Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream House

More than a month had passed since the typhoon almost destroyed my in-laws' house. They have been living with us since then but they have their house renovated. A lot of people discouraged them from going back. Yet they still thought of fixing their house but at the same time, they plan in getting a new house for themselves. They just need time as they to put everything in place first.

It cannot be denied, though, that they are scouting for a new, nice house in another subdivision. They saw many beautifully built houses and thought of owning it someday. But I guess what they also need as of now is to find the right type of mortgage loan that suits their needs. When everything normalizes, then that's the time they push thru with their plan B. As of the moment, they have to save money and hope to find a good lender. They still dream of building a house where they could eventually call their home.

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topsy said...

I couldn't agree more. Mortgage loan will be better for them.