Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Liv in Me ;)

I like taking quizzes at blogthings that I took one of their challenges, What Modern Bombshell Are You? Questions asked to me were the following (i excluded the choices):

1. Imagine you have a red carpet event to attend. What would you end up wearing?
2. Your glamour make-up look is:
3. If you weren't rocking the pinup look, you would most like to wear:
4. What's your signature pose?
5. What's your best feature?


WHOA! Wish I'm as pretty as her, hehehe... I guess what we have in common is that we're not narcissistic.

You Are Most Like Liv Tyler

“I don't want to spend so much time obsessing about myself.”

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes, I Can Cook!

You Are a Learning Cook

You've got the makings of an excellent
cook, and the desire to be one.

But right now, you're just lacking the
experience. You couldn't be a top chef yet,
but you could be an apprentice.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Field Trip

Chloe wearing white shirt & fuschia sweater; Kitchen tour at McDonald's with teacher

Last Wednesday, my daughter who is in K-1 had their field trip. She was so excited to join the excursion that she woke up very early in the morning (around 5:30 am). I whispered to her in bed to go back to sleep, so she closed her eyes – but I don’t think she really went back to sleep. They were to meet at school and leave at around 9 am, so imagine the time…

When we drove her to school, I thought their teacher would postpone their fieldtrip because it rained the whole night until that very morning. Good thing that it was not cancelled. However, one of the destinations would have to be excluded since they wanted to avoid any risks. That was fine, safety first before anything else. What was more important was for the kids to experience fun and exposure. Anyway, they were all so excited that I can't imagine their faces if ever the trip won't push thru.

At Nature's Spring Processing Plant

My husband and I always try to be there for our daughter every time she has a school activity. Quite the stage-parents, aren’t we? (hehe). But well, we just want to support her, ok?!(",). And usually, she rides with us while most of her classmates would opt to ride in the school van. But this particular day, she told us that she wanted to ride together with her teacher and classmates. So that would mean that my husband and I would have to follow the van in a convoy. I tried to ask her thrice if she really wanted to, even telling to her (in a whisper) that her dad would want her to ride with us. But she was persistent. So finally, I conceded and handed her over to her teacher. When I was in our car with my husband, I realized that it was I who suffered separation anxiety. My little girl is growing up and is slowly trying to do things on her own! I got a little bit emotional on this, but then I had to accept it as a fact of life (sigh).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stubborn Love

Caught again, Your faithless friend
Don't You ever tire of hearing what a fool I've been?
Guess I should pray, But what can I say?
Oh it hurts to know the hundred times I've caused You pain
Though 'forgive me' sounds so empty when I never change
Yet You stay and say 'I love you still'
Forgiving me time and time again

It's Your stubborn love that never lets go of me
I don't understand how You can stay
Perfect love embracing the worst in me
How I long for You - stubborn love

Funny me, Just couldn't see
Even long before I knew You, You were loving me
Sometimes I cry, You must cry too
When You see the broken promises I've made to You
I keep saying that I'll trust You though I seldom do
Yet You stay and say You love me still
Knowing someday I'll be like You

And You never let me go
I believe I finally know
I can't live without Your stubborn love.

Are you familiar with this song? If you don’t, this song was sung by Kathy Troccoli, one of my favorite soul singers. I knew this song when I was in College. My husband, who was then my boyfriend, would play the guitar for me while he let me sing. And even now that we’re married, we still do sing it together. I get so moved every time I sing or listen to this song. Who wouldn’t? Just read the lyrics (if you don’t know the tune) and you will know what I mean.

I used to be an active member in a religious organization back in College. After I graduated, I joined another similar organization, but one for young professionals. However, after getting married, I haven’t been participating anymore because of conflicts in my schedule (family, school, chores, etc.). But even then while I was an active member, I often experienced spiritual dryness. I tried choosing my own path, yet I still felt empty and lost in the end. The scripture and some inspirational books helped me find my way. Christian songs were a great help, too. They do soothe the soul. Even now that I’m not a member in any organization, I still listen to these kinds of music and reflect on the things that I’ve done. Many times have I faltered, turned my back on Him, yet in the end, with bended knees, I ask for His forgiveness and return to Him. God’s love for me is really so stubborn. And I thank Him for not letting me go.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Avatar

Been up to something lately that I haven't put any entry in my blog. Anyways, I happen to browse where you can create your own avatar. So, I tried to picture myself and created a virtual me and came up with this result:

But when my husband saw it, he said he knew my face better than myself (duh!). So, he tried to make another avatar. While doing it, he kept looking at me, trying to observe every line of my face. Told him to better look a picture of me in the computer to create a virtual me. I was a bit busy of some chores and his glare made me a bit conscious, haha...

After finishing his 'craft', he came up with this:

He said I look like this especially on Sundays (but hey, I don't have ears like that!). He even put a makeup on my face with pink lipstick. Funny...told him that maybe he could be a good makeup artist (lolz). But actually, I did appreciate his work ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Itazura Na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss)

My husband is a huge fan of Anime. He’s so into Japanese stuff like the games in PSP or Playstation, and even tried talking to me about his Manga collection, which is also a Japanese product. If you ask me, I don’t know any of these. (Just ask me about Sanrio’s Hello Kitty because that’s all I knowJ). I wasn’t a big fan, never even bothered to watch and never understood any of these Animes that he was so engrossed in watching.

But one time, just last month, my husband was laughing out loud while watching an episode of one particular anime. It was a lazy weekend, with not much to do, so I sat down with him trying to understand what all the laughter was about. To my surprise, I ended up laughing with him, too. I think it was the story’s 17th episode already. I asked my husband to give me a little detail on the previous story, but soon I asked for more.

The title of the anime was Itazura Na Kiss or Mischievous Kiss. In the episode that I watched, Kotoko, a student nurse, was fuming mad deep inside at her classmates for admiring and fantasizing about Naoki Irie, a genius and very handsome medical student, who just happens to be her husband, but she didn’t divulge to them yet that they were actually married. Her classmates were even wishing (right to her face) that if Irie were married, they would try to steal him so that he would divorce his wife, much to Kotoko’s annoyance. Anyway, in the end, everyone knew because Irie came and talked to her. That episode was really funny and I JUST CAN’T believe I continued watching the series up to the 21st or latest episode! Now, I asked my hubby to give me a copy of the previous episodes because I wanted to watch and understand the story from the very beginning.

The story was actually cute and unique in some ways, especially in the early episodes when the two were still high school students. Kotoko was a high-spirited girl who belonged to Class F in their school but so in love with Irie, who is a genius and belonged to Class A. After mustering the courage to give him a love letter, she got totally rejected. Irie would then always reject her afterwards, but later it turned out that the guy really fell for her. In fact, they even got married, but the story still continues on after that. It was just so funny because in the Anime they exaggerate emotions or feelings, but I got used to it somehow. I don’t know if I would still watch another Anime title, but well, we can always change our views, right? All I know right now is that I’m very much looking forward to what will happen on the next episode of Itazura Na Kiss ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding vs. Made Of Honor

What do these two movies have in common? Well obviously, in both of the films, the protagonist was chasing after a best friend after finding out that he/she was about to be married. I watched My Best friend’s Wedding a long time ago and I found the movie to be really entertaining. Julia Roberts, as Julienne, played her character so well as the scheming, conniving, two-faced maid of honor, who was hoping to break the wedding of her best friend, Michael (played by Dermot Mulroney) and his bride-to-be, Kim (played by Cameron Diaz). But in the end, Julienne got to accept the fact that Michael loved Kim, that the two were meant for each other, and that she had to let go of her feelings and her selfishness. Aside from a good plot, the film also had one of the best soundtracks I heard. I just loved all of the music, which suited so well with each scene in the movie.

Recently, I got to watch the movie, Made of Honor, with Patrick (McDreamy) Dempsey playing the lead character, Tom. Described as a killer dater, Tom was a rich womanizer but never got romantically involved with his best friend, Hannah (played by Michelle Monaghan). However, things changed after Hannah came back from Scotland and introduced to Tom the man she was going to marry. Even worse, the guy apparently had royal blood and was much, much richer than Tom, much to the latter’s dismay and annoyance. But sure of his feelings for his best friend, Tom tried everything he could to win her back, even agreeing to be Hannah’s “Maid of Honor” just so he could be near her. In the end, he finally won her heart and they got married.

Now I don’t know about your opinion on these two movies, but if you ask me, I was more entertained by My Best Friend’s Wedding. The plot, the timing, the characters were perfectly portrayed by the actors, and even though they did not end up with each other, I felt no regret as a viewer, and was even relieved and satisfied with how the story went. In fact, I praised Julia's character even more after she accepted her defeat. In Made of Honor, the story was okay because the two best friends ended up with each other. However, I found it odd that the characters who were supposed to be best of friends were a bit awkward with each other, even during their friendship stage. And in some instances, the supposedly funny scenes turned out more corny than funny. Anyway, that was my own observation. Nonetheless, I think it was a wise decision to cast McDreamy for the lead in this picture. Otherwise, I wouldn't have given the film much recognition.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My New Template

So, what do you think of my new template? I guess I'll be using this for the meantime...or maybe permanently. I'm so thankful that my sister-in-law, Bogie, came over to my place to help me fix the problem I have early this afternoon. She's a fellow blogger so she's the one I could rely on with things like this. I could not really do this all by myself coz honestly, I'm not so good in changing the layout of my blog. It was, in fact, Bogie who made my old template. Ah, so nice to have a sister.
I'm not that mad at Glenn anymore. He texted me 3 times to say sorry and after his last text, I replied, but told him that I made a blog entitled I'm So Mad to release all my frustrations. Anyway, I would like to thank Karen, Darling and Lalaine for trying to cheer me up. Don't worry, I'm smiling now (but 2 of these girls also sympathized with Glenn, huh).
Well, before going home from work, I told Glenn to buy food for dinner to make up for the mess that he made. So, I guess this is all for tonight.

I'm So Mad!!!

I am so not in the mood today. In fact, I am fuming mad that I can't think properly. Well, if you noticed, the layout of my blog is so different from before. Well, thanks to my husband! He was actually trying to help me fix a little problem with my layout but HE'S actually No Help at all!!! In fact, I didn't even ask for his help!!! With just one click, he turned everything wrong. And I cannot retrieve my old template or layout anymore. I lost all my blogroll links, my cbox, and everything! Even my picture was gone! Early this morning, I was even elated when I found out that my visitors have reached to more than 700 but I guess everything went back to zero. How I wanted to delete my blog right now! However, I just submitted some of my sponsored blogs so I guess I have to bear with this.
I asked my sister in law to come to my house to help me fix this because I think she's more of a help than my husband. He should've been more careful the mere fact that he doesn't even do blogging at all.
And while writing this blog and pouring out my annoyance, my very good husband texted me to say sorry and that he admitted his mistake.
Honestly, I just can't forgive him right then and there. Everything happened just two hours ago. And I am still so disappointed, frustrated and enraged at this moment.

White Rose

Thank you very much Bogie for this beautiful flower.

What does a white rose represent? White is a color symbolic of many positive things, such as marriage, purity, virtue, and innocence. White is linked to emotions of harmony and serenity. The breathtaking purity and simplistic beauty of a white rose can’t be beat. White roses signify deep, clear emotions. They are given without reservation or ambivalence. The red rose signifies lust or passion, but the white rose goes much deeper to suggest an infinite love that goes to the very core of one’s being. It carries an almost spiritual significance. White roses symbolize devotion, kindness, and deep friendship in love.

Now I'm passing on this shining, shimmering, splendid white rose to some of my lovely friends and now I'm tagging them as well…

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Love My Family

You Are Somewhat Closer to Your Family

Your family isn't perfect, but you wouldn't trade them for another family.
And when it matters, your family is there for you.
You have great friends, and your friends do play an important role in your life.
But with your family, your connection is deeper and stronger than it could ever be with friends.