Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mortgage Loan

When my friend and I often meet up, we talk anything under the sun. Last time we see each other, we talked about the house which she and her husband bought, and which led us to discuss about mortgage loan. She told me that they applied for loan modification a year earlier and how it saved them. I was glad she shared this to me as my hubby and I also planned in owning a house someday.

How about you? Perhaps you also have plans with regards to this matter. You can look for a good and reliable lending institution that can provide you with good rates. Your application will be easily approved if you have a good credit line. But if you have bad credit, you need not worry too much as you still have another option. Besides, home financing rates differs from financial institution. So, why not start planning today? Check the links here if you want to know more about it.

Simply Lazy

My daughter's supposedly have a test in Math tomorrow but there goes their teacher again, she postponed it. Others might say that I should be glad about it but am not. My daughter is ready to take the test and this didn't happen for the first time. The teacher kept on doing this. I just talked to her last week and told her to refrain from postponing her tests/quizzes/exams. But it seems useless. I guess she had plenty of earwax? Sorry for that but just can't help it. I find her lazy actually. She's teaching math! Come on! I hope she will not postpone it by next week or I'll be forced to report this to her superior. She's been doing this since 1st Quarter and they're already on their 4th Quarter right now! Just sharing my frustrations here...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Music and Me

When I was still single, I joined a certain community. In there I was able to develop my skills in singing. They have a band and I was invited to join. I was very happy about it for I was able to join them perform on some occasions. We were dedicated performers that we always find time to practice at least once a week. Good thing that one of the community members had a music studio and allowed us to practice for free. He had a complete set of instruments like the guitar, electric drum, keyboard and microphones. It had been 10 years since I last left the group but my experience with them were unforgettable.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We went to SM last weekend when my daughter saw Chinese displays at the mall. She wanted to have her picture taken so we all tagged along. It was only me and Chloe who were having photo ops as Zoe and dad distanced themselves from the noise.

Ni hao ma?

Me and Chloe wearing our white shorts

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream House

More than a month had passed since the typhoon almost destroyed my in-laws' house. They have been living with us since then but they have their house renovated. A lot of people discouraged them from going back. Yet they still thought of fixing their house but at the same time, they plan in getting a new house for themselves. They just need time as they to put everything in place first.

It cannot be denied, though, that they are scouting for a new, nice house in another subdivision. They saw many beautifully built houses and thought of owning it someday. But I guess what they also need as of now is to find the right type of mortgage loan that suits their needs. When everything normalizes, then that's the time they push thru with their plan B. As of the moment, they have to save money and hope to find a good lender. They still dream of building a house where they could eventually call their home.

Manila Ocean Park

Last time we traveled as a family was in February 2010. We went to Manila for a short vacation. It was Chloe's first time to be there and she had her grandest vacation ever. My cousin offered to drove us around Manila and Chloe was just so happy about it :-)

One of the places we went to was Manila Ocean park. My little girl was just too happy to see different sea creatures. Well, let the picture do the talking.

(L) Outside cousin's house in ParaƱaque (R) At the entrance of Manila Ocean Park

(L) Chloe and Daddy; (R) Blue-spotted Stingray

(L) Sharks behind Chloe; (R) Me and Chloe

The little jeepney driver =)

Me and Chloe

Baby Zoe was not yet born at this time but she was inside my tummy. I was about 4 months pregnant in this picture. When Zoe's old enough, I plan to bring her to Manila and see this memorable place.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Can You Read My Mind?

Sometimes, when we are down, we tend to go to our bedroom and cry. Others find solace in pouring their hearts out to friends, which is good. But there are those who just keep quiet or sulk in one corner for they don't know what to do.

Other people have other ways to cope with their confusions. They want answers and the best way for them to do it is to look for a psychic, like someone who does Tarot reading. Psychics are gifted clairvoyants. They have this unique talent in knowing the future.

Before, Tarot readers were hard to find. But these days, they can be reached thru online psychic reading, where their main mission is to help people. This site offers free private conversation to any of their psychics. As they don't like to charge you without your knowledge, they allow you to a free unlimited chats with their psychics prior to registration. They want you to know where the conversation is going. So after signing up for a free registration, and once you found the right psychic for you, that's when you pay for a private consultation.

The site makes sure that their psychics have strong spiritual abilities and a big desire to help others. And they aim to provide you with an expert psychic that's why their profiles are checked daily. They want you to be guided the best way possible. A money back guarantee is also assured if you are dissatisfied with the result.

You can visit the site for more details. I hope you can find the right one who can enlighten your mind. But remember, it’s only you who has the will to shape your own life. You make your own choice. But if you want to ask help from others, you can do so. It's worth a try as long as there's no harm done. At your lowest, you need a friend or someone to talk to. At least that way, they can help you ease your burden by just pouring out what you feel.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beef Steak

Even though this food was quite expensive, still, we bought this food from Dynasty Court restaurant on my birthday. Filipino Beef Steak tasted so yummy that I almost forgot who I was, lol.

Should there be another party at home, this beef steak will always be on top of my list ;-)

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Digital Education Library

Having a mini library at home is one of my dreams but I know it will take up space at home. But I just can't help but think about it since my daughter is quite a bookworm. Anyway, my husband told me that it's not necessary because we can easily research books online. Have you heard about Edu Brary? Well, they have all the necessary educational documents and study materials. When I visited their site and read other people's testimonials, it is inspiring to know that EduBrary had helped 94% of their members attain their GPAs.

The Educational Digital Materials Library has all thousands of study materials and study educational documents that are very useful in your learning. I suggest that you visit their site to know more about it.

The Nutcracker Ballet Show

Chloe joined The Nutcracker Ballet show last December 18, 2011. It was held at Rodelsa Hall at Liceo. If you can see her poses in this pictures, well, she's really good in projecting. However, her dance movement still needs improvement, hehe. We, her family, were all out support on her. She likes to dance and she likes to be on the stage, so, why should we contradict her? hehe. We can never tell what the future may bring on her ;-)

(L) Doing the Spanish Dance onstage; (R) Striking a pose after the show.

(L) With her Mama Bie (my mom); (R)Our family picture

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Silver Coins

Are you fond of collecting coins? Perhaps you are interested in collecting all Morgan Silver Dollars which offers all kinds of dollar coins. You might be interested in getting their 1927 silver dollar that was minted in Philadelphia with the diameter of 38.1 mm and thickness of 3.1 mm. It is currently available so better decide now! Or visit their site for a more detailed description.

Added Attraction

Ever thought of beautifying your home? How about putting pergolas outside your house? This is becoming popular these days as some home owners thought it adds attraction to the house.

You don't need to be worried about the weather for there is a retractable canopy attached to the pergolas. But if the weather is good, you can just tuck the canopy neatly to your pergola. This way, you can enjoy your stay anytime you want!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Portrait Cake

I celebrated my birthday last January 12 (Thursday) with a simple dinner at home with family and relatives. Hubby and I also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on that day. Time indeed flies so fast for it seems like yesterday when we tried to slice our cake together...

Our bittersweet 10 years was blessed with 2 beautiful kids, Chloe and Zoe. They were the precious gifts that I received from God♥

On my birthday, I only wish to have a beautiful cake so I contacted my baker friend, Zen of Isabel's Confections. My mom used to buy me cakes at Goldilocks but this time, I told her that a friend will make me a personalized cake. However, she still bought a small cake as per Chloe's instructions (shakes head)...

Going back to Zen, I only asked her 2 days prior to my birthday and glad that she accepted it. We came up with a photocake and I was so happy with the result! See pics below:

An Edible Family Portrait Cake
Butter Cake , Boiled Icing ,Gumpaste Decor
by: Zen of

Another angle of the cake... To let you know, Red is my favorite color :-)

Chloe made a heart ♥ shape... Our Family picture (I'm wearing the PMC shirt)

The family that blows the candle together, stays together ;-)

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Friday, January 13, 2012

High Quality Homes

One of my dream destinations is in Australia. I knew a lot of friends who worked, migrated and studied there and they said that it is really a nice place.

If only I have enough money to travel, I would like me and my family to go there and wish to stay at the award winning master planned estate, The Hunt Club. I know this kind of dream is impossible but who knows? We can never predict the future so right now, I'd like to go on with my imagination.

If you want to travel and hope to stay in a lavish home at land down under, you might like to see stunning display homes melbourne, Australia. It's a perfect place for you and your family and you can even afford to have it!

If this caught your attention, you can visit their site and see which house and land package you preferred to get. I'm sure you will not regret your stay in that beautifully designed family homes.

Girls In Red

These are my 2 girls having fun on New Year's Day. Baby Zoe seemed to understand things around her. She was just as excited as her Ate Chloe :-)

I love baby Zoe's big grin. She wore her red dress that was given to her by her ninong (godfather) a year ago. Finally, it fits her! :-)

Chloe took her new bathrobe that has polka dots to welcome the new year, hehe..

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Friendly Reminder

Eating nutritious food, maintaining proper hygiene, keeping physically fit are ways to live a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, human as we are, we tend to indulge and try things just to satisfy our curiosity. As long as it will not risk ones health then I think it is okay.

For a person who smoke, I think it is better that you'd change to blucigs as it has no tar, no tobacco, doesn't create ash and no smell at all. There are different flavors you can choose from the product so therefore, it won't create irritating smell to other people. And this comes cheaper than other brands.

But just a friendly reminder, try to take anything in moderation. Because using too much of it will endanger ones health. Discipline is the key to live a longer and meaningful life.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome 2012!

We celebrated our Media Noche last December 31, 2011 my place and my mom bought this cake from Goldilocks:

It was our first time to celebrate New Year at home for we usually go to my mom's place and stay there overnight. But because of some untoward circumstances and for everyone's accessibility, we decided to have a simple party at home.

Happy 2012 everyone!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Help And Earn!

My in-laws' phones were all damaged during the flood that happened last December 2011. They later bought cheap cell phones where they could make important texts and calls to our other relatives. However, their newly bought phones did not function anymore 2 weeks after. And it happened at the end of the phone's warranty period. Is there something fishy going on or where those phones they bought were just not reliable at all? My mother-in-law was quite enraged today that she throws the phone off to the trash.

When her anger subsides, I plan to talk to her and suggest to better get a reliable unit this time. I read all about Lightyear Wireless phone where one not only get a free cell phone service but make money as well just by helping others how to do it. Imagine how one can generate income by doing that and now I'm thinking of getting one for myself, too! Check out their site for more detailed information.

Zoe Has Fever :-(

My baby Zoe is sick. She has fever and I don't like it. I hope this will go away after I gave her paracetamol (mixed in her food). 3 months ago, she got sick also but that was just viral infection. She was cranky and it was so hard to deal with her. But what could I expect? She's just a baby! Crying was her only way of expression what she felt. Her cough and colds came in later. This time, I don't know. Weather is not good so is the air around us. Typhoon not only brought great disaster to our city. It also brought illness. Our health is compromised.

But I pray that Zoe will get well soon. I pray for her fast recovery but I just can't help but to worry. Her fever just started and I hope it will not worsen. Meantime, all I could do is to monitor her temp, give her lots of water and then pray hard...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Best Place

Are you planning to move to Hawaii or set up a business in there? But before doing that, why not try to check for the best location that you prefer to move? But I know for sure you will enjoy looking at the scenic beaches in Hawaii. The islands are highly inhabitable with great climate so I guess your stay in there is worthwhile.

If you are looking to own Hawaii real estate, check out This site will help you find residential homes or vacant lands or condominiums. They will even help you find for a commercial properties if are also interested. And if you only intend to stay there for a short vacation, the site has some lists of nice and beautiful villas where you will be comfortable to stay.

To lessen the hassle, you can make a quick search at their site by filling up the blank form and once you are done, you can easily get the result. By doing this, at least you will have an idea how much will you be spending and what services will be provided to you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Bundles of Joy

Meet my 2 princesses, Chloe and Zoe. They are my bundles of joy. Chloe loves her baby sister very much and baby Zoe adores her Ate Chloe. The pictures above were taken last December 25, 2011. We had a family portrait but I just published my kiddos pictures. I'll be posting our pictures together in another meme, hehe.

I'm linking this post to Wednesday Whites. Chloe was the one wearing white floral dress and Zoe wore her yellow floral dress. And both showed their pearly white teeth (I hope, haha).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unbeatable Deals!

I have not bought anything for myself last Christmas for I was busy giving gifts to other people. I decided to buy something for myself this January, my birthday month. But since I am also busy with my life at home, I tried to look for nice things via the internet. I came across and I can’t believe the price they are offering. They have nice and stylish jeans, branded perfumes and fine jewelries that are offered for a very low price!

Because they are offering great deals that you can hardly find it in another store, some people would think that this was just a hoax. I guarantee you that this not a nomorerack scam. I have checked with their site to make sure of it and indeed it was legit. I’ve read nomorerack reviews from other buyers as well as bloggers and they were able to purchase some products with them. I was even quite envious that they were able to buy great items for a cheap price. Once I’m done browsing their site, I’ll make some lists on which items I’d like to get. Try to visit their site if you are also interested to buy things from them!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pancit sa Bilao

A week after the typhoon hit our city, it was already Christmas Day. I was in no mood to celebrate a few days before Christmas but my husband told me that we should as he was thankful that his family was alive and complete even though their house was damaged.

I've realized that he was right, so we decided to order food from the restaurant (to lessen the hassles) and thank the Lord for the chance to celebrate Christmas with our family.

Shown in this picture was the Pancit sa Bilao for long life. This was ordered from Dear Manok and the taste was superb. Other foods we had were ordered at the restaurant and the desserts were given by family & friends of my in-laws. Have a great Sunday everyone!