Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My New Template

So, what do you think of my new template? I guess I'll be using this for the meantime...or maybe permanently. I'm so thankful that my sister-in-law, Bogie, came over to my place to help me fix the problem I have early this afternoon. She's a fellow blogger so she's the one I could rely on with things like this. I could not really do this all by myself coz honestly, I'm not so good in changing the layout of my blog. It was, in fact, Bogie who made my old template. Ah, so nice to have a sister.
I'm not that mad at Glenn anymore. He texted me 3 times to say sorry and after his last text, I replied, but told him that I made a blog entitled I'm So Mad to release all my frustrations. Anyway, I would like to thank Karen, Darling and Lalaine for trying to cheer me up. Don't worry, I'm smiling now (but 2 of these girls also sympathized with Glenn, huh).
Well, before going home from work, I told Glenn to buy food for dinner to make up for the mess that he made. So, I guess this is all for tonight.

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