Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Update

Hi guys! Was missing in action again :p Actually, I've been visiting my blog almost everyday and I have so many things to share in this blog until everything's mixed up in my head and in the end, I don't have anything to write, hehe. Well, I'm quite busy doing the mommy thing. My baby, Zoe, is already past her first month and she's really keeping me busy. I've to wake up about 3x from midnight til morn to feed her and put her down to sleep. I'm trying to catch up with my sleep, too, and that's why I rarely do blogging or surfing in the evening coz I'm very sleepy when the clock strikes at 8 or 9 o'clock --- I easily dozed off... However, taking care of the baby for the 2nd time is manageable unlike my experience with Chloe that I ended up looking like a zombie. This time, it's easier but I now have a problem with my weight especially on how to get rid on my flabby tummy :-( My doctor says I've to wait for about 3mos to return to my pre-pregnancy form but I'm doubting it... Guess I need to back it up with exercise and lessen my food intake because I really love to eat these days, hehe.

Sharing to you some pictures of my little ones:

Chloe with newborn Zoe

Zoe's 1st month (Taken last August 12, 2010)

Chloe's School Update

Last August 20, 2010, I went to Chloe's school for a Parent Teacher Conference. Parents were asked to go to school to get their child's report card and talk to their adviser for some updates. I went there in the morning and so far, I got a very positive feedback on Chloe. Her adviser told me that Chloe's got a very good penmanship and creative, as she's very good in drawing in coloring. Actually, her preschool teachers already mentioned this to me so her comment was just an affirmation that she's good in that aspect. Her grade 1 adviser's only concern was that Chloe only had few friends at school, in fact, she thought she's aloof. But of late, she was glad that she gained few friends when she (the teacher) reshuffled them in their seats. I told the teacher that Chloe's a sensitive girl. When somebody's trying to bully her, she doesn't want to be near that child again. But I know my daughter very well. She's not a silent type but perhaps she became quiet when her teacher's around because she's a pleaser, hehe. She was aiming to get 20 super tickets that her teacher will mark on her notebook because she will be given a prize --- and she really got it! :p

But I won't deny that my child's a little bit choosy with friends and she can really live by her own self. She better draw or make some sketches than to play with others and ended up bickering. Still, I encouraged Chloe to be friends with others but not to follow the bad manners :-)

After I received her report card, I got a very big grin on my face :D. I'm proud to say that my daughter has maintained her good grades even now that she's in grade one and in a new school. She got straight A's in all her subject (Filipino, English, Math, Science, Civics or Sibika and Computer) the mere fact that I don't even pressure her to study everyday. I still find playing, napping and relaxing a very vital aspect in Chloe's life apart from studying. Her 2 A minuses were not academically related/graded so, I can say that my daughter's life is normal. It would be too hard to believe that she has no flaws at all, I want her to have fun or enjoy her childhood. As a proud mommy, I've scanned her report card that you can see below :D
The following day, Chloe and I went out for a short while and asked her what she wanted to get as a reward. She only wanted to buy the hat that she saw at the mall with a very cheap price so I bought it, hehe. Kids are really not that hard to deal with :D :D

Chloe's Report Card for the First Grading (click to zoom):

Monday, August 30, 2010

Safe At Home

There's no class and work today because it's National Heroes Day. But we just stayed home. We have not yet bring Zoe anywhere apart from her appointment with her pediatrician. Same with Chloe, I don't bring the baby out if she's not yet baptized and less than 3 months. It's just our practice. I discourage bringing the baby to the mall because she is still susceptible to any illness. She still has plenty of vaccines to receive. I can only bring her when we go to church then go home. Perhaps when she's about 4 or 6 months old, we can bring her anywhere with us as long as we don't stay out for long.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chloe's 7th Birthday

Last July 18, 2010, Chloe celebrated her 7th birthday. But weeks before, I told her that she will have a simple birthday because I was already scheduled to give birth via C/S on July 12. Chloe's birthday in previous years were mostly held either at school or at the hotel, and sometimes, we hire a mascot to complete the program. But this time, I let her understand that it will be different. She agreed to celebrate it at our home but she made sure that she will have Lechon, invite some friends and she will have a Hannah Montana-theme party (whaaaat?!!). Good thing that my mom, who was about to come home from the US, was able to buy her a wig. My in laws don't want Chloe to feel inferior also, especially that she's going to have a baby sister, decided to take care of the food. My brother, who works at Coca-cola, took care of the drinks, my mom for the cake and my sister-in-law, Bogie, took charge of the invitations, programs and prizes for the kids. God bless them all! I was left only to arrange our place and entertain the visitors, hehehe =)
Below are some of the pics taken during her b-day:

Chloe Montana strikes a pose!

Chloe's yummy cake

Chloe's friends, cousins and neighbors in their funny pose :p

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today is Cagayan de Oro City's Fiesta. I'm pretty sure that the street will be busy these days and most especially the malls. However, in our place, it looks deserted. Since we don't live at the heart of the City anymore, our place here is just a normal day. Maybe some of our neighbors will have their own preparation at home. As for us, we didn't plan anything. I was just hoping to eat a chocolate cake, hehe. Chloe, however, asked her grandma (my MIL) to buy her a cake because it's fiesta. At first, she refused but in the end, she bought a cake for Chloe :D
Our patron saint in Cagayan de Oro is St. Augustine that's why our fiesta is celebrated every August 28. I hope others will have a great fiesta today...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Take A Break...

Went to SM mall today with Chloe. It's our date and my hubby told me to take a break and bring Chloe with me. I think I really deserve a short break from watching over the baby 24/7. I just bought stuff for Chloe and for the baby. Then, we had our snack at KFC, Chloe's favorite. I was tempted to buy books and collect Percy Jackson series because it was about 30-40% off at National Bookstore. But I didn't push thru. I have read the book anyways when my friend lent me her books. I was just hoping to buy it to pass it on to my kids. However, book is not a priority this time.. Perhaps some other time...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Off To Pediatrician

We brought Chloe and Zoe to their pediatrician today. Zoe is scheduled to receive her 2nd dose of HepB and Chloe for her Adacel, which is by the way expensive. The doctor usually had a hard time giving Chloe a vaccine because she has so many excuses. It's obvious that she doesn't like injection but she can be convinced, only it takes for quite awhile. This time, Zoe had her first shot. She cried a little but was easily soothe. Then, it was Chloe's turn. Challenged from her baby sister, Chloe was the one telling the doctor and her assistant to give her a shot right away. And in just a few seconds, it was finish and Chloe was even smiling and said that she's really brave (*wink*wink). I hope Chloe will maintain this kind of attitude because she will receive her next vaccine one year from now.

Parent Teacher Conference

Need to go to school today for the Parent Teacher Conference. Card will be distributed and need to update about my daughter's performance or socialization at school. Since it's a Friday, I asked my husband if he could go on leave in the morning only so that somebody can look after Zoe. Chloe don't have class but she's manageable already so, no fret about her. Glad that my hubby took a time off because he wanted me to go see Chloe's teachers, too, and know about how she's coping at school. Gotta go now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Is The Best

My hubby's in Davao City today until tomorrow so I'll be the one to pick Chloe up at school. I asked our house helper to look after Zoe while I'll be out for about 10-15minutes, depending on the traffic. Times like this, I'll just have to trust our helper to think she's only good in taking care of the house. I've always been a hands on mom to my kids and other than myself, I only trust my relatives in leaving the baby for a long time. But if there's no family member around, then that's the time that I have to trust somebody else but pray hard that no harm will come on my kids' way...

Monday, August 9, 2010

40th Anniversary

If my dad were still alive today, it would have been his and my mom's 40th wedding anniversary. But he passed away almost 10 years ago. It would've been great to see my parents renewed their vows and we, their children and grandchildren, witness their pledge of love. Despite my dad's absence, I greeted my mom a happy wedding anniversary. I'm sure my mom missed him but life goes on. We're just too glad that my mom's still around with us...