Monday, May 10, 2010

I Hate Brownouts!

Sorry, was gone for a long time. I hated our power interruption schedule here. Everyday, we have brownouts for 5 long hours. And when we have current, my blogging momentum was gone. This daily power interruption started last week of February and it was said that it might last until June (now, they say it's until August) because of El Nino. But I had doubts. I think they intend to do this because of the election. Just my opinion, I guess some politicians out there wants to get dirty and hope this power interruption can help them succeed with their plans.

Anyways, going back to power interruption, it would have been ok if we only have brownouts for only 1-2 hours but 5 long agonizing hours? This would make me crazy! We have 8am-1pm sked, 1pm-6pm or 6pm-11pm. Oh, how I hated it if we have a 1-6 pm sked or 6-11pm sked. It's so hot that I really perspire a lot!! Sometimes, we can't help but go to the mall. But then it's quite expensive if we do this everyday. We might ran out of money because we can't help but eat or buy something. I hope this will be over soon!

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Mummy Gwen said...

Oh..this is terrible. Thanks for the comments you left in my blog. Glad to know you are doing fine. :)