Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nostalgia: High School Life

One of my turning points in life was when I officially became a teenager! In this picture, I just turned 13 and I had a happy celebration with my 1st-year classmates/barkadas at home. My mom prepared snacks for us and a cake with candles for me to blow.

This picture was taken at the lawn outside our house in Butuan City. We stayed there for 3 years and then left for good to Cagayan de Oro City. I still miss this place for the people there were nice to me :-)

And oh, if you have a hard time looking for me at this pic, I'm the one with long hair and grinning from ear to ear =)

My entry for:


Safe Storage

We used to have only one computer before until my husband decided to buy me a laptop while he will continue using our PC. That way, I can blog and use the net whenever I want without being bothered and vice-versa. What I don't like in his PC is that he's always upgrading it. He and my brother were so alike in doing that but hubby told me that they both have portable hard drives where it's easy for them to retrieve their files, most especially their games. Well, since I am not that techie, I live that up to him.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Temporarily Moved Out...

It's been 2 weeks now since we started living at my mom's house. My 2 kids and I moved out because our house is currently on renovation. My husband would only come to my mom's place after his office hours up till night but go back to house to sleep there to make sure our things are still safe. Our bedrooms were untouched, only our living room, our kitchen and garage were altered.

Before we live in that house, it was already planned by my husband's family to turn the house into a duplex type. It was actually big for us but now that it's renovated, our house got smaller and only our rooms remained big. On the brighter side, I've less area to clean :-)

I've a hard time blogging anytime at my mom's place for I'm always sleepy. You see, I'm the one taking care of the baby at night when she asked for milk or when she wanted me to cuddle her. Then I've to wake up early in the morning, on or before 5 am to prepare things for Chloe who I will drive to school on or before 7 am. Her school is far from my mom's place. Unlike in our house, it would only take 5-10minutes to drive her to school.

When the clock strikes 9:30 pm, I'm already sleepy for I lack sleep. Good for my husband, he's having great sleep back at home! sigh.. I wish this renovation thing will be over so that I can go back to my usual routine =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ostrich Egg

This is my eldest daughter Chloe (the one on the left side) with her best friend Yoyee (the one wearing a hat). They were still in preschool in this picture and this was taken during their field trip at Crocodile and Ostrich Farm here in Cagayan de Oro City. Both of them were giggling as they held the egg of an ostrich. Yeah, that egg was real. It was so sturdy that they even stood on top of the egg yet it didn't break. Big people tried it, too, but nothing happened to this egg.

This is my entry for:

Perfect Unit

My hubby mentioned to me just last month that he felt a little relieved when their company issued almost all of them new business desktops. It was what they need for their old unit was already obsolete. But with the new one, it was very useful for its features were helpful with regards to their work. He said he likes it when the screen is wide for he can easily see and identify things even without wearing his eyeglasses :-)

Rocky Road

A friend of mine once confided to me that his mom used to suffer from gambling addiction. He shared it to me when he saw where me and my hubby used to live. Our place was familiar to him for it was where his mom used to gamble. He mentioned he almost carried his mom and the chair she was sitting just to let her go home. His mom soon stops but their family had a hard time dealing with her, and so was his mom. Finally, his mom went to see a counselor on how to deal with her addiction and slowly, she recovered and surpassed everything. I was glad hearing on my friend's story for all of them never gave up to each other.

Too Far From Home

Hello everyone! Sorry wasn't able to update here coz I was kind of busy lately. Thanks a lot to all my blogger friends to took time to read and comment on some of my posts. I've been trying to balance my household chores and time for my kids especially with my 11 month old Zoe. Her older sister Chloe went back to school, too, and she's now in grade 2. I've to wake up early for her and prepare breakfast and things she needs for school.

Our house is currently on renovation that hubby and I decided to move out for awhile. Our kids and I are staying at my mom's place. Hubby would come here but go to our house late at night because somebody must check and see to it that it's safe. I hope this would be over very soon for I am so tired driving my daughter to her school for it's so far at my mom's place, whereas at our home, it only takes 5-10 minute ride. Now, it will take us 30-45minutes (!) if there's heavy traffic.

Anyway, be visiting your blog soon. I'll just do some update here and some of my opps and go to sleep early for tomorrow I need to wake up at 5:00 am. Be visiting blogs this weekend ;-)