Saturday, January 7, 2012

Zoe Has Fever :-(

My baby Zoe is sick. She has fever and I don't like it. I hope this will go away after I gave her paracetamol (mixed in her food). 3 months ago, she got sick also but that was just viral infection. She was cranky and it was so hard to deal with her. But what could I expect? She's just a baby! Crying was her only way of expression what she felt. Her cough and colds came in later. This time, I don't know. Weather is not good so is the air around us. Typhoon not only brought great disaster to our city. It also brought illness. Our health is compromised.

But I pray that Zoe will get well soon. I pray for her fast recovery but I just can't help but to worry. Her fever just started and I hope it will not worsen. Meantime, all I could do is to monitor her temp, give her lots of water and then pray hard...

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