Friday, September 5, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding vs. Made Of Honor

What do these two movies have in common? Well obviously, in both of the films, the protagonist was chasing after a best friend after finding out that he/she was about to be married. I watched My Best friend’s Wedding a long time ago and I found the movie to be really entertaining. Julia Roberts, as Julienne, played her character so well as the scheming, conniving, two-faced maid of honor, who was hoping to break the wedding of her best friend, Michael (played by Dermot Mulroney) and his bride-to-be, Kim (played by Cameron Diaz). But in the end, Julienne got to accept the fact that Michael loved Kim, that the two were meant for each other, and that she had to let go of her feelings and her selfishness. Aside from a good plot, the film also had one of the best soundtracks I heard. I just loved all of the music, which suited so well with each scene in the movie.

Recently, I got to watch the movie, Made of Honor, with Patrick (McDreamy) Dempsey playing the lead character, Tom. Described as a killer dater, Tom was a rich womanizer but never got romantically involved with his best friend, Hannah (played by Michelle Monaghan). However, things changed after Hannah came back from Scotland and introduced to Tom the man she was going to marry. Even worse, the guy apparently had royal blood and was much, much richer than Tom, much to the latter’s dismay and annoyance. But sure of his feelings for his best friend, Tom tried everything he could to win her back, even agreeing to be Hannah’s “Maid of Honor” just so he could be near her. In the end, he finally won her heart and they got married.

Now I don’t know about your opinion on these two movies, but if you ask me, I was more entertained by My Best Friend’s Wedding. The plot, the timing, the characters were perfectly portrayed by the actors, and even though they did not end up with each other, I felt no regret as a viewer, and was even relieved and satisfied with how the story went. In fact, I praised Julia's character even more after she accepted her defeat. In Made of Honor, the story was okay because the two best friends ended up with each other. However, I found it odd that the characters who were supposed to be best of friends were a bit awkward with each other, even during their friendship stage. And in some instances, the supposedly funny scenes turned out more corny than funny. Anyway, that was my own observation. Nonetheless, I think it was a wise decision to cast McDreamy for the lead in this picture. Otherwise, I wouldn't have given the film much recognition.


Karen said...

Hi cooks! Great reviews! I haven't seen either movies - I don't know why (but am curious about Maid of Honor because I'm a McDreamy fan lol)... Chada kaayo imu review... I can "feel" your insight... and get what you're saying though I haven't seen the movies.

About the "dress code" oh well, I guess sometimes I get so sloppy (as you see me sometimes); but promise! the clothes I wore when madam got polyvore mad was NOT PROVOCATIVE jud!!! haaay c mader hahahha..

kisses to chloe. loved her outfit today!

amiable amy said...

i like the 2 movies giggling because i remember the scenes specially with julia's movie...the soundtract is phenomenal

Cookie said...

to soul anchor

really????!! you haven't watched My Best Friend's Wedding?! It was an all-time favorite. You SHOULD watch :)

Mommy Dharlz said...

loved both movies--- feel good, makahilak sa tunga2x, makasmile sa ending---

Shemah said...

My vote goes to My Best Friend's Wedding.. it was fun, humorous, touching and it made me cry! One of my all time favourites. Made of Honor was just alright for me.. you're right.. if it weren't for Patrick Dempsey, the watch factor would drop a couple of points.

Besides, my best friend's wedding had a logical ending that we could all accept and love anyways. :)

A said...

i so totally agree! if it weren't for McDreamy, i wouldn't have watched it as well... My best friend's wedding was way better, the ending was also more realistic, in a sense that one can't have it all... and the soundtrack was so awesome, i bought it! :)