Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chloe Fell on the Floor from her Bed :-(

Chloe was very tired today. She had fun attending the birthday party with my SIL this afternoon. I let her go with her aunt because most of the time, she spent it with me at home. I want her to be productive during her vacation but since I was put on a bed rest by my OB, I can't drive her or bring her anywhere. Good thing that her piano lesson is scheduled on a Saturday morning so my husband can drive her to school.

I miss her this afternoon but I know she's in good hands with my SIL and my brother. This evening, she was very tired and I told her to go to bed. She still sleep beside me but since I let her sleep ahead, I also told her not to lie down on my area or she might fall. A few minutes later, she was off to dreamland. I was about to get something from our room when I saw Chloe rolled on the bed very fast. I tried to reach her but to no avail. Bang! - she fell! I was a bit hysterical, and angry at myself for not able to catch her right away. Chloe didn't cry at all, probably because she was very sleepy. I was the one who was crying and I hugged her tightly. Instead, she stood up and climbed on the bed and went back to sleep. I pray that everything is alright with her. She didn't hit her head, though, but still I'm anxious about everything. Good thing that our bedroom floor is made of wood. Now that she's on the bed, I made sure to put a barrier so that she won't fall again. If this will happen for the 2nd time, I might remove our bed frame and put the foam on the floor. I guess it's safe that way...

I Need a New Alarm Clock

I thought of buying an alarm clock because our old one was already destroyed. Besides, I guess my daughter will need it, too, when she goes to school this coming June. I'm looking for an alarm clock with radio so that the sound will not wake all of us feeling panicky. This kind of clock will put us to sleep, too, while we listen to the music. I checked at Shopwiki and indeed found a lot of items to choose from. If you're looking for an Alarm Clock with Radio, you can visit their site and even buy in there, too. You can see have the the kind of brand that you are looking for.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Manila Vacation: Day 4 @ the Malls

I forgot to post our 4th day stay in Manila last February 2010. We just went to Glorietta and Megamall that day and bought some souvenir items. We let Chloe experienced riding the MRT, too. At first, she was excited to ride on a train, but after experiencing it, she said she'd rather ride the roller at enchanted kingdom, hehe. Well, I can't blame her as the MRT was very crowded. My cousin usually drove us around but we wanted her to rest that day so we decided to go on our own.

We first went to Glorietta and bought Chloe's graduation dress in there. We then proceeded to Megamall and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon as Chloe was not feeling well. I only bought a blouse and my husband bought a laptop which became mine, hehehe :D

Chloe and Daddy @ Glorietta; @ Megamall hugging the monkey

Bear Hug; Chloe and a very tired me @ Megamall...

Flowers for you; a Tower inside the mall and my little girl in her signature pose :-D

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Other Blog

Hello guys! Hope everything's well at your end. I'm still on a bed rest as per doctor's advise. Anyway, I have another blog which I hope you can visit. It's called Chat Time With Mommy Cookie. I will be talking more about the details of my current pregnancy and parenting in there. I really appreciate if you can drop by. Just leave me a message if you want your blog to be added. Oh, just click the pic in here or the link and it will lead you there ;-) Thanks!

Wishing you all a great weekend. Have Fun!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

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