Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today is Cagayan de Oro City's Fiesta. I'm pretty sure that the street will be busy these days and most especially the malls. However, in our place, it looks deserted. Since we don't live at the heart of the City anymore, our place here is just a normal day. Maybe some of our neighbors will have their own preparation at home. As for us, we didn't plan anything. I was just hoping to eat a chocolate cake, hehe. Chloe, however, asked her grandma (my MIL) to buy her a cake because it's fiesta. At first, she refused but in the end, she bought a cake for Chloe :D
Our patron saint in Cagayan de Oro is St. Augustine that's why our fiesta is celebrated every August 28. I hope others will have a great fiesta today...

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