Friday, September 24, 2010

Music Is Good For Babies

As I am writing this blog, my baby Zoe is fast asleep while listening to my classical music collection. I always believed that music has a good influence on babies and has a powerful effect on their emotions and intellect. I have researched before that music can affect the way a person thinks and it's possible that babies grow up to be musically-inclined. I've read, too, that when a child is exposed to music earlier, it can help improve their reasoning thus they are good in solving a puzzle. I find it quite true because this is what I've experienced with my eldest daughter, Chloe, who is now 7 years old and is very musically-inclined and not to brag, but quite an achiever at school.

But of course, I don't rely in music only. Encouragement and follow-up matters. We have to motivate our kids so that they will continue in excelling where they're good at. Once we know that they are good in that certain aspect, we don't stop but continue to check on them, praise them and guide them if needed. Music may influenced them but if it's combined with our love, care and understanding, then our kids will have a balance or stable emotions, reasoning and inter-relationship skills.

I am sharing this hoping that other parents or parents-to-be will get something out from my experience. Even when I was pregnant with Chloe and Zoe, I listened to music because I believe babies can hear it while they were still in my tummy. Sometimes, I placed a headphone in my tummy for them to really hear the music that I wanted them to listen.

Just make sure that you don't let your babies listen to noisy or loud music because it might damage their hearing. You can also sing lullabies to the babies because it can somehow soothe them. I also let my kids listen to Psalty's Praise and Worship songs. It's really great for them and they will learn a lot of good things out from that collection since it's a Christian music. I've noticed that Zoe stopped being cranky if 'Amen, Praise the Lord' is being played. Perhaps it's her favorite song =)


MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Cookie.

It's always interesting to know if babies who are still inside the tummy can really hear the music mom's are playing... but studies say they do.

Have a great day Mommy Cookie!

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Phebie said...

yeah I totally agree with you Mommy Cokz...:)