Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cough and Cold

Chloe has a cough and cold since yesterday and just today, I woke up having a sore throat. This afternoon, my head ached so I decided to drink medicine right away. So far, I felt better but I am still hoping that this would not progress to cough and cold because I still need to take care of Zoe. At Chloe's school, I've learned that some of her schoolmates contracted sore eyes. I told Chloe to refrain from those kids for the meantime because the virus is contagious. And since Zoe is still very small, I just can't allow those kind of illnesses to occur in our house because the baby's immune system is still weak. So for precautions, we avoid going out to public places, especially that the weather is quite bad these days, and also refrain from getting near to people with existing illnesses...

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