Monday, May 24, 2010

Tummy Talk

Hello Again! I tried to update my blog but I get sleepy every time I do it. As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm on my 7th month already. Take a look at the pics below, that was taken last mother's day and you can see my bump. My brother & I, toghether with our families went to Pryce Plaza hotel and spent the afternoon there. I would love to swim with them at the pool because it was very hot but that would be very funny :D All I did was watch them and our things and took pictures of them. Of course, my tummy's big and it's getting even heavier everyday, so I might drown if I swim, hehe. My laptop just kept me company. Anyway, what was important was all of us had fun that day and everybody was full.

L: My sweet Chloe R: about to go home..noticed my bump?

In less than 2 months, I'll be giving birth already. Everybody's excited especially my daughter Chloe and I'm very happy for that. In fact, I kept her involve in my pregnancy. Now, she's busy finding names for her baby sibling and got so engrossed about the baby's development when reading it at her encyclopedia book or at the net. And she's a big help actually especially during the time when I was put on a bed rest. Glad I can move around now but I can't escape back pains so, at times, my husband helped me get up on the bed whenever I want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or sometimes, Chloe tried her best to help me to get up, too, after I took a nap in the afternoon. I'm glad I have these people around who I love and loves me in return. Thank you, Lord for my family, I couldn't asked for more!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's Up?

Sorry, I've been lazy blogging lately. Sometimes, my mind was kinda just blank to think I have plenty to talk about. Problem is, when I'm on my site already, words just vanished from my mind...

To update you with my current pregnancy, I'm on my 7th month and I'm happy to say that my placenta is on its right position already. At least I'm not on strict bed rest now and I'm allowed to go malling (yey!) but of course I will not take risks. I'll just take it slowly.

Well, darn, I've thought about of so many things to say here awhile ago but now, suddenly I feel so sleepy... I'll just come back later and we'll see... I'll just take a nap, sigh...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Philippine Election 2010

Today is our election day here in the Philippines. And it's also the first time that an automated machine is being used by the voters. Sadly, it didn't run smoothly. There was a long queue of line and people waited for several hours to finally cast their votes. Other precincts were reported to have technical glitches and it's sad to know all about that. I just hope there will be a big improvement in the next election.

People are now anxious to know who will be the country's next President. 8 candidates were vying for the position however, some of these candidates were just nuisance. Why did Comelec still printed their names? My brothers and some of my friends were discouraged to see a very long line at the precinct that after they got the priority number, most of them went home and decided to go back later. Glad to say that when I went there this afternoon, I was given a priority because I am 7 months pregnant. Well, as I say, lucky preggy me! But I pray that the other voters were able to exercise their rights, too. Comelec announced that the voting will be closed by 7pm but I don't think everything will be finished by then. The lines were still long when I left and there were still plenty of people lining up. Glad to know that my brothers were able to vote after me. But best of all, I pray that our next leader is not corrupt, not power-hungry and able to find ways to improve the economy of our country.

I pray that the Vice-President is as good as the President, that the senators will separate politics from show-business, and our Mayors to be of service to their people.

I Hate Brownouts!

Sorry, was gone for a long time. I hated our power interruption schedule here. Everyday, we have brownouts for 5 long hours. And when we have current, my blogging momentum was gone. This daily power interruption started last week of February and it was said that it might last until June (now, they say it's until August) because of El Nino. But I had doubts. I think they intend to do this because of the election. Just my opinion, I guess some politicians out there wants to get dirty and hope this power interruption can help them succeed with their plans.

Anyways, going back to power interruption, it would have been ok if we only have brownouts for only 1-2 hours but 5 long agonizing hours? This would make me crazy! We have 8am-1pm sked, 1pm-6pm or 6pm-11pm. Oh, how I hated it if we have a 1-6 pm sked or 6-11pm sked. It's so hot that I really perspire a lot!! Sometimes, we can't help but go to the mall. But then it's quite expensive if we do this everyday. We might ran out of money because we can't help but eat or buy something. I hope this will be over soon!