Friday, October 1, 2010

Time Management

It's currently 7:45 am in my clock and I took this opportunity to blog while baby Zoe went back to her sleep. My eldest daughter, Chloe, went to school around 7:25 am and it was her dad who drove her. Usually, I wanted her to go out of the house by 7:15 am to avoid traffic and my husband will still have time to prepare himself for work. But starting last Wednesday, it was Chloe's 2nd Quarter exam so their class started at 8:00 am and she will be home by 10:00 am instead of 11:45 am.

Ok, so I'm mostly talking about the time here. After I gave birth to Zoe, my sleeping habit was quite erratic. Gladly, Zoe's sleeping pattern gradually changed so instead of waking up every 3 hours, it's now stretch to 4 or very rarely, 5 hours. I expect more changes when she's on her 3rd month, hehe. Since our maid left, we hired a new one but I made sure to wake up early because if I don't, she will wake up very late (as i mostly experienced). So, I am now waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning and helped prepare food for breakfast. By 6 am, Chloe is already awake (with the help of her alarm clock) and I joined her for breakfast. It's our bonding moment. Sometimes, Zoe is awake at this hour but sometimes, still asleep. My husband and I made an agreement in taking turns of feeding the baby. This is very important because there's still Chloe that we have to attend to. At night, I easily dozed off. But sometimes, I read a book before finally going off to dreamland =)

Right now, I am waiting for Zoe to wake up so that I can give her a bath. It's really me who's taking care of her and not anybody else as what others are usually practicing. I didn't hire a yaya and even though our maid told me she knows how to take care of the baby, I did not ask her to do so. I made sure that my baby is well taken care of. Besides, hygiene is also one issue that I need to discuss with our house help. I seem can't take her smell even though I told our her to take a bath daily. I asked her politely, though, but it seems she don't get it. My husband is bothered most of all, haha. He told me to buy her a deodorant or give her cologne just to get rid of that unpleasant smell..

Going back to my kids and the time, yeah I don't get enough sleep but as long as I know my kids are safe and my family's well taken cared of, then that's ok. At least I lack sleep not because of worrying but by attending to my family's needs.

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Unknown said...

Cookie: Understand here, sometimes 24 hrs isn't really enough. So must be very smart and clever to steal those tiny lil bits of time! Lol