Thursday, September 23, 2010

Skin Care

Our skin is the first line of defense in our body. Microorganisms can easily penetrate if we don't take good care of our skin so, it needs to be protected. Other than taking vitamins, it's good to put on some lotion or oil to keep our skin soft and smooth.

After I wash my body at night, I put on some body oil to keep my skin healthy and not rough to touch, plus it gives me a relaxing feeling after doing so. My 7 year old daughter told me she wants her skin to glow that she's the one who is always using my Beautiful body oil for she also likes the scent. Since it's almost empty, I might try to purchase Angel body oil as recommended by my friend. I can even purchase it online, 1/2 dram vials for $2 only. With this price, I am thinking to get for more!

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