Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chloe's 7th Birthday

Last July 18, 2010, Chloe celebrated her 7th birthday. But weeks before, I told her that she will have a simple birthday because I was already scheduled to give birth via C/S on July 12. Chloe's birthday in previous years were mostly held either at school or at the hotel, and sometimes, we hire a mascot to complete the program. But this time, I let her understand that it will be different. She agreed to celebrate it at our home but she made sure that she will have Lechon, invite some friends and she will have a Hannah Montana-theme party (whaaaat?!!). Good thing that my mom, who was about to come home from the US, was able to buy her a wig. My in laws don't want Chloe to feel inferior also, especially that she's going to have a baby sister, decided to take care of the food. My brother, who works at Coca-cola, took care of the drinks, my mom for the cake and my sister-in-law, Bogie, took charge of the invitations, programs and prizes for the kids. God bless them all! I was left only to arrange our place and entertain the visitors, hehehe =)
Below are some of the pics taken during her b-day:

Chloe Montana strikes a pose!

Chloe's yummy cake

Chloe's friends, cousins and neighbors in their funny pose :p


CathJ said...

she so cute with the wig..hihihi..

Happy bday to her..

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Belated Birthday To Chloe! She is a very pretty Hannah Montana. ;) Lovely cake too.

Cecile said...

Happy Bday, Chloe :-)