Thursday, September 24, 2020

My Daughter The Artist

I used to post her achievements or upload her activities on YouTube. I used to make a blog about her when she was a kid until time came that she doesn't want me to write or post anything about herself. I dunno if it's just a teenage phase or maybe she's just too embarrass showing off about herself, lol. I stopped doing it also as not to pissed her off. But glad there were times that she would still allow me. But for today, I will not ask permission from her. I got a feeling that she would find out anyways as she often stalk my blog 😃

This is quite late already but I was just proud that she landed 2nd place in their Filipino Digital Poster Making at school last August. She's more on visual arts and just recently joined Digital Arts so placing second was a big boost on her part. She was awarded online early September during their Virtual assembly. 

Just to let you know that my daughter is struggling so hard in Filipino. It's hard for her to speak or write in Tagalog. She speaks English most of the time, or Visayan/Bisaya to some of her friends. And for her to win in one of their Filipino contests at school was a big honor on her part. Sharing to you a picture posted from their school, which I cropped and edited by the way, hehe.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Tough on Every Road, Every Inch a Hilux

Last September 12, 2020, leading mobility company Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has officially introduced the 2020 update on one of the most popular models in its lineup – the Toyota Hilux.

With its rugged looks and powerful performance, combined with Toyota’s signature quality, durability, and reliability, the Hilux further establishes its position as the country’s best-selling pick-up.

The hardworking Hilux has been a dependable road companion for Filipinos for city driving and off-road adventures, whether at work or at play. In 2019, it captured a commanding 30.5% segment share, a lead that TMP is looking to maintain through the introduction of the world-renowned pickup badge’s latest version.

“This 2020, the NEW TOYOTA HILUX and TOYOTA HILUX CONQUEST arrive with an impressive new look, that is more rugged and exciting than ever.” said TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto during the online launch of the new vehicle. “The new Hilux is designed to meet the tough demands of Filipino drivers and the country's varying roads. I am confident that the Hilux would once again prove why it is the Philippines' pick-up of choice. Tough on every road, every inch a HILUX.” he added.

The New Hiluxcomes with improvements on its looks, performance, and features, and is available in 4x4 Conquest and 4x2 Conquest variants, G AT and MT, and E MT. Combining the improvements and competitive pricing, Hilux customers get more value for money on their vehicle with the E variant starting at Php 1.1M.

Made More Rugged and Exciting

Made tougher, more rugged, and even more exciting, TMP introduces the New Hilux in Emotional Red, a color exclusive to its Conquest variants. Also exclusive to Conquest variants are the bi-beam LED headlamps and LED rear combination lamps with line guide, and sports bar with LED lamps. The tailgate gets the signature Hilux branding, with an over fender garnish and Conquest decals on both sides of the cargo bed. The deck space offers plenty of cargo room with tail gate assist and bedliner for Conquest variants.

Full Control in Every Adventure

Ingress is smooth and easy with keyless entry available for Conquest, G, and E grades, with Conquest variants getting Smart Entry and Push Start System. All three grades also have power adjust with auto fold for side mirrors and speed-sensing door locks.

Get full control when taking on any road with easily accessible information on the 4.2” TFT multi-information display, and easily accessible controls with the steering wheel switches and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility for Conquest, G, and E grades. Enjoy an easier drive with Cruise Control for Conquest variants.

Tougher Performance

The New Hilux 4x4 variants are powered by 2.8L 1GD-FTV engine which gives 201 HP (204 Ps) max output, 500 Nm max torque for the AT variant, and 420 Nm max torque for the MT variant with Intelligent Manual Transmission. Meanwhile, the 4x2 Conquest, G, and E variants gets the 2.4L 2GD-FTV engine with 148 HP max output, and 400 Nm max torque.

Both the 1GD and 2GD engine are improved for the MC Hilux and enjoys 4-5% improvement in fuel efficiency versus the previous generation Hilux.

Safety in Every Drive

Toyota puts utmost priority in safety to guarantee the driver’s and passengers’ peace of mind. All three grades come with SRS airbags (7 for the 4x4 Conquest A/T variant), 3-pt. ELR seatbelts, Anti-Lock Brake System with Brake Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Vehicle Stability Control, and Hill-Start Assist Control. Conquest 4x4 variants also have Downhill Assist Control and Active Traction Control.

Clearance sonars are available for Conquest while back sonars are available for G grades, and the reverse camera is available for Conquest variants.

Reliable and Hardworking

The Hilux is designed to take on the toughest tasks, not just for adventures but for work and business as well. Aside from Conquest, G and E grades, TMP continues to offer the Hilux J in 4x4 and 4x2, Cab and Chassis, and FX for its fleet and business partners.

In addition to this, TMP is also introducing the Hilux Cargo –a rear seat-less, windowless, and more affordable variantpowered by the same 2GD engine. The new Hilux Cargo is specifically designed for the more demanding needs of mobilizing goods and services.


The New Hiluxwill be available in all of TMP’s 70 dealerships across the country by September 14, 2020 for the Conquest, G, and E variants, while the Hilux Cargo variant will be available on October 26, 2020. The New Hilux is also available for safely-distanced viewing in our virtual showroom. Get the full dealership experience online and check out the Hilux product highlights, view the interior and exterior in 3D, calculate payments, and submit inquiries direct to any preferred dealer via




2.8 4x4 Conquest AT


Emotional Red (+Php20,000)
Super White
Gray Metallic
Attitude Black Mica
Nebula Blue Metallic

2.8 4x4 Conquest MT


2.4 4x2 Conquest AT


2.4 4x2 Conquest MT


2.4 4x2 G AT


Super White
Silver Metallic
Gray Metallic
Attitude Black Mica
Crimson Spark Red Metallic
Nebula Blue Metallic
Orange Metallic

2.4 4x2 G MT


2.4 4x2 E MT


Super White
Silver Metallic
Gray Metallic
Attitude Black Mica
Crimson Spark Red Metallic

2.4 4x4 J MT


Super White

2.4 4x2 J MT


2.4 4x2 FX w/ Rear Aircon MT


2.4 4x2 FX w/o Rear Aircon MT


2.4 4x2 Cargo MT


2.4 4x2 Cab & Chassis MT


For more information on the New Hilux, visit TMP’s official website at and follow the official social media pages at ToyotaMotorPhilippines (Facebook and Instagram), @ToyotaMotorPH (Twitter), and Toyota PH (Viber and Telegram).

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I Want a Time Out Just for a Day, If Only I Could...

I'm literally tired and exhausted this week. I dunno if it's a 'supermom' thing or something's really going on inside my body. Yeah, few years ago, small cysts on my liver and kidney were detected. It was too small to be seen, however, years had passed and the cysts in my liver kept growing. My doctor told me that while my cyst is getting bigger, it still functions normally well. So, I'll just have to have an X-ray monitoring every now and then. It is said that my cyst is hereditary and not related to what I ate. But still, it bothers me coz I can already feel the heaviness in my tummy :-(

Then a year later, I felt something in my throat. My EENT told me that I already had a chronic pharyngitis but not much to worry because it was secondary to my rhinitis. All I need is to do was use the nasal spray that he prescribed and take some antihistamine so that I could sleep well at night. This  probably what triggers my vertigo. Yeah, I had it since 2015 I guess.

So, just recently I had all these things going on with me like I have an upset stomach, I had a terrible migraine and my throat is bothering me and I feel so tired most of the time. I don't have a fever, don't have a cough and not even had a diarrhea. I just don't feel fine.

I told my hubby but he kept hearing me over this every so often about this so I guess he thought it's just one of those days. I so wanted to tell my mom but I didn't coz she might not be able to sleep thinking about my dilemma. Sometimes, she complained of not being able to sleep thinking over my problems so I felt guilty of sharing that burden with her. There's also my mother in law who is just my neighbor but I avoid talking to her coz she won't stop talking about all the kind of illnesses that she had and often compare her illness to mine, as if we have the same symptoms. I can't share to my friends coz they also have other things to worry especially this time of pandemic, and other people might misinterpret my condition.

So I think I best share it here where I am free to talk and express what I feel inside.

I am exhausted. I wanted to rest. But I can't. Because I'm a mom. A stay at home mom. So, I am expected to get up early (no matter how tired or no matter what I feel) to cook, to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am expected to clean the house, clean the bathroom and kept things in place but I recently neglected coz people here at home just kept making a mess and won't even to bother to fix their mess. It will just make them lazy if I do it for them all the time.

I understand it's my job and a lifetime FREE service but I'm so exhausted already, my mind and body often cannot take it. I've to take care of my mental health, too, which is very delicate these days. So, for others to easily judge people with mental health issues, I hope this won't happen to you in the future. It is not a joke and cannot be cured if all you do is ridicule or giving some unsolicited advice. Better just listen and just be there for them coz I think that would be enough to know that you care.

I've been avoiding social media these days, too, so that I can focus on myself and not abuse my eyes and my mind. There's no good news to read might as well do something else like helping my youngest child with her online school projects or review her lessons for upcoming tests. She's doing good, by the way, and that's one positive thing that I hold on to. I dunno how she would fare if no one's assisting her especially that she's a child with special needs. I'm just glad she's highly functional coz she could really catch up with their lessons, only that her speech is delayed, but has improved a lot lately. She's still enrolled in a regular class and I'm happy with the result of her online class coz she's so behave and very much focus on their lessons. I wish she will stay like this if they will go back to their campus when the pandemic is over.

Anyway, just sharing to you what my life had been this week and hoping to get fine very, very soon.

And yes, I need prayers. Let's pray each other for good health and for our safety, okay?