Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not At Peace

I am supposed to go to sleep right now but I can't so I decided to go on blogging. Okay, I have a new helper at home for about 2 weeks already. And it's really hard to adjust with someone you don't know. To be honest, I don't want them around. But family/relatives are concerned of my well-being especially that I have a baby plus Chloe. For me, I think it's okay to hire someone who will just do our laundry and iron our clothes then leave me in peace. Because right now, our stay-in helper can't be trusted. She do the laundry and ironing but I ended up doing it again coz clothes are still crumpled. But what I despised the most is that I always caught her lying..but it's hard for her to escape me. She ended up telling the truth after I interrogated her.

Today, it's her day off. She promised to be back by 6pm but actually arrived by 10:00pm. I asked her where she'd been. I would've just considered her reasons but it somehow raised my eyebrow. She said that my brother's helper held her up and that was the reason why she came home late. She didn't know that I called at my brother's house and I was told by the helper that she already left at 5pm. When I told her about that, she apologized for lying.

Then, I also told her that while she was gone, I went to the guest room (where she slept) and found my bag and my sterling silver ring hidden in her cabinet. I could tell she was shocked when I found out. She tried not to wince. I told her in a calm manner but warned her that I don't want this to happen ever again and that she's not allowed to get any of my things even though I'm not currently using it. Right now, I am actually thinking of letting her go. I don't trust her and I'm really pissed off with her lies. It may be hard as of the moment if we don't have help but it's hard for me to allow someone to live with us with a bad attitude. Before I went to our bedroom, I secured some of our things at the living room to make sure she won't get it should she think of leaving. So you see, even at my own home, I'm not at peace anymore...

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