Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too Far From Home

Hello everyone! Sorry wasn't able to update here coz I was kind of busy lately. Thanks a lot to all my blogger friends to took time to read and comment on some of my posts. I've been trying to balance my household chores and time for my kids especially with my 11 month old Zoe. Her older sister Chloe went back to school, too, and she's now in grade 2. I've to wake up early for her and prepare breakfast and things she needs for school.

Our house is currently on renovation that hubby and I decided to move out for awhile. Our kids and I are staying at my mom's place. Hubby would come here but go to our house late at night because somebody must check and see to it that it's safe. I hope this would be over very soon for I am so tired driving my daughter to her school for it's so far at my mom's place, whereas at our home, it only takes 5-10 minute ride. Now, it will take us 30-45minutes (!) if there's heavy traffic.

Anyway, be visiting your blog soon. I'll just do some update here and some of my opps and go to sleep early for tomorrow I need to wake up at 5:00 am. Be visiting blogs this weekend ;-)

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