skin especially in the eye area. It somehow prevents crow's feet from showing and for that, I'm thankful!

Great Binoculars

A relative of mine is into Air soft sports. For him, it's a form of exercise and helped him released his stress. Although this kind of sport is more into action, he said it's fun and challenging. He made sure he had with him the right gear or gadgets and he thought of buying a new set of binoculars that will help him focus on his target. I told him about steiner binoculars that I found online and he was considering it. I'm sure he will never get wrong when purchasing this item because it's what he's exactly looking for!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's Stay Healthy!

My dad died of cancer. When he had experienced the symptoms earlier, he didn't see a doctor right away but only when it was too late. Cancer cell had spread, he went in and out of the hospital until finally, he got weak and eventually died. Sometimes, we have to be careful with what we eat, with our lifestyle and even to our surroundings. Deadly cancer diseases can be found with the exposure of asbestos, too, and if ever that can be found in your work area, it's best stay away from it and visit a doctor to have a thorough checkup and inquire about Mesothelioma diagnosis. This is just to make sure that you stay healthy and away from harm.

Protect Your Vehicle!

Every year, we make sure to renew our car insurance. This is for our own good and there are a lot of benefits that we could get something out from it. Having our vehicles insured protect them from any damages or problems that we might encounter in the future. If you own several vehicles or trailers or motorhome for personal use or business, it might be best for you to get a 5th wheel insurance. This will just serve as a protection than regret it later should anything happen to your vehicle...just a piece of advice!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make Me Warm

The weather is not so good in our place these days. It's very hot in the morning and all of a sudden, heavy rain pours in the afternoon. That's why when I wear my clothes in the morning, I look for something with thin fabric and when the afternoon comes, I look for thick clothings or put on a sweater if it's cold already. I thought of buying some cashmere sweaters that I found online because I find it useful when I go somewhere. My sweaters are already old and I guess buying something that will give me comfort, and with style, will suit me just fine.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eye Need It!

My baby just turned 3 months and she still doesn't sleep straight at night - yet. She wakes up anytime at dawn to ask for milk and sometimes, I get so panicky when she cried so loud. At 5 o'clock in the morning, I need to be up, too, to prepare breakfast for everybody, most especially my eldest daughter who goes to school everyday at 7:15 am. So, imagine what I would look like as the day rises. I am now currently looking for best eye cream for dark circles so that despite my heavy schedule, I will still look fresh and alert. I don't want to look like a panda or zombie so best if I'll put on something as not to scare anybody out there.


My mom, who is in her 60's, is trying to look good and stay healthy. She's aware that at her age, she will have plenty of changes in her body. Although she's welcoming the challenge, she's hoping to age gracefully. She's aware of her crow's feet and shared to me things that might help me when it's my turn to experience such thing. I did my research about that and happen to read about eye wrinkle cream reviews, which I think is very helpful and informative. And I think it's best that I know the specific ingredients for the eye to make the cream effective and will aid in getting rid of the wrinkles, too.

Busy Me (^_^)

I'm quite busy these days because my baby Zoe will be baptized this coming Sunday. I've plenty things to do but I can hardly do it unless somebody's taking care of the baby. So, when my mom came to my house this afternoon, I took the chance in doing all things that needed to be done. Unfortunately, I was caught in a traffic then there was a heavy downpour of rain thus slowing me down. I have settled only a few things then I decided to go home. In fact, I only drove 20 kph because I could hardly see the road. So many things left undone and I hope this will be fixed by Friday. Good thing that I have already booked the Church and the Hotel for the reception. I'm crossing my fingers that everything will be in order to make Zoe's Christening day smooth and stress-free =)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tummy Tucked

My doctor told me that I will lose excess pounds 3 months after I gave birth. Three months had passed yet I still experienced heaviness in my body and I just can't wait when my bulging tummy disappears. I hardly wear jeans these days because it won't still fit me. I've researched online on how to get rid of stomach fat and I saw one helpful site. Perhaps I might try it because the effect is rapid and it is actually recommended by doctors. It's also tried and tested and it has a lot of benefits. And I hope that in a few months time, I can wear my clothes without getting too conscious of how I look.

Stay Healthy!

My mother-in-law who is in her 60's said she never fails to do brisk walking in the morning as a form of her exercise. But she also takes some vitamins or supplements to keep her up. She is in fact taking a diet supplement with acetyl l-carnitine. And I think this will benefit me also because this is not only good for the heart and brain but for other functions of the body as well. It will help me get energized especially that I have many chores to do at home and a baby to take care of. I think it's vital to all of us to give our body utmost importance to stay healthy, alert and physically fit.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weight Reduction

After I gave birth, I had a hard time losing weight. Perhaps it will take time for my pre-pregnancy form to come back. But compared to my first pregnancy, I easily lose weight. If my weight will stay this way or go up, I might try taking a diet pill. A friend of mine was taking this certain pill and it was really effective. It may take some time to lose weight but once you've started it, it has a long term effect. I might try to buy phenphedrine because it's one of the solutions in losing weight and will help me remove some excess fats in my body. So, to all people who are on weight reduction, why don't you try this one, too?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Congratulations Chloe!!!

Chloe's school is celebrating English Week and yesterday, she was one of the contestants in Smart Talk Contest. Their school has only sections for grade one. And in every section, there were only 3 representatives for this particular contest. They had their elimination round in their section prior to joining the year level contest.

9 pupils were given a situational question that they have to answer and Chloe was one of them. Of course, they were judged how they were able to comprehend and answer the question. And when it was Chloe's turn, she was asked a question like this: "You saw your classmate stole something, what will you do and why?". My daughter answered: "I will tell my classmate to return it to the owner because stealing is bad".

For us, it was an easy question. But we have to think that those kids are still in grade one. In fact, there were some questions asked that even, I, myself was quite confused.

Anyways, to set the story straight, Chloe won the First Place and I was so elated!!! Too bad I was not able to bring the camera with me for I thought we were not allowed to watch them. But I made sure I took a picture of her donning her medal when she arrived home from school =)

Again, congratulations to my dear anak, Chloe! You don't know how proud we are of you! ♥♥♥

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Month

It's already October, the 10th month of the year. My 2 older brothers, my sister-in-law, my cousins and an uncle are celebrating their birthdays this month. I'm also thinking of Halloween every time this month arrives. When Chloe was in pre-school, she enjoyed celebrating Halloween with her teachers and classmates. Now, I don't know what's in store at their school. They didn't say anything. All I know is that they are to celebrate United Nations Day on the 24th.

Talking about Halloween, I was too surprised to see Chloe's English test result. Her teacher marked her answer wrong to think it was right. The question was: "Halloween comes in______" wherein she would write the correct month. Chloe answered October and her teacher crossed it out and put her own answer which was November. Huh? Perhaps it was an honest mistake but I won't let this escape her. Chloe could've gotten perfect but because of that, she got 1 mistake. Hey, 1 mistake is okay with me, it's a great score already! But giving the students the wrong answer is not okay with me. Her teacher needs to be corrected.

Being the stage mother as I am (^_^), I wrote her English teacher a letter instead (since I cannot go to Chloe's school easily as I used to because of the baby). I requested politely to review my daughter's paper and at the same time, corrected the error she made. I also attached the researched I made on the internet. And for your information, that was the 2nd time I wrote her a letter because she also marked Chloe's answer wrong in her book even though it was correct.

I know we are just humans bound to commit mistakes but sometimes, we should be extra careful especially if we are teachers in a school known for its good reputation. If the teacher they hire is not always careful, then their reputation might be marred just because of ones carelessness.

Green Is Great

One of the malls here in our city encouraged shoppers to bring with them their green bag every Wednesday. It is tagged as the green shopping day as a way to economize and support the environment as well. Anyways, some buyers opted to shop online because a lot of great deals can be found. Shoppers can also choose which of the available products they wanted to purchase, not to mention less hassle in acquiring it compared to traveling to the store yet the product is no longer available. So, if you're a busy person, perhaps buying online is a good option for you.

Fit And Fab!

Are you currently having a weight problem because you feel you are too curvy or quite large in size compared to others? I don't think you need to fret over this anymore because what matters most is how you carry yourself. Just make sure you wear the right size in anything you wear and I am pretty sure you will look good on it. Finding a plus size lingerie isn't that hard these days because it's available online or probably even at the store near you. And don't forget that confidence is the key to make you look good!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Protect Your Car

We have been using the same car for several years already and so far, it still served us well. We always have our car checked and if ever there's a problem, we had it fixed right away. Every year, we also renew our contract with the same car insurance to make sure our car is protected in case we might encounter some unavoidable incidents or accidents, God forbid. Despite the costs, my husband and I agreed that this is a necessary thing to do or we might end up regretting it should anything happen to our car.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cough and Cold

Chloe has a cough and cold since yesterday and just today, I woke up having a sore throat. This afternoon, my head ached so I decided to drink medicine right away. So far, I felt better but I am still hoping that this would not progress to cough and cold because I still need to take care of Zoe. At Chloe's school, I've learned that some of her schoolmates contracted sore eyes. I told Chloe to refrain from those kids for the meantime because the virus is contagious. And since Zoe is still very small, I just can't allow those kind of illnesses to occur in our house because the baby's immune system is still weak. So for precautions, we avoid going out to public places, especially that the weather is quite bad these days, and also refrain from getting near to people with existing illnesses...

Sleeping Beauty

When we transferred to our new place, only our master's bedroom has a bed but the other rooms have none yet. So, after we arranged our things and almost everything was settled, we decided to buy another bed. It was so timely because we saw one dealer that has a mattress for sale and we didn't think twice of buying it right away. Now, if you don't see us sleeping in our master's bedroom, my kids and I can be found sleeping comfortably on the mattress at our other room.

Sky's The Limit!

Due to the nature of his work, my husband often travels to attend seminars. I remember last time when he had to be away for a month, he was booking flights so often just to be able to come every weekend to check on us. Just imagine the cost of plane fares today so it's just fortunate that he was able to avail of good flight deals especially when booking in advance. Because of that experience, we plan to go on vacation summer next year by availing this great air deals.

Work Ahead of Time

I used to work in an Industrial firm before. The company I worked for was engaged in production of large industrial coils for exportation. In order to maintain high quality standards in the finished product, the company went into purchasing Industrial computers. These computers were actually different from the standard computers you see in the backroom or office since they were more involved in the production side of the company. They were also much bigger in size and would take up the space of a small room. Regardless, investing on them was a wise decision, as we found out later, since these equipment would greatly benefit the company not only in terms of quality assurance but also in getting the job done way ahead of schedule.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not At Peace

I am supposed to go to sleep right now but I can't so I decided to go on blogging. Okay, I have a new helper at home for about 2 weeks already. And it's really hard to adjust with someone you don't know. To be honest, I don't want them around. But family/relatives are concerned of my well-being especially that I have a baby plus Chloe. For me, I think it's okay to hire someone who will just do our laundry and iron our clothes then leave me in peace. Because right now, our stay-in helper can't be trusted. She do the laundry and ironing but I ended up doing it again coz clothes are still crumpled. But what I despised the most is that I always caught her lying..but it's hard for her to escape me. She ended up telling the truth after I interrogated her.

Today, it's her day off. She promised to be back by 6pm but actually arrived by 10:00pm. I asked her where she'd been. I would've just considered her reasons but it somehow raised my eyebrow. She said that my brother's helper held her up and that was the reason why she came home late. She didn't know that I called at my brother's house and I was told by the helper that she already left at 5pm. When I told her about that, she apologized for lying.

Then, I also told her that while she was gone, I went to the guest room (where she slept) and found my bag and my sterling silver ring hidden in her cabinet. I could tell she was shocked when I found out. She tried not to wince. I told her in a calm manner but warned her that I don't want this to happen ever again and that she's not allowed to get any of my things even though I'm not currently using it. Right now, I am actually thinking of letting her go. I don't trust her and I'm really pissed off with her lies. It may be hard as of the moment if we don't have help but it's hard for me to allow someone to live with us with a bad attitude. Before I went to our bedroom, I secured some of our things at the living room to make sure she won't get it should she think of leaving. So you see, even at my own home, I'm not at peace anymore...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Time Management

It's currently 7:45 am in my clock and I took this opportunity to blog while baby Zoe went back to her sleep. My eldest daughter, Chloe, went to school around 7:25 am and it was her dad who drove her. Usually, I wanted her to go out of the house by 7:15 am to avoid traffic and my husband will still have time to prepare himself for work. But starting last Wednesday, it was Chloe's 2nd Quarter exam so their class started at 8:00 am and she will be home by 10:00 am instead of 11:45 am.

Ok, so I'm mostly talking about the time here. After I gave birth to Zoe, my sleeping habit was quite erratic. Gladly, Zoe's sleeping pattern gradually changed so instead of waking up every 3 hours, it's now stretch to 4 or very rarely, 5 hours. I expect more changes when she's on her 3rd month, hehe. Since our maid left, we hired a new one but I made sure to wake up early because if I don't, she will wake up very late (as i mostly experienced). So, I am now waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning and helped prepare food for breakfast. By 6 am, Chloe is already awake (with the help of her alarm clock) and I joined her for breakfast. It's our bonding moment. Sometimes, Zoe is awake at this hour but sometimes, still asleep. My husband and I made an agreement in taking turns of feeding the baby. This is very important because there's still Chloe that we have to attend to. At night, I easily dozed off. But sometimes, I read a book before finally going off to dreamland =)

Right now, I am waiting for Zoe to wake up so that I can give her a bath. It's really me who's taking care of her and not anybody else as what others are usually practicing. I didn't hire a yaya and even though our maid told me she knows how to take care of the baby, I did not ask her to do so. I made sure that my baby is well taken care of. Besides, hygiene is also one issue that I need to discuss with our house help. I seem can't take her smell even though I told our her to take a bath daily. I asked her politely, though, but it seems she don't get it. My husband is bothered most of all, haha. He told me to buy her a deodorant or give her cologne just to get rid of that unpleasant smell..

Going back to my kids and the time, yeah I don't get enough sleep but as long as I know my kids are safe and my family's well taken cared of, then that's ok. At least I lack sleep not because of worrying but by attending to my family's needs.