Friday, August 20, 2010

Off To Pediatrician

We brought Chloe and Zoe to their pediatrician today. Zoe is scheduled to receive her 2nd dose of HepB and Chloe for her Adacel, which is by the way expensive. The doctor usually had a hard time giving Chloe a vaccine because she has so many excuses. It's obvious that she doesn't like injection but she can be convinced, only it takes for quite awhile. This time, Zoe had her first shot. She cried a little but was easily soothe. Then, it was Chloe's turn. Challenged from her baby sister, Chloe was the one telling the doctor and her assistant to give her a shot right away. And in just a few seconds, it was finish and Chloe was even smiling and said that she's really brave (*wink*wink). I hope Chloe will maintain this kind of attitude because she will receive her next vaccine one year from now.

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