Saturday, January 7, 2012

Help And Earn!

My in-laws' phones were all damaged during the flood that happened last December 2011. They later bought cheap cell phones where they could make important texts and calls to our other relatives. However, their newly bought phones did not function anymore 2 weeks after. And it happened at the end of the phone's warranty period. Is there something fishy going on or where those phones they bought were just not reliable at all? My mother-in-law was quite enraged today that she throws the phone off to the trash.

When her anger subsides, I plan to talk to her and suggest to better get a reliable unit this time. I read all about Lightyear Wireless phone where one not only get a free cell phone service but make money as well just by helping others how to do it. Imagine how one can generate income by doing that and now I'm thinking of getting one for myself, too! Check out their site for more detailed information.

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